DIY hamper liner

another edition of: from tablecloth to…

Wait for it…

Hamper liner!

Who knew a tablecloth could be so many things!

Some of you may have seen my post a few weeks ago about turning a tablecloth into our crib skirt. I was surprised at how easy it was but equally surprised at the amount of fabric tablecloth I had leftover. I guess crib skirts don’t take much yardage.

Since I had so much leftover, I thought it would be fun to pull in the pattern somewhere else in the nursery. I thought about some throw pillows, a lamp shade cover or even just framing a piece or two.

In the back of my mind though, I recalled a tutorial I saw long ago over on Design Sponge for sewing a hamper liner.

I already own a folding hamper frame for my laundry, but its boring white liner always left something to be desired. I remember bookmarking this tutorial as a project to spruce up the hamper for my personal use, but since I knew I needed some sort of laundry-collector in the nursery, I was excited to donate it to the cause.  I guess my personal laundry doesn’t have to be stylish…

Since I already had the folding hamper frame and one of my fabric choices, all I needed to do was pick out a coordinating fabric. I thought about using this second fabric to pull in some grey tones from the rest of the nursery, or even just keeping it simple with a white linen. In the end however, I decided to play off the yellowish color in the tablecloth. I thought it made it a little bit more cheery…something I could use a little bit more of when doing laundry.


I purchased two yards of the second fabric and that seemed to be just enough.

I’m not going to give you the full tutorial here because the one over at Design Sponge does a wonderful job and I see no need to re-create the wheel!

Instead I’ll get right to the good stuff (photos). Which is more fun anyways, right? Right.




I mean, I know we’re just talking about a hamper here…but I think it’s pretty darn cute! The whole process was a bit more involved than I anticipated. I mean, the title of the tutorial was “Sewing 101” so I thought it couldn’t be too complex. 101 is supposed to mean entry-level. Easy. Foolproof.

But I have to admit, as straightforward as some parts were (sewing the outer hamper and then the liner) it was a little confusing at times (like sewing the bottom onto each of those pieces).

The whole project took me a titch longer than I anticipated and I found myself getting kind of sloppy as the night wore on. But I was able to start and finish it in one evening after work.  It’s my own dang fault that I didn’t start until 8:00 and therefore wasn’t done until a bit after 10:00.

In reality though it really wasn’t too bad and I feel like I could whip up another one in no time.

Oh, and as far as cost goes this guy cost me a whopping $8.50.   Remember I already owned the hamper frame (but I think they’re about $15 at Target or Walmart if you had to buy one), and the tablecloth fabric (which was $20 originally).  

I bought two yards of the mustard-colored fabric at Joanns for $6.99/yard and used a 40% off coupon…which brought the project total to eight fiddy.  Not to shabby, right?



And guess what?

I still have leftover tablecloth. I know, right? How big are these tables?!

So…any suggestions for another installment of  “from tablecloth to…”?

I’m kinda thinking about making one of these, but that won’t take much fabric so I’m open to more suggestions!

Adorable stuffed giraffe’s from here.