whole30; week 2 (alternative title: where my demons hide)

Wow.  The kumbaya of week 1 got a harsh slap in the face by week 2.   Specifically Days 9 and 10.

Here I was, going about my day…la la la…and BAM.  All I could think about was chocolate cake.  And I couldn’t stop.   How sweet, moist and spongy it is.  How the chocolate frosting would be so creamy, rich and decadent when I sliced my fork through it to get a giant bite.  I could almost taste it.  I was probably drooling.

Seriously.  The drool is what probably alerted me to the fact that I was sitting at work staring off into space.  I shake my head and tell myself to pull it together.  This is crazy thinking!

So I’d get myself together, and I’d be good for a little while.  Maybe 20 minutes.  Then BAM.

Cookies.  So chewy and sugary and mmmmm…. I could smell the sugar.


Pancakes.  Fluffy and buttery and syrupy.


Collllllld, carmely, delicious frothy beer.  MMMMMM.

Oh what’s that?  A brownie?  You want in on this too brownie?  Ok.

Seriously.  This was the cycle I went through ALL DAY for TWO days.   Let me just repeat that.

Two days.  All day long.

I’d be fine…doing my thang….and then BAM.  An obsession with a food would hit.  Any old food, really.  As long as it was sweet and I couldn’t eat it.

It was torture my friends.  Pure torture.  And the scary thing is that most of the time when I was fantasizing about these things, I wasn’t hungry at all.  I was just craving them.   Sometimes even scrolling through Pinterest or my Instagram feed was too much.  Damn lucky bitches eating cake.  Drinking mochas!  Licking ice cream!  How dare they.

I even dreamt about chocolate cake one night.  No joke!  And I’m one of those people who rarely remembers their dreams (perhaps because I never get into a deep enough sleep to dream in the first place!  HA).

I believe this is what they call “Fighting the Sugar Demons” people.

And I got it baaaaad.

To top things off, Bianca made an appearance or two.  Super cranky.  Super frustrated.  Super snappy.  Case in point:  my dogs panting was driving me up the wall to the point that I wanted to kick her out of my bedroom at night.    Poor Summit.   She’s just old and fluffy and panty.  But that night every pant was like a little tap, tap, tap with a dull knife into my eyeball (a knife that would much better be suited for slicing chocolate cake).   I was dying.  And probably twitching a little bit too.

I tell you, I was a roller coaster of emotions this week.

But I stuck with it.  I didn’t slip.  And I’m damn proud of that.

I do need to fess up to one thing though.  I did make some banana ice cream.  You know, “ice cream” that is nothing more than a frozen banana, some coconut milk, and some cinnamon blended into a cold frothy treat.  And I’ll say this:  it was delicious.  It was no ice cream.  But it was delicious.  And technically not off-plan because I used all approved ingredients….however….this is what Whole30-ites call SWYPO (sex with your pants on).  I’ll give you a minute to just laugh at that…but basically the idea is you’re supposed to eliminate your cravings, not just replace them with a paleo-fied version of it.  So, I won’t make a habit of it.  Although I did think afterwards how maybe a little touch of unsweetened cocoa powder might really take it to the next level.  Ha.

As for my other symptoms, here’s an update – just to keep some consistency in these weekly updates:

  • Headaches:  No headaches (just an itty-bitty one on Tuesday; piece of cake!)  Ha.  Wow….didn’t even mean to use that pun there.  I’m even thinking about cake subconsciously now.
  • Sleep:  Sleep was terrible.  I usually had so much energy at night that I could often be found cleaning at 11:00 p.m.  I wouldn’t get tired until 11 or later each night and then draaaaaag my butt out of bed at 6:30 each morning.
  • Bianca (aka irritability) :  Clearly I had some irritability this week.
  • Energy:  Despite my terrible sleeping, once I woke up my energy was good.  And lasted all day (and much too long into the night for my liking).
  • Tummy troubles:  Still no stomach issues (yay!)

Some of my struggles from last week have tapered off, which is nice considering the struggles I encountered this week.  My snack attack cravings have all but gone away and I’m sure it’s due to increasing my meal size.  But as Mary would say:  “I feel like a beast” because we’re eating so much per meal.  Ha ha.  That girl makes me laugh.  But it’s true.

Breakfasts are getting better as I get used to eating a variety of foods in the morning.  Brussels sprouts?  Sure.  Sweet potato?  Ok.  Zucchini soup?  Why wouldn’t I?

Since I’ve been solo-parenting all week I’ve only made it to the gym twice.  But again, I think adding that back into my routine regularly will help with my crazy energy (hopefully I’ll be more tired at night) and keeping Bianca at bay.

Despite all of the demons I’ve been fighting off I’m still managing to eat really well.   Here’s a snippet of some of my meals:


Here’s the best of what I ate this week:

  • Chocolate Chili – yes there is chocolate in it (unsweetened cocoa).  No it does not taste like chocolate.   And no it does not satisfy any sort of craving for chocolate.  Nice try though.
  • Cumin Spiced Slow Cooked Pork  – this is a super easy crockpot dealio but has to be served with this:
  • Guacamole   Sooo good.  I pretty much could eat this by the spoonful.  Not that I did…
  • Gingered Zucchini Soup – see?  I wasn’t kidding about breakfast soup.  This is delicious and good for any meal (if you can’t quite stomach the thought of it for breakfast).
  • I wanted to love this Thai Coconut Shrimp but the Roasted Sesame Green Beans stole the show that night.   Still searching for a coconut shrimp recipe to love.
  • These are my all-time favorite fish tacos, so I just modified the recipe a bit to make them compliant (and used butter lettuce for my tortilla).  Not quite as good as the original….but still tasted awesome (looooove the mango on top.  Yum).

I have made a conscious effort to cut down on fruit and nuts this week.  I think I was eating a little more than I should have been, so I’ve narrowed it down to 1-2 servings per day (not at every meal like I did last week).  But ain’t no body taking away my coconut flakes.

Final thoughts this week:  I’ve never been so happy to have a week over with.  Week 2 you can stuff it.

Week 3 will include the near-impossible task of dining out.  I’d like to apologize in advance to the unknowing waiter who will be bombarded by my questions.  Yes, I’m going to be that person.  See ya next week.


Searching for the silver-lining Janna



    1. Um….yeah. Seriously. It is so tough mentally. But I find I can usually eat it all (scary) and it’s worth it to curb the snacking! Haha. I’m terrified to get on a scale and I think that’s why they tell you not to! Surprisingly I dont feel large and in charge….quite the opposite. So it will be interesting to weigh in after 30 days!

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