random ramblings

I think the only way to recap the musings in my head these days is a random ramblings.  There is no rhyme or reason to these thoughts…some are inconsequential and some are not.   Such is life.


Let’s start with the most critical update:  I’ve started curling my hair on a regular basis.  Mostly because it hides the fact that I haven’t showered in a day or so.  Whoops…secret is out.  Curly-haired-Janna = unshowered-Janna.


I found though, that a wee bit ‘o dry shampoo and a curl almost looks better than my straight hair on shower day.  Who knew?

So let’s talk dry shampoo.  If you don’t use it I would beg you to tell me WHY.  This shit is bananas!  My favorite is the TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret that sometimes, if the stars align correctly on the random day that I actually go there,  is available at TJ Maxx.

Seriously, I can pretty much pull a 3-day-no-shower thing when I’m using this.

Second….I’ve found that using a flat iron to curl my hair works WAY better than a curling iron.  Ironic?  Perhaps.  Check out the tutorial here.

Lastly…am I the last to know that you curl AWAY from your face?   For years, and I mean YEARS (since high school) I’ve been curling towards my face.  Well, I started twisting the other way and my hair is simply stunning if I do say so myself.  Try it.  Or really, am I the last to know?


So this happened:  I came to work, put my lunch in the fridge, and sat at my desk.  Around noon I thought my frittata was sounding pretty good so I went to go heat it up.

I open the fridge and there is my frittata container sitting front-and-center on the middle shelf….with a tampon sitting on top of it.

Yep.  The tampon I had thrown in my lunch bag last minute as I ran out the door.

Just chillin there.  In the prime lunch-finding-location spot, in a fridge that roughly 50 people share.

Let’s just declare to the world that I’m menstruating.  Or that I like my tampons chilled.


But Lord help the first person that cracks a PMS joke at me…


Speaking of, have I mentioned I’m back at work?  I mean, permanently, not just temporarily?  Yep.

I’m a permanent part-time employee back at my old job.  Which has been super deja-vuish but also really good for me at the same time (well, most weeks anyways.  If you asked me this week I would think it was good for me).

This is a whole post in itself that I’ll probably never write.   So I’ll just leave it at that for now.


If you’ve been here awhile you know how I feel about birds.  If you’re new, let’s just recap by telling you I am not a fan of birds.  They creep me out….especially big ones.

So why, you ask, would I think it’s a good idea to feed ducks with Abby?

Well, I don’t know.  But hindsight is 20/20 and my hindsight confirms it was an absolutely terrible idea.

It started out fine.  We showed up to the duck pond with a mere two hot dog buns to keep it short.  I was showing Abby how to rip up the bun and toss small pieces into the pond.  There were probably 2-3 ducks at that time, but Abby didn’t really understand why SHE couldn’t eat the bun.  And she really wasn’t as fascinated with the ducks as I thought she would be (maybe because they didn’t look like a rubber ducky?)

Anyways, the ducks at the duck pond must have sonar capabilities to know when a piece of bread hits the water, because I was seriously 5 throws in when I notice about 10 more ducks swimming our way.  Now it’s a competition to get the bread crumb the fastest and they are fighting over each toss.  And not a little polite “oh, that’s yours?  Ok I’ll get the next one.”   More like “DUDE, get the F away from that bread or I’ll peck your eyes out!”

This is when I notice at least (and I promise, I’m not exaggerating), at least 30 more ducks swimming towards us.

At this point I pick up Abby, who is still just wanting to eat the dang bun, while I keep throwing pieces to keep the freaking ducks from coming on shore towards us.   I don’t know how I could have ripped bread any faster.

It’s when the 30 ducks started that “flying across the water” thing that ducks do, that I threw the last of the bun (a giant piece) into the water and backed away slowly.  Ok, not really.  I pretty much ran while I heard the ducks fighting over that last huge piece.


Is this normal??!  It’s terrifying.  We will not be going back.  Probably ever.

So we left and went to a park where Abby got to eat the stale roll like she wanted to in the first place.


Oh oh oh!

I finished the Half Marathon and got a PR!  So excited about this.  Really.  Ya’ll know I’ve had  long love/hate relationship with running that has been lingering on the hate side for a bit too long.  So to complete this race and do so well….it really feels good!

I was shooting to break 2 hours and crossed the line in 1:52:10.

Now I just need to keep running….but it’s hard when Oula is just so dang fun.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about renaming my blog and giving it a facelift.  You know, just a small task that I’m sure I can handle since I manage to post so much these days.  Where’s the sarcasm font when you need it??

Anyhoo, any suggestions for a name?  And don’t say Janna’s Journal, Hubs.


So, we’re getting ready to leave on a 7 day river trip.  Without Abby.   I’m 98% nervous about this, 2% excited.

Some days vice versa.


