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Jumping jellybeans!    Two things.

One.  Abby’s nursery was featured on Apartment Therapy!  How cool is that?  Apartment Therapy is only like the place to go for home style/design inspiration.  In fact I used to peruse the featured nurseries on Apartment Therapy quite often to get inspiration for Abby’s room.   So really I couldn’t be more excited. 

I had to laugh however at one of the comments which basically said:  “I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.”   Ha ha…I guess a with a wider audience some wider criticism.    I’m ok with that. 

Bottom line is that I love the space and so does Miss Abby.   

If you want to check it out over at AT, click here!

Two.  Someone over at Olli and Lime (where I purchased the alphabet print from) spotted Abby’s nursery on AT, then posted about it on their blog.   I hope they weren’t offended that I said their print “was a biatch to frame.”   (well it was).  It’s still one of my favorite things in the nursery and worth the headache. 

If you want to check out their post, click here

So if you’re stopping by from Apartment Therapy or Olli and Lime….welcome!  You can read all about the nursery progress and projects on the “because I like you” tab under the Nursery heading.    Enjoy!  And I hope you stick around.

Happy Monday!


nursery source list

Wow!  Thanks for all of the super comments yesterday!   The nursery is definitely ready for little Baby T to make her arrival.   And I imagine these might be the last few days that the room is actually clean and somewhat organized, eh?

Now, on a completely unrelated note:  holy snow storm.  It has been snowing in Missoula for a good 36 hours now and it.  is.  AWESOME.   Seriously, we probably have two feet of snow it town and it just keeps on a’comin.   We can’t even keep our driveway shoveled before more snow keeps piling up (yes, I shoveled a wee bit…hoping maybe it would get things movin’ with Baby T…unfortunately all it did was make my back sore). 

Anyways…I’m loving it.  I love watching the big puffy flakes come down and coat everything in a sea of white.  I actually like shoveling (normally), I love walking through the snow, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, building snowmen.  Yeah, I’m kinda like a 5 year old.   I even like having to start my car and clean it off.  

Is that weird?

The snow is so deep poor Summit is having trouble on our walks.  Imagine her having to jump through it to get anywhere…it’s pretty darn cute in my opinion.   

Anywayyyys….just thought I’d share.   Because even though I can’t ski the pow pow (like The Hubs is doing as we speak) I’m still totally loving it.   I’ll try to get some pictures for a post in the next few days….I hear long walks can help with inducing labor…so there’s a thought. 

Whoa, ok.  What was I talking about? 

Yeah, the nursery.

So I thought I’d put together a source list.  Just in case any of you are dying to know where I got something or have other burning questions.   I will tell you that I tried to do as much as I could on my own, and only really splurged on a few items (like the crib).   I re-used much of what I already had and DIYed several of the pieces.  Of the things I did purchase, I usually found them on sale or waited until they went on sale (like the chair/cover and hardware on the dresser, etc.). 

Hopefully this covers most of it, but if you have more questions feel free to post them in the comments or send me an email.   And please…feel free to steal ideas or projects from me for your own nursery!  I wouldn’t have been able to put this one together without inspiration from around the blogsphere and interwebs.   And if you do, send me a comment or something and share it…I’d love to see!

So here goes:

Crib – Baby Mod ParkLane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Dark grey jersey crib sheet –  Sheet World 

Bumper –   Breathable Baby Bumper, in white. 

Crib Skirt – DIYed 

Alphabet Print (above crib, inspired by MODG) – Olli and Lime   FYI – I purchased the print on clearance as a discontinued item so it may not be available in these exact colors anymore.  FYI 2 – this thing is a biatch to frame because it’s fancy-pants European sizing.  Unless of course you live next to an IKEA where they just happen to sell a frame that fits it perfectly.  I think you are all aware that I do NOT live by one, so framing this wasn’t my idea of fun.  Purchase at your own risk.

Ribbon Mobile – DIYed

Blanket on back of crib – DIYed by my amazing sister.  You’ll have to track her down if you want one!  ha.

