random non-ramblings

Oh hi!  Me again for my monthly blog post.

I actually took pictures of all my “wood-working” projects (I’m using that term extremely lightly; it’s not like I’m building bridges or anything), but when I sat down to write it I realized I felt more like writing some randomness.   Maybe because The Hubs has been in the woods for 7 days now and I’m feeling chatty.

So what does that mean for you?  Well it means that you’ll probably get TWO posts from me this month.  I’m on a roll baby.

I’m going to try a new format for this random rambling….short and to the point.  And ya’ll know this will be hard for me cuz I’m quite wordy in the written form.    So here goes…

  • This song.  I love it!  It’s soooo my jam.  Which begs the question:  who am I?  When did I turn into a tween?
  • Oh, right.  Oula.  It keeps me young.  (Coincidence?  It’s my favorite Oula dance of the moment).
  • I’m worried about Freckles Chick.  She lives in Boulder, CO and hasn’t posted on her blog since the floods.  I hope everything is ok with her and her family.
  • These fish tacos are da bomb.  Seriously.  Make them now and thank me later.
  • And I can’t stop eating this  Thai Quinoa Salad.  Make this too.
  • Clearly I’m still stalking Ambitious Kitchen….
  • I fell in love this summer.  In love with mangoes.  I was one crazy woman when I thought they were gross.  I’m guessing I alone devoured half of Costco’s mango shipment to Missoula…and I still want more.
  • Oh!  Hey hey hey!  The river trip!  Yeah, it was great.  I stopped taking pictures because someone else on the trip was taking them like a paparazzi…so as soon as he shares them I’ll do an update.
  • I’m a fan of #hastags.  I know not everyone is (*cough* #sisterinlaw).  But I have to admit, this video with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.  I’m not that bad.  #yet
  • Confession:  at 20 months, Abby still gets a bottle at bedtime (and in the morning).   Ah.  Gawd.  There.  It’s out there.  Sorry Dr. Hall…I’m working on it, I promise.
  • I officially made my first infomercial purchase.   For years I’ve been able to pass-up knives that will cut my shoe in two, the magic screen, and sham-wow….but I couldn’t resist Wen anymore.  In a month’s time I’ll look like Jennie Garth.  Right?   Just like I transformed my body after P90X.
  • I have been getting my craft ON this fall.  Creativity is flowing like  summer mangoes.  Follow me on Instagram to get sneak peaks.
  • This article.  Be.  Happy.  Now.  You can be.  Chose to be.  #Illtrytoo
  • I just bought these boots.
  • It feels like The Hubs has been gone for a month.  It’s only been a week but dang.  This solo-parenting thing is exhausting (and apparently drives me to purchase things off TV.  Come to think of it….I don’t think any of my knives could cut my shoes in half…)
  • According to my FB timeline, it’s been 1 year and 3 days since I watched Season 4 of Dexter.  Now that I can sleep again, I think I’m finally, finally, finally ready to talk about Season 5.  Damn you Trinity Killer.

Let’s not talk about how I read all of the spoilers online about the Series Finale’ of Dexter that aired this past Sunday.


I can’t have another Season 4 ending awaiting me.  I might be scared for life.    I can’t even look at John Lithgow anymore.

So there goes.  Short-and-sweet.  I’m hoping to post a bit more this month since I’ve got some time on my hands.  But if you don’t hear from me I’m likely glued to the couch, hiding halfway under a blanket watching Season 5.



  1. Ah, I love your random ramblings. Always entertaining and insightful. I like the new format but miss your “wordyness”….especially since I am sitting here nursing looking for things to read. ;)

    Love your boots and I need to follow you on instagram!

  2. #greatblog #littlelateonmyread #wordiness is better #needlinkstoyourotherblogsthatyoureadonaregularbasissoicangetideasformyhopefulsoonhomeofmyown.

    Great post lady!!

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