i never did like cats.

That tends to happen when one jumps on your FACE while you’re sleeping.   Yep.  Happened.  During a middle school sleepover and I’ve been tarnished for life.  (Yes Shannon, it was Jasmine).

Ever since then I just don’t trust the things. 

This is exactly how it happened.  Me, peacefully sleeping in my best Audrey Hepburn outfit when an unsuspecting cat attacked.  Whoa, is that my eyeball popping out?  Eek. 

But I’ve recently discovered a new type of cat that trumps all face-jumping cats:  the cat nap.

By the way…yes, I’m just going to start a post and completely ignore the fact that I’ve neglected ya’ll for way too long.  That is, if there is anyone left out there….

Anyhoo.  Back to the crap cat naps.   As terrifying as a cat-to-the-face was, I fear that this type of cat will be the death of me. 

I am mentally, physically and utterly exhausted.   Let me summarize my days for you so you’ll understand why. 

Wake up. 

Feed baby.  30 min.

Play. 30 min.

Change Diaper.  5 min.

Play.  45 min. 

Bounce/sing/rock baby.  Oh…I don’t know.  AN HOUR?

Baby Sleeps.  20-30 min.

Meanwhile:  GetDressedBrushTeethRedoPonytailEatBreakfastDoLaundry….baby awake?  No?  Sweet!

CleanKitchenPickupToysFeedDog.  Go get baby.


**Disclaimer!  All times may vary with the exception of the one labeled “Baby Sleeps.” 

Honestly, I should win an award for how much stuff I can get done in thirty minutes.  I may be wearing yesterdays mascara, but I can make a smoothie, unload the dishwasher and pick up the kitchen in about 3 minutes flat.  All at the same time.   How’s that for multi-tasking?   Because it turns out surfing the web and being on a conference call at the same time is for amateurs.

So yeah. 

That’s where I’ve been.  In a delirious zombie-like state of dealing with cat naps. 

I should mention however, that Abby seems to be doing fine with this new species of cat. She’s mostly content during the day unless she just gets over-tired. Which can happen when you’re only sleeping 20 minutes at a time. Go figure.


Go to sleep?  Mother puhlease.  I’m going to bounce in this bouncer until I can’t hold my head up anymore.  And then I’ll bounce some more.  It’s how I roll, yo.

I just can’t help but think both of our lives would be better if there was a more regular nap schedule. 

Gah.  A schedule.  Now there’s another evil word.  And a topic for another day and another post that I probably won’t get to write. 

Anyhoo.  I’m just here to say hello from cat nap land.  It’s exhausting here.  And apparently making mommy a little cray-cray (that’s “crazy” for my non-teen readers).  But at least no animals jump on your face. 

The good news is, I’m working on it.  I’m trying to help her fall asleep on her own so that (1) I’m not rocking/bouncing/singing/swaying her for an hour and (b) she can put herself back to sleep when she wakes up.  

This isn’t an easy thing to teach and there are several controversial ways to do it.  I’m not really into the crying it out method, so we’re trying some alternatives for now.   And hopefully once we’ve got that down, the naps will gradually increase in time and momma will return to watching her stories and eating bon bons. 

So if when I figure out the magic formula for making babies sleep, I’ll be sure to share it.   Until then, just say no to cat naps.


All baby animals are cute.  Do not be fooled by this darling little kitten.  He would jump on your face and pop your eyeball out if you would just fall asleep.



  1. Janna, just to make you feel better, Finn just finally got on a pretty regular schedule at around 8.5 months. So hang in there… both my kids figured it out eventually.

  2. I remember those days, Marlie began as a cat napper (she used to only nap if I was holding her) then worked into longer naps and sleeping well through the night. Hang in there, you’ll get to the stories and bon bons :)

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