whole30; week 1


I’m one week in to this Whole30 business and I’m feeling pretty dang good.  I had read during my research that a lot of people felt like they had a hangover on the first week but I haven’t really felt like that.  I think it’s because we ate pretty clean anyways prior to this so it’s not like I’m giving up fast food and learning how to cook – we’re just refining our palate I suppose (and heavily scrutinizing ingredient labels.  Ugh).

So here’s the skinny:

  • I’ve still had a few headaches including a real doozie of one last Tuesday (day 1).  However, I typically have a doozie of a headache on Tuesdays because it’s my first day back to work in 4 days.  Hey, wait a minute….maybe I’m allergic to work!
  • I had two of the best nights of sleep EVER during this week.  And the rest have been “meh”; meaning I can’t fall asleep and can’t stay asleep.  Pretty typical.
  • The biggest bonus is that Bianca Bitch (as my sister in law so lovingly named her) has been at bay this past week.   Granted there have been moments that I get irked or annoyed, but nowhere near the frustration and anger I was feeling before.
  • For the most part, I feel pretty dang energized.  No big slump in the afternoon or after I put Abby to bed.
  • No stomach issues.  How do you like them apples?

So, I know this is early in the game (I’m not even halfway done).   And I know things can (and will) change in the next 21 days.  But for now?  After only a week?  I’m pretty excited about some of the changes that are happening.  I hope they just continue to improve over the next 3 weeks, but I’m also aware that a lot of people have problems or setbacks (tiredness, lack of energy, etc.)  around day 16/17….so I’m just bracing myself for that.

Anyhoo…there have also been some struggles that I should probably note.

  • Snacking.  According to Whole30 you’re not supposed to snack.  They want you to eat enough at each of your 3 meals that you don’t get hungry between them.  This has definitely been an adjustment because I typically would eat 3 smaller meals and allow myself to snack in the morning and once in the afternoon.  So mentally it’s hard to load up a giant plate of food at each meal.  But if I don’t I definitely get a little hangry (that’s a word now, right?) at my normal snack times.  I’m trying to get better at this (eating more).
  • Breakfasts.  Brussels sprouts for breakfast anyone?  Yeah.  That’s been on my plate the last few days.  And strangely I don’t hate it as much as I thought….but I miss my eggs.  Big time.
  • Shopping.  SUGAR IS IN EVERYTHING.  WTF!?!  That is all.
  • Self Control.  I’m the only one in our family doing this.  So our pantry is still full of non-Whole30-foods.  So far it hasn’t been too bad to look past them….but they are there.  Just sitting there waiting for a moment of weakness.
  • Energy.  So I know I mentioned this up above as a positive note.  But it’s also been kind of a struggle to really listen to my body.  I’ve been getting tired around 9:00 at night (I KNOW) and I’m really trying to listen to that and go to bed instead of push push push push (my normal MO).  So while I wake up feeling good and throughout the day….it’s kind of a fine balance at night.
  • Working out.  So…we had a blizzard in Missoula this past weekend and it pretty much shut the whole town down.  So annoying.  We’re in Montana people…it snows here.  Anyways, the gym daycare has been closed and classes canceled so I can’t get a decent workout in.  It’s kind of been tough mentally because here I am eating these huge meals (albeit, healthy ones), but I can’t work out.  I’ll be looking forward to getting back to the gym, and let’s be honest, Oula, this week.
  • Bacon.  Yeah, weird item to have on the struggle list.  But I was super excited that bacon was Whole30 approved.  However it’s only if it doesn’t have any added sugar….can you see where this is going?  If not, see the third bullet point above.  I have searched high and low in this town and every package has honey or maple or raw sugar.  Good lord.  Even the local butcher has added sugar in the bacon.  Bacon Bacon Bacon!

And now what I’m sure you ALL are dying to know:  what am I eating?  Since it obviously ain’t bacon.

Well, I’ll say this.  I’m eating well.  Very well.  I honestly haven’t felt deprived at one single meal.  Seriously.

Proving it:


The scary thing is that some of these were breakfasts.

And the portions still seem huge to me.  But it seems to eliminate the snack attack.  Go figure.

My final thought on Whole30 thus far is that in my opinion, it takes a lot of planning.  Which….in a way….I kind of love.  I’m a little twisted that way.  You see I need to plan out my meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for a week in order for this to work for me.  I know I can’t wake up and “figure it out” under stress (i.e. a kid pulling on my leg begging for breakfast, while I try to curl my hair, pack lunches and get everyone out the door).  So I literally write out my meals for a whole week and buy everything so it’s on hand.  I pre-made all of my breakfasts last week so I just had to reheat it.  It was perfect.  And I think this has helped me immensely in sticking to the plan.  And if I don’t feel like eating what I planned for dinner….well….that’s too bad for me.

P.S. you’ll also be doing a LOT of cooking on Whole30.  Prepare to work a second job – in your kitchen.


Week 1 shopping

Anyhoo….without further ado….here are my favorite recipes so far (all of which I’ll make post-Whole30):

*note: there may be a few ingredients you’ll need to omit in these recipes to be Whole30 compliant…usually the sweetener (honey, etc.).  And always check your labels!  I found sugar in beef broth and fish sauce….so make sure you read!)

And then there’s these fav’s that aren’t really recipes:

  • Sweet potato with Coconut Cream Concentrate.  omg, I die.  Thanks Erin for introducing me to that little gem of a condiment.
  • Toasted unsweetened coconut flakes with sea salt and cinnamon.   It’s like the sweetest thing I’m allowed to eat.  So I do.
  • Bananas and strawberries with said coconut flakes.
  • Adding cilantro to any of my salad bases (spinach, kale, etc.)

Lastly.  And I’m just being honest.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that I miss chocolate.





I’ll be back next Tuesday with my week 2 wrap up!  Have a sip of wine for me, would ya?

thirsty janna



  1. Nice work lady!!! I’m glad to hear that it is working out for you. About the bacon… why don’t we check with Farm to Market up here http://www.farmtomarketpork.com/ it seems like they should be able to accommodate and then I can bring it down on my next trip. (As long as Cade doesn’t eat it. But he seems to prefer plastic these days.)

    1. Haha…did you SEE the big red bowl after Cade got to it? Thanks for the offer with Farm to Market! I actually emailed them last week asking about added sweeteners and didn’t hear back. Good reminder to possibly call them. But then again….do I really need bacon? That was a trick question. …yes. the answer is always yes to bacon. :) I’ll let you know what I find out!

      1. Yes!! I need to get this boot off solely so I can take my dog out and get the feisty worn out of him. Also… thanks for the Bianca reference.
        -Debbie D.

  2. Wow! I am impressed by your dedication and all your planning. :) (and let’s be honest, a little jealous too) Thanks for sharing your journey so honestly, I hope the results are well worth the effort and you can figure out how to feel like the best possible version of Janna. (and holy moly…watch out world…prepare to be impressed!)
    green pigs. xoxo

    1. Why thank you. :) You win the award for the first person to say they’re jealous. Hahaha. Are you nuts? As always. …thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Green pigs.

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