Dresser – purchased at thrift store and DIYed

Chair – Luxe chair with Grey Mink slipcover

Lumbar pillow, white – OFELIA BLAD cushion

Changing pad cover – Carters super soft, in ecru

Frames – all are RIBBA frames in white.  Most items in the frames are pieces of fabric, scrapbook paper, notecards or photos

Saffron-colored hooks – Anthropologie

Letterpress calendar – Paper-Source

Hamper – DIYed

Curtains – fabric purchased at IKEA and DIYed

Comforter cover – BLASIPPA duvet cover

Blanket (on bed) – OFELIA blanket

Throw pillow, blue flower – Jade & Porcelain off-center flower pillow

Throw pillow, white/saffron – DIYed

Side table (by bed) – Xola end table

Blue “basket/catch-all” on changing table and side table – local craft fair

Whew.  I think that should about cover it!  Like I said, be sure to share if you take on one of these projects yourself.  I would love, love, love to see it! 

As time goes on and I actually start using this room, I’m sure things will change.  You know, maybe I’ll learn that things aren’t as functional as I thought they would be, or the furniture arrangement isn’t working.  I’ll be sure to keep ya posted as I figure all of that out.   Oh, and many of you said that keeping the bed was a good idea…so thanks for the vote of confidence!  I’ll be sure to update ya’ll on that as well, but I still think down the road I’d like to turn that into more of a play area. 

Anyhoo, that’s enough from me today.  I hope if you’re getting dumped on with snow like me that you’re enjoying it!   Everyone keeps saying that this is a sign I’ll have a blizzard baby…and to that I say “yes please.”    So really…feel free to join us anytime now Baby T.

baby t’s nursery

Update:  if you’re looking for a source list, go here!

It’s done!  

Well, as done as it’s going to get…cuz *this* girl is nearly 39 weeks and tired.   And since you’ve all kind of been along-for-the-ride with me since the beginning of this whole thing, I thought I’d share the final result with you. 

I love a good before-and-after, so let’s take a look at what the room used to look like, shall we?   It was the larger of our guest bedrooms that also doubled as my dumping grounds (it housed my sewing machine and supplies, craft stuff, leftover wedding projects and lord knows what else):





So I cleared all of my stuff out, sold the furniture on Craigslist and started with a clean slate

Meanwhile, I started to gather some inspiration pieces for the new room…


I originally wanted to add board and batten in the room, but after the Hubs put the k-bosh on just painting the room I decided that the likelihood of getting board and batten approved was slim.  Ha.  In retrospect it’s probably a good thing I didn’t undertake either of those tasks while pregnant.  Perhaps someday I can add it as an upgrade. 

And as long as we’re talking about future projects; can I just say too, that I’d love for the trim to be a beautiful glossy white?   I considered tackling that this time around, but I can’t get past the idea of just painting trim in one room and not addressing the rest of the house.   And I wasn’t quite up to the task of painting all the trim in a two-story, 2300 square foot house.  On my own.  And pregnant.  Chalk another one on the “project” list, or perhaps just the “next house list.”

Anyways, I digress.  Again. 

Despite the lack of new paint, trim or board and batten…I have to say I love the space.  So why don’t I quite talking typing and give ya’ll a tour?








Some of you may remember me mentioning the game-alternative my sisters came up with for my shower…here’s the framed recipe card I was referring to.   I don’t know why but reading it still brings tears to my eyes!


In the beginning, we decided to keep the queen-sized bed in the room.  I guess I thought I wouldn’t be able to fill all of the space up in the room if we removed it.  Turns out once we got all of the furniture in (crib, dresser, chair, etc.) I was kind of wishing we weren’t keeping it.   It would be nice to have this whole section of the room as a reading/play area.   I imagine a rug anchoring the space with the chair, a bookshelf, and possibly a toy chest. 

But for now, I decided to stick with the plan.  Besides, I can always remove it later if we don’t use it.   Although I have a sneaking suspicion that during the first few months I’ll find it quite handy to have the bed available in there….seeing as how the nursery is on the second floor and our master bedroom is on the first.   That could definitely translate into a lot of late-night trips up the stairs.  And when I say trips….I quite possibly mean that literally. 



