Stitch Fix Review – October

Can you believe it’s Stitch Fix time again already?!

So you know the drill…I try on the five items I received and break it down for you (what I liked, what I didn’t like), and whether or not I kept the item.  And then half of you yell at me for returning something that you think looked good.   It’s ok, I’m cool with that.

After last month’s fix I left a note for my stylist asking her to (1) omit any stripes (2) include some color and (3) include something I can dress up for the Holidays.   I also left pretty detailed feedback on why I kept items vs. returning them…and I think that’s really helped in making my fixes better and better each month.   So don’t ask me why I look so angry in all of these pictures….because so far this has been my best fix yet!

So let’s get started!

Layle Shirred Shoulder Button-Up Blouse — $58.00


First of all, I love pink.  Kinda like I love coconuts.  This shirt is a great color, perfect for skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, and has some fun detailing on the sleeves (shirred shoulders and pinned sleeves).  I think it will be a great top for work but can also be dressed down to be a bit more casual.   This was a no-brainer.


Leo Contrast Trim Blouse — $68.00


There is absolutely nothing nice I can say about this shirt.  I knew the minute I pulled it out of the box that I would hate it.  And I do.  I mean look at my face….I can’t wait to take it off. It’s just not my style at all….the colored trim, the pirate sleeves.  No.  Just no.  The only reason I tried this on was to prove how ugly it was to you, dear readers.


Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top — $58.00


You knew it was coming.  The one I’m indecisive about.  And I know if I returned it, this would be the item that everyone said I was crazy for returning.  I think the problem is that I just can’t quite get comfortable in it.  When I pulled it out of the box I thought it was most likely a No.  But then I tried it on and I thought….well….maybe?  It’s kind of cute.  It’s definitely different than anything I own which is actually kind of refreshing.  But would I really wear it?   I actually think this shirt is perfect for my sister.  But for me?  I don’t know.

VERDICT:  KEPT.  Live a little, Janna.  If you hate it your sister will take it.

Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top — $48.00


I looooooooove this shirt!  The only color I love as much as black and pink is grey.  I love the style, I love the fit.  And obviously anything that helps hide my flaws *cough, belly* I will buy 2 of and wear every other day.   So this shirt is a keeper.  I love the look with jeans and boots but also think I’ll wear it with skirts (like a pencil skirt to work).  I was too lazy to add a fun statement necklace or earrings but I think that will work well too.


Rocco 3/4 Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress — $88.00



And then there was this little number.  Another item that if I dare return everyone would yell at my face.  Don’t get me wrong…I think this dress is pretty dang flattering.  And it actually has a heavy liner so it lays nicely, is a bit warmer, and kind of “evens things out” ifyouknowwhatimean.   So here’s my “but.”  While it’s flattering in pictures, I’m not sure how flattering it would be all the time.  I feel like I would constantly be trying to stand up tall to keep everything in check and I have never ever liked anything that ties at my waist.  It’s a bit more fitting than I usually go for and maybe I just need to get over it.   On the other hand, it is super comfortable, I love the liner, I love the look of it with boots (and my scarf from the last fix!), and it would be dressed up for the Holidays with a fun chunky necklace.   So again….totally on the fence here.  I’m sure the suspense is killing you…..

VERDICT:  KEPT.  I just need to get over it!  Wear something fitted while I still can, eh?

Overall I thought this fix was fantastic.  My stylist listened to my feedback, gave me some color (successfully!), and threw in a few things I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out on my own.  And even though one of those items was hideous, I’ll forgive her.

So why, after such a successful fix am I going to change my Fix Frequency?  Because dude.  My stylists are just too good! I’m spending way too much money on clothes and momma wants a new house.   So for now, I’m changing my shipments to every other month.

Are you ready to try Stitch Fix yet?   I think you should!

Until next time….

Yes I cut my hair, and yes those are the booties that I swore I’d never wear,



  1. Thank god you kept the little blue and white number!!! Your stylist definitely rocked it this time! …where did you find your booties?! :)

    1. Ha…I knew you would approve of that one. The booties are from Old Navy. A little bit less of a “commitment” than the ones I had picked out at Nordstrom!

  2. Love everything you picked! I just got my 3rd one as well! Love the booties and boots, must know where you got the boots!??

  3. Cute Fix! The shirt you returned would be cute tucked into lighter gray slacks. I didn’t love it on you, so I agree with your decision, but I think you could have pulled it off tucked in. But, don’t spend the money if you don’t love it. The dress is cute, and you can do a lot with it, love that it’s lined. The shirts are great and I bet you’ll wear that lace print shirt more than you think. It looks like it has good layering potential under a cardi. I get a fix tomorrow, so look for the texts! Wait… I should probably find out if my texts with pics are jacking up your phone bill…?

    1. Thanks Katie! Maybe I should have given the blue shirt another try…but I just couldn’t get it off fast enough to think about alternatives. Ha. Please do send your pics….I love seeing what you get!

  4. Oh Janna!! Everything you touch, and now wear, looks lovely! From Excel spreadsheets (I still can’t believe he is your FIL) to DIY home projects, and now fashion! Really, how did you get both right and left brain gifts in abundance?! :) The creative analytic – that is you!! You’re so TALENTED!! I enjoy your blog so much, and want to comment more frequently to tell you so, but my kids usually find me in the closet by then! ;) Miss you, and love ya! XOXO!

    1. Hahaha….you are too funny Liza! Don’t let your boys find the chocolate stash in the closet or it’s over. Thank you for your kind words, you are so sweet. But trust me, not all I touch is gold…i promise. So maybe i need to do a post that talks about the days that I haven’t showered in 3 days, or changed out of my yoga pants, and burn an entire batch of pumpkin muffins, but still try to convince my 2 year old that they are delicious.

  5. LOOOOOVE it… (said like Oprah). Blue shirt… Totes agree… It’s cute, but its not you. At all. I really like a good wrap dress, they are universally flattering despite how you feel in them. No for the lace shirt… I was thinking Erin right when I saw it. Same sis you were thinking?

  6. Love your keepers, I want to borrow the selfridge cowl neck shirt! But DO CALL me if you change your mind on the little lace number! ;) You almost have me convinced to try this thing!

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