whole 30; the plan

Thank you to everyone who offered advice, resources and support via comments, calls, texts or facebook after my post last week.  I have to say I feel very encouraged right now!   In fact….I have one amazing friend who offered to do Whole30 with me.  How awesome is that?!  She may live in a different state, but trust me.  I already fear having to tell her that I messed up…so it’s just that much more incentive to do this and do it right.

So now that the dust has settled and I’ve declared to the world that I’m doing this….here’s the plan.

First, I’m focusing on all of the things I CAN eat instead of what I CAN’T  (great advice).  So I’ve really tried to wrap my head around all of the ingredients that are on my “safe” list and just forget about my eggs, almonds, chocolate and beer for now.   Here’s what I CAN eat:

  •  MEAT.  Of all kinds – and it just so happens I have a freezer full of organic deer, elk and antelope (and the Hubs has never been more stoked that it will be on the menu daily).  I will just need to supplement with some organic chicken, fish and pork if I want.  (…and the vegetarian-Janna that once lived is rolling over in her grave right now).
  • VEGGIES.  Of ALL kinds.  And honestly I do love veggies (seriously brussel sprouts might be my favorite thing ever), but I’m looking forward to trying some new ones like bok choy, parsnips and okra.
  • FRUIT.  Of all kinds.  Fine by me.
  • FATS.  (no dairy fats though).  So, think coconut, coconut, coconut (as one friend said).  I already do most of my cooking with coconut oil, and you know I love curries and Indian food (right?).  So bring it on.  Coconut milk, oil and butter:  you’re mine.  Whooo haa haaa haaa haaa.  You too you little avocados and nuts!

So really – that doesn’t sound bad, right?  I mean, I feel like we eat pretty well now, so none of this is THAT much of a shocker.   But I definitely relied on grains like quinoa, rice and even oats a whole lot more than I can now.   I even went through my recipes this week and pulled out anything that will work for Whole30 and I have quite a few…so it’s comforting to know that I can pull out a few of my “staples” and not be faced with cooking something new every night.

But what I’m still worried about are my cravings.  You know, my 2:00 craving for a piece of chocolate or my chocolate almond milk.  And I’m worried about Fridays when we go to the Brewery.  The temptation will be difficult in a social setting.  I’m just bracing myself for that.

As far as my plan goes:  this week I made meal plan and shopping list for all of my meals next week.   We leave for a long ski-weekend Friday – Monday, so on Monday I’ll come home and do my shopping for the week.  I’ll need to cook a couple of meals Monday night (for breakfasts and lunches), but I will have everything in my pantry that I need to eat accordingly for the week.  I start this crazy thing on Tuesday and then the next weekend I’ll repeat the whole planning/listing/shopping process.


Everything I’m reading says that over time, my cravings will go away and I won’t need to worry about my 2:00 chocolate fix.  So really that first week will probably be the hardest to break those habits.

I’m also coming to grips with the fact that while the strict part of this experiment is 30 days…it won’t be over in 30 days.  I’ll have to slowly reintroduce foods one at a time to see if I have a reaction to them.  So I guess I’ll pick whatever it is I’m missing most (I can tell you now it will be eggs) and try eating them again.  Then wait a few days and try something else (almonds).  And so forth.  So it’s a long road that I’m facing….and I know my eating habits will have to change.  I just don’t know what it will look like in the end (maybe I can have some dairy and gluten…or maybe I’ll need to stay away from eggs).  That’s what this is all about:  trying to find my optimal fuel for my optimal mental and physical health.

And in the whole scheme of things?  30 days is nothing.

My friend shared a quote with me recently that really resonated and I think it’s the perfect way to put a pretty little bow on this post:

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”  Ann Wigmore

Here’s to good medicine.

Cheers –
happy Janna



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