This is another one of my favorite quotes on a greeting card.  The colors just happened to work perfectly in here so I just popped it in a frame!



Summit isn’t quite sure what to think of the room yet…she always comes in here and cautiously walks around, sniffing everything. 

You’ll learn soon enough little girl…and let me apologize in advance. 


Perhaps some of you are wondering where the heck the pink is…I mean, we’re having a little girl after all!

After taking a glimpse in the closet I think you’ll all agree that no one needs to worry about the amount of pink we’ll have.  


And here’s some more…I’d say we’re all set in the pink department.




I didn’t get around to turning that chair into a rocker/glider yet, but it seems like an easy-enough project to tackle down the road if we need to.  

You may notice too that the room isn’t super baby-ish, but I tried to do that on purpose because I guess that’s not really my style.  Er…I mean…Baby T is just realllly sophisticated already.  Ha ha.  And I’m quite happy with myself because even though we knew we were having a girl (and I lurve pink), I kept everything fairly gender-neutral.  So when Baby T #2 comes along we’ll be able to re-use most of it.   You can stop hyperventilating Hubs…I just want to get through Baby T #1 first too. 

Oh, and If you’re wondering where anything came from I’ll be working up a source list to post tomorrow.  Several of the items were DIY’ed, so I’ll also link up to the blog post that explains the project. 

So what do you think?  I catch myself hanging out in here for no reason at all sometimes…just looking at all of the darling little baby things and wondering what our little girl will be like.    It was so much fun getting this room ready for her and I’m so glad I was able to DIY so many of the items.  Baby T can rest assured this room was built with lots of love, and that the Hubs and I both can’t wait to meet her.

another edition of: from tablecloth to…

Wait for it…

Hamper liner!

Who knew a tablecloth could be so many things!

Some of you may have seen my post a few weeks ago about turning a tablecloth into our crib skirt. I was surprised at how easy it was but equally surprised at the amount of fabric tablecloth I had leftover. I guess crib skirts don’t take much yardage.

Since I had so much leftover, I thought it would be fun to pull in the pattern somewhere else in the nursery. I thought about some throw pillows, a lamp shade cover or even just framing a piece or two.

In the back of my mind though, I recalled a tutorial I saw long ago over on Design Sponge for sewing a hamper liner.

I already own a folding hamper frame for my laundry, but its boring white liner always left something to be desired. I remember bookmarking this tutorial as a project to spruce up the hamper for my personal use, but since I knew I needed some sort of laundry-collector in the nursery, I was excited to donate it to the cause.  I guess my personal laundry doesn’t have to be stylish…

Since I already had the folding hamper frame and one of my fabric choices, all I needed to do was pick out a coordinating fabric. I thought about using this second fabric to pull in some grey tones from the rest of the nursery, or even just keeping it simple with a white linen. In the end however, I decided to play off the yellowish color in the tablecloth. I thought it made it a little bit more cheery…something I could use a little bit more of when doing laundry.


I purchased two yards of the second fabric and that seemed to be just enough.

I’m not going to give you the full tutorial here because the one over at Design Sponge does a wonderful job and I see no need to re-create the wheel!

Instead I’ll get right to the good stuff (photos). Which is more fun anyways, right? Right.




I mean, I know we’re just talking about a hamper here…but I think it’s pretty darn cute! The whole process was a bit more involved than I anticipated. I mean, the title of the tutorial was “Sewing 101” so I thought it couldn’t be too complex. 101 is supposed to mean entry-level. Easy. Foolproof.

But I have to admit, as straightforward as some parts were (sewing the outer hamper and then the liner) it was a little confusing at times (like sewing the bottom onto each of those pieces).

The whole project took me a titch longer than I anticipated and I found myself getting kind of sloppy as the night wore on. But I was able to start and finish it in one evening after work.  It’s my own dang fault that I didn’t start until 8:00 and therefore wasn’t done until a bit after 10:00.

In reality though it really wasn’t too bad and I feel like I could whip up another one in no time.

