a year in pictures

Eventually.   At least that’s the plan. 

Being a sentimental sap, I knew I wanted to document Abby’s first year somehow.   I thought about different ways to do this, from taking her picture next to the same stuffed animal each month to see how she grows, to putting her in the nursery chair for the same effect, or just picking one of my favorites (from the many random pictures I take) each month.

In the end, I couldn’t get Clara’s photo project out of my head.  Clara is the cute little daughter of John and Sherry over at Young House Love…and of course those two creative geniuses had an idea that stole my heart. 

Each month they take a picture of Clara in a white onesie with a different fabric background.  They then edit the picture on their computer to put her age (in weeks) on the onesie.  It’s a really sweet tradition to start for their daughter, but also for them to look back and see how she grows and changes from week to week.  On Clara’s one year birthday, Sherry made a quilt for her using scraps from the fabric from each photo shoot.  How cute is that?

So, once again I find myself copying YHL on an idea.  Even though I don’t read their blog anymore, I am still inspired by their creativity!  

Instead of using fabric as my backgrounds though, I’ve been using blankets.  We got so many darling blankets for Abby that I thought it would be fun to use them for now.  When I run out of backdrops blankets, I’ll probably start using fabric and try to come up with something unique to do with them for Abby. 

So, each Friday morning Abby gets a bath, and then each Friday afternoon Abby and I have a photo shoot in her nursery.   It’s something I look forward to all week…and maybe someday she will too!

I’ve since learned that you can purchase weekly (or monthly) stickers for the onesies on Etsy (so you don’t have to edit the picture on your computer).  I’m kind of a geek and don’t mind doing it, but once she starts rolling around and not just laying flat on her back, it’s going to be hard for me to get the angles right.  Oh well.  Lesson learned.  Maybe #2 will have the fancy stickers.

Oh, and one last note.  I try to choose a picture that reflects what Abby was up to that week…if she was particularly fussy (uh hem, week 5), the picture will reflect that.  Or recently she started grabbing her feet, so I picked one of those for her weekly shot.  Hopefully this will help me remember her milestones a little better?   I shoot around 75-100 pics during each session and then pic my favorite and edit it while she snoozes or after she goes to bed.  

We’re 15 weeks in to our little project (how did that happen?!) and it’s already so much fun to look back on my little pumpkin.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s changed so much in so few months…which is why it’s so important for me to document it!


<confession:  I forgot to take her week 1 pic…so luckily I had snapped this one in a white onesie on my phone.  I’m still kicking myself for not doing an official photo, but what can you do.  I was a little out of it that first week.>
















Shooting that many pictures means we often have some funny ones, which turn out to be some of my favs. Here are a few outtakes from our sessions!






Did your parents do something similar for you growing up?  Or have you found a creative unique way to capture your little one’s growing?



  1. I love that you thought through this ahead of time and were organized so that you could get the photos you want. What a fun idea!!! It will be a wonderful way to watch her grow and super fun to see the finished book. 15 weeks is my favorite, what a darling smile! You might think about keeping your favorite out takes for a fun collage page or two at the end of her book, they are too cute to skip! :)

  2. Great idea!!! I have a friend who put their baby with the same stuffed animal and took her picture every week. It was fun to see her grow bigger than the stuffed animal and now she is holding the animal in her lap.
    see you soon

  3. This are so adorable…I can’t believe she is getting so big. I did Jayson with his little rocking chair that was a gift. Then we started doing the same with my grandson and the same chair. The first one was with both of them and the chair.

  4. I love this! It’s amazing to watch her grow, it goes by way too quickly! I did the monthly pictures but would have loved to have taken them weekly, they change so quickly. Abby has some priceless faces. :) Too many cute ones to pick a favorite.

  5. My girls have been in the same chair, together and separate with a small sign for the age. I seem to only get to it once every four weeks….but hey, I’m hitting the big monthly marks at least.
    I love your photos, and I love that you pick one that reflects where she’s at that week. It’ll be really funny to see the ones once she begins crawling.

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