Mostly I just feel guilty for leaving her, which probably explains why I’m writing a blog post when there is a shit ton to do right now.  Do you know how much work goes into floating down a river for 7 days?  A lot.   I mean, imagine trying to fit everything you could possibly need in a space the size of a couple of couches pushed together.  That’s going to get super hot and potentially soaking wet.   Yeah, it takes a lot of planning which you think would be my bag (baby), being a Project Manager and all, but it mostly just stresses me out.  What if I forget something and neeeeeeeed it?  What if I don’t feel like eating an apple and want a chip?  What if there are no chips?!?

At any rate…my hope is that the guilt subsides after a day or two and I can enjoy myself.  I’m sure it will.



I have some serious DIY updating for ya’ll.  I’ve been building things….things with wood.  And I am STOKED about it.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen some pictures already.  So follow me, and you’ll get the inside scoop.   Otherwise you’ll have to wait for a post because they truly deserve a post of their own.

Speaking of Instagram – I just have to say I love it.  Probably even more than Facebook (which, I would never say I loved).  In a way it feels like a mini blog post.  I mean, who needs to write about something when you can post a fun picture about it?   Right?





Follow me and I promise it won’t feel like eons between postings.


So, this girl?









I am so in love with her.

Can I just be a gushing mom for a minute?  Because my daughter is so fun.  She is happy and she let’s you know it.  She screams at the top of her lungs for no reason other than she thinks it’s funny.   She’s sassy and independent – which honestly drives me crazy but I know is a good thing.  No one is ever going to walk all over my girl.  And she’s smart.  Ok I know every mom says that but she is!  I’m amazed every day at the things she’ll do and I think….who is teaching her this stuff??  hahaha.

And man, how is she growing up so fast?  I mean pig tails?  Really?

We obviously still have our moments…but this age?  18 months?  This is it.  This is my favorite.

And I promise I haven’t been one of those parents who says that about every age.  This is the first time I’ve said it because I mean it.   I love it.   I love watching her learn and grow and I’m learning to be ok with messes and chaos.  Because well, you have to be.

Yeah, so this girl?  She’s pretty special and I’m pretty lucky to be her momma.



Ahhhh.  Ok I feel better.  Nothing like a little writing to relieve the stress of packing.

So, I’m off to manhandle six pounds of chicken.  Wish me luck.



  1. Janna, oh Janna. This is my life and I have a FOUR year old. God-love-ya for telling it like it is.
    Regarding the hair and the dry shampoo, I have always been a person who HAS to wash my hair every day, I can’t stand the smell, can’t stand the look, etc. etc. THEN, I saw so many articles about how GOOD it is to let you hair stay dirty, then started asking around and found lots of people don’t wash their hair every day. I usually get in a shower every day, but I have discovered shower caps. My favorite hairdo is wrapping my hair around the barrel of a curing iron, I even took the clamp off my curing iron. I have to blow dry my naturally curly hair then take sections of my super large frizz and wrap it about halfway, hold it, then wrap it the rest of the way so the second have of my hair isn’t as tight and the ends are basically straight because I’ve held on to the end of it with my fingers the who time. I started with the Rockstar stuff you like, and I have also tried Bumble and Bumble’s product (it is more powdery, but is matched to the color of you hair, got it at Cedar Creek) and also a Bamboo brand and a Paul Mitchell brand. I would really like something that didn’t have an aerosol smell to it, but haven’t found it yet. I wear my hair down the first day, pony tail the next, then top bun the third (very high pony, secure with big fat cloth covered rubber band, rat your ponytail, twist until it looks like a bird could nest in your hair, secure with several large bobby pins, finish with hairspray, viola!). I have also gone to a darker hair color with an ombre look. I totally jumped on the trendy bandwagon to ease my shift from light blonde hair to a more natural dark blonde. The darker roots seem to disguise the day three look better for me.
    I totally understand the anxiety of leaving your handcrafted child in someone else’s care. If it make you feel better, I have yet to respond to a child who has died in someone else’s care, so I would say its extremely rare. I have begun to nicely demand proof of her life on intervals throughout the day to ease my anxiety. Maybe I’ve been a cop too long.
    I’ve started to mostly just participate in Instagram. Facebook has a lot of opinions and drama, most of which I have cut out with several cleanings and less frequent trips/postings to FB. Instagram however is a quick shot of someones life with very little room for ranting. I can share Maysa’s antics and don’t have to read about Missoula’s latest bandwagon. I’ve even gone so far as to cancel my Missoulian subscription. I am pretty disconnected, but it hasn’t killed me yet.

    Thanks for keeping up the blog! You are fun to read and I’m always glad when the notice pops up on my email.

  2. Katie! So sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I didn’t notice your comment until I came back from the River (which, by the way, was fantastic!!) Abby did great and so did I. Better than I expected too, I might add (both of us!)

    I’ve tried the B&B dry shampoo too, it didn’t seem to work well for my hair texture….but I’m definitely open to others so if you find an awesome one let me know. I too have been on the lookout for a non-aerosol one but haven’t found one yet. I’m not quite following your messy bun explanation (or maybe I tuned out after you mentioned birds) but I think I like it. You should instagram a pic, haha.

    Speaking of, I love your pics….you guys are always out doing something awesome and I love getting a peak into your little slice of life. And that Maysa is quite entertaining if I do say so myself.

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