springith hath sprungith

Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement after my last post!  Abby has spent two nights in her crib (still swaddled) and seems to be doing well.  The first night she slept from 9-6 (wow!) and last night from 9-3.   I think the biggest thing I learned from ya’ll is that change is the only constant (like most things in life).   Which is a tough pill to swallow, but oh-so-true. 

But enough about me and my baby drama…let’s talk about something fresh and new and pretty!

Last fall I planted a few things around our yard hoping to reap the benefits this spring.  I don’t have much of a green thumb so I was slightly nervous about seeing anything this spring. 

But reap I did. 

Remember when I planted this little bedding area by our fence?

It’s an itty-bitty area, but I was able to squeeze in two peonies and about 10 tulips.  The hop plant has been there for a few years and are the bane of my existence.  Sorry Hubs, I know you like them.   But they really are pain in the arse.  They’re just too unorganized and crazy for my liking. 

Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised to find this come spring:


TWO peonies popping up,

TEN tulips raring to go,

And ONE crazy ass hops plant nearly to the top of the fence already.  (Seriously people….if it’s already to the top of the fence, we are in for some crazy ass vines this year!)




I know the peonies are kind of hard to see….but they’re rockin’ too (the picture below is probably best for seeing them)!  In fact, it’s about time I purchased a couple of tomato cages for them.   My sister recommended using them since the blooms are often too heavy for the stems. 

I will surely be back with an update once these guys bloom.  I love nothing more than a peony!


Oh!  And let us not forget the garlic I planted last October! 



I’m happy to report that it too is chugging right along. 

The plan here is to let them grow until early July – then they’re ready for the picking. 

I’m a little bummed that of the eight cloves I planted, only five came up.  But that’s ok…I’ll just know to plant a few more this fall. 



Isn’t it wonderful when things go according to plan?  I sure think so.  

And aren’t these tulips ah-maz-ing? 


Did anyone else do any successful fall planting?



  1. Looks beautiful! I love the tulips! I can’t wait to see the peonies, they do look rather small. Do you think they will bloom this year?! And I am encouraged to plant some garlic this fall, it seems to easy no to!

    1. the pink peony has bulbs on it, so i think i’ll get some small flowers. the yellow one though still has no bulbs, and never bloomed last year either! argh. i read that the rhyzomes are planted too deep if they don’t bloom…I thought I fixed that on old yeller last fall, so i’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t bloom a-gain.

      i wonder if thep peony plant will get bigger and bigger each year?

  2. Lovely. Looking forward to a peony pic someday soon. My peony