Oh, and as far as cost goes this guy cost me a whopping $8.50.   Remember I already owned the hamper frame (but I think they’re about $15 at Target or Walmart if you had to buy one), and the tablecloth fabric (which was $20 originally).  

I bought two yards of the mustard-colored fabric at Joanns for $6.99/yard and used a 40% off coupon…which brought the project total to eight fiddy.  Not to shabby, right?



And guess what?

I still have leftover tablecloth. I know, right? How big are these tables?!

So…any suggestions for another installment of  “from tablecloth to…”?

I’m kinda thinking about making one of these, but that won’t take much fabric so I’m open to more suggestions!

Adorable stuffed giraffe’s from here.

from tablecloth to crib skirt

What what? 

A tablecloth turned into a crib skirt you say?  No.  Impossible!  It’s too crazy!

Or is it

Couldn’t it be that a tablecloth is just a big piece of fabric waiting to be concocted into something fabulous?

And if you’re like me and you can’t stand the thought of paying $50, $100, or more for a crib bedding set…you learn to cut corners.  Or…”take inspiration where you find it.”  (Booyah!  Remember when I said I was going to start saying that?!?!). 

To be honest, this project was primarily fueled by the fact that the one and only bedding set I fell in love with was $500.    That’s right. 



Dollareenies.  (The Jerk anyone?  Anyone?) 

Apparently I have impeccable taste:

It was the bedding set that all other sets would thereby be judged against.  And never come close to.   

So knowing I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night after paying five. hundred. dollars for a bedding set, I kinda put the search on hold for a while and turned my attention elsewhere. 

Then I ran across these guys at Target which served as my color inspiration.  Remember?

Well not too long after that, I got a text from my sister asking if I’d seen the matching tablecloth/napkins in that set:

Why no, no I hadn’t.   I immediately secured 1 tablecloth and 1 (set of 4) napkins. 

Some of you may recognize the napkins from this project.

And the tablecloth?   Well, it’s now our totally-functional-and-adorable-yet-affordable crib skirt.  Here’s how it all went down.

First:  buy your husbands favorite beer and ask him to pretty please help you put the crib together. 

Second:    paint the crib drawer because the current “amber” color doesn’t match the espresso wood you have elsewhere in the room.

Third:  smack yourself for being so Type A.

Fourth:  measure the width/height of the desired skirt and add 2 inches for a seam allowance.  For example, I wanted the front panel of my skirt to be 10″x49″ when all was said and done.  So I cut my fabric piece to 12″x51″. 

Fifth:  Repeat for each side section.

Sixth:  Iron a 1/2 hem on all sides of each skirt piece.

Seventh:  Sew your recently ironed hems. 

Eighth:  Sew each panel together so you have one loooooooong crib skirt.

Ninth:  Iron on small velcro pieces every 4-5 inches.

Tenth:  Secure to the mattress frame using the velcro pieces. 


Lastly:  sit back and admire your handy-work that saved you four hundred and eighty dollareenies. 

Not too shabby for $20, eh? 

Hmm.  Do my pictures look super grainy to you??   I’m not too pleased with them myself…I think my ‘ol point-and-shoot is finally rebelling against me and my blogging.   It obviously isn’t because I take bad pictures.

So what do you think?  (no, I’m not asking if you think I take bad pictures!)

Can you understand why I fell for that $500 bedding in the first place?  It’s to die for, right?!  But my conscience and my wallet are thanking me for cutting corners and settling for something that will work just as well.  Not only did it save me a bundle, I actually really really like it!

Now let this be a lesson to ya’ll…napkin, tablecloth or curtain…things aren’t always what they seem! 

Oilo Modern Berries Crib Set pic found here.  Sigh.

simple pillow cover

Tired of your pillows? Give them a quick facelift by sewing a simple pillow cover.

It’s easy. I promise! In fact just last week I whipped up this one in about an hour.


All you need is enough fabric to cover the front and back of an existing pillow.   You can use the same fabric for the front and the back or two coordinating ones.

….OR….spice it up like me and use 1 napkin from Target and 1/2 yard coordinating fabric.   Who says napkins can’t be pillow covers…or anything else for that matter.    Take advantage of inspiration where you find it.  That’s what I always say.

