flair…of the flower variety

I made a little something for my little sweetie:


A cute little flower pin to spruce up a wedding outfit.  There’s nothing cuter to me than a baby in a white onesie with a tutu (and thank goodness little girls can get away with that being “dressy!”)…but it needed something more…it needed some flair. 

Then I remembered that Emily (over at Jones Design Company) did a flower-week last year where she gave a new flower tutorial every day of the week.  This was just the perfect excuse to get my craft on and choose one to make.

All of the flowers she does are lovely, but I chose the curled-edge flower

Emily has so many wonderful, beautiful tutorials that I want to try, from painted wallpaper (that I simply must do someday) to a coffee filter poof  (which I have the supplies for but just can’t seem to find the time).  You can check them all out here.  She also sells simple, creative art prints, name prints, printable paper and notecards in her shop.  I’ve purchased a few and they are fantastic.   I think you’d like her too so take a looksee!

But back to the flair.  I’ll let you check out Emily’s page for the tutorial, but really all you need is a small amount of polyester satin, a candle, a few beads for the center, a needle and thread and some sort of fastener.   They are super quick, easy and fun to make!


I whipped one up in about 15 minutes, then did a quick check to make sure it would look ok with the planned outfit. 

I debated on doing a matching flower (in pink) or a contrasting one (obviously in navy).   I’m glad I went with the navy, but what do you think?



So much easier to take a picture without a squirming, wiggling, rolling baby.

I even had time to whip up a little bit bigger flower for mom to wear so we could match.   (I can totally see my sister-in-law gagging right now, but I think it’s cute!)  hahaha.


And of course, the obligatory show-off photo from the wedding:  I clipped my flower to the fabric I tied around my waist (does it look familiar?  Chevron.  So versatile!)

The wedding was at an old ski area.  Hubs grew up skiing there before it was shut down…he said this ski lift used to be red.   I kinda like the pink…go figure.



That’s Abby’s ‘lil tex hat sitting next to me.  How cute is that?

Then I got home and felt guilty that I didn’t take any better pictures for the blog so I quickly snapped a few before I put Abby to bed….which was waaaaay past her bedtime, hence the bad lighting and (her) puffy eyes.  Oh, and the humidifier in the background.  Whoops.



Poor baby. 

Poor, cute baby.

What say you?  Do you need a little somethin-somethin to make your outfit pop?  Or just want and excuse to match your cute little baby?   Hop on over to Emily’s blog and find the flower of your liking!



  1. How can I gag when it is such a cute little munchkin like Abbers??!! I’d even wear a matching flower-thingy with her. As long as there are no bows. I don’t do bows. Now glitter….

    When in doubt, glitter it out!

    Job well done lady. You two both look fabulous!

  2. Love, love, love it! I think the navy fabric was a perfect choice and the matching flowers are fun without being over the top matchy. You two look adorable together and you mama, look stunning! I have been following Emily at JDC as well and I am constantly drooling over all her fun crafts, it’s a great blog!

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