Faux real this time

A few years back I spent wayyyyyy too much time with an iron and some wax paper.  Remember when I made this faux capiz shell light?

Honestly I can’t really believe that I did that.  Ahhhh….the blissful pre-child days where you had a good 4 hours to spare ironing wax paper!  Ha!  You fool!

Anyways, while I do still love me a capiz chandelier, I was growing tired of this faux version.  And truthfully, three years later, it was starting to get a little wonky – it no longer laid flat and some of the circles were starting to curl.  So I’ve been “on-the-lookout” for something, anything really, to replace it with.  I knew I wanted something girly and feminine in the room though because overall I try to keep a masculine feel to it…not like the Hubs cares, but I’m sure he doesn’t want floral explosion going on in there.  Wait, neither do I….

I was mostly looking in second-hand stores and on Craigslist for something that I could re-purpose but nothing ever really interested me.  So one day (probably after another discouraging house hunt), I browsed Overstock and found this little gem:



via Overstock

Voila’.  I loved it.  It was simple, elegant, and a little bling-blingy (but not overly so).    Sometimes you just have to wave the white flag for finding that perfect thrift find, and succumb to the fact that the Internet has everything we need (where’s that sarcasm font when you need it?).

A week later, she was up!  P.S.  Have you ever installed a heavy light fixture by yourself?  It gets…..entertaining…..to say the least.  I had 3 pillows teetering on top of three boxes, all stacked on the bed so the chandelier could rest on them while I connected the wires.  You’ll be glad to know that I ALSO had an emergency backup plan in place (a friend was to call me 20 minutes after I started) because the Hubs was gone all week hunting and I was terrified that Abby would wake up from her nap and I’d be electrocuted.  Yes, I’m paranoid….and yes the best time to install blingy chandelier’s is when your husband is gone.

Enough blabber.  Check it out!





I realize now that I was SO over that capiz chandy….because I LOVE this one.  So so much.  In fact, instead of Taylor Swift keeping me up at night, now it’s this blingy-bling on my ceiling that I can’t stop staring at.  It’s the little things.  Or, is it the blingy things?  Same diff.



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