Well, I guess I’ll start saying that. 

Besides, how could I resist using this in the nursery somehow?


I didn’t take pictures for a tutorial, but pillow covers are quite simple.  Basically you just cut the front and back pieces slightly larger than your pillow….sew together (right sides together),  flip inside out, and stuff your pillow.  Easy schmeasy.

Want to make it even easier?

I thought so.

Avoid having to hand-stitch the pillow case closed by sewing an easy access back panel, like so:


So Sew easy, right??

I love how simple it can be to switch things up by reusing what you already have.  I mean, don’t you think this looks just lovely in the nursery?



I do!

Oh, and I know ya’ll are admiring my chair in the first picture.  Remember when I mentioned wanting it here

Turns out there is a World Market in Spokane and I just happened to be in Spokane two weekends ago.  And I just happened to drive my 4runner over which just happened to have some extra space.  Oh, and did I mention that all of the furniture at World Market just happened to be 25% off?  Making this little lovely chair just $140 bones? 

I just happened to purchase it.

Now begins the task of converting it to a swivel rocker.   Time and energy permitting of course; and to be honest I’m running short on both these days.   But that is neither here nor there.   So even if that chair isn’t rockin’ me some swivel, it will be rockin’ me a sweet little saffron pillow.

Pinterest Challenge! Nursery Mobile

Have you guys heard of the Pinterest Challenge?   Have you been living under a rock??  Ok maybe not all of you are obsessed with DIY blogs like me…so let me just fill you in.

Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power started this challenge to encourage people to “stop pinning and start doing.”   The idea is to take on something inspirational that you’ve pinned and actually make it!   

<not sure what Pinterest is?  then you really have been living under a rock.  check it out here:;

I haven’t accepted the challenge in the past, but I couldn’t pass it up this time.  Especially since I have so many projects mulling around in my brain these days!  And since most of those revolve around the nursery, I decided to tackle something off of my to-do list.  As I reviewed my list, I realized that I had a good vision for most of the items…except one: 

  • make mobile for above crib.

Enter stage left:  Pinterest Challenge. 

I reviewed my “Things for Babies” Board and came across the following pins:


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

DESIGN YOUR OWN Ribbon Crib Mobile...Perfect for Nurseries, Showers, Weddings, Parties, Etc.

How fun are all of these?  Wouldn’t you love to fall asleep under several giant pink pom poms?

Oh, just me?

It was tough deciding which mobile to make, but in the end I decided on the ribbon mobile. 

DESIGN YOUR OWN Ribbon Crib Mobile...Perfect for Nurseries, Showers, Weddings, Parties, Etc.

I may or may not have been swayed by this darling picture.

But I also thought it was the perfect way to incorporate ALL of the colors that I’m bringing into the nursery:  grey, white, saffron, peacock blue and even brown.  (The crib has an espresso colored drawer and I’m thinking of putting our espresso leaning bookcase in there as well, so I wanted a bit of brown in the mobile too).

And because I have so much fabric on hand, I thought it would be neat to incorporate fabric and ribbon into the mobile.   Crazy train, right? 

Actually I thought the different textures would make it even more interesting. 

To get started, I stopped by Jo-Anns and picked up a 10” metal ring for $2.49.  I also grabbed spools of ribbon in grey, brown, white, blue and silver. 

That’s it.  I had plenty of fabric at home to choose from.

Once I cut everything to size it was just a matter of securing it to the metal ring.  Seriously, this was a super easy, and super fun project!

What do you think?






(I had to test it out from the baby’s point of view, right?!)

I love how it turned out.  And it was so easy.  And cheap!  I think the whole project cost me $13.00 and probably took me a little bit over an hour to complete.

I’m so pleased with how it will tie all of the nursery colors together without being over-the-top, and also brings a little bit of playfulness to the room. 


Did any of you take on the Pinterest Challenge?  If so, what did you make?!

I’m already excited for the next round which will happen in the Spring.   Until then, happy pinning!

Original Pinterest images found  here, here, here, here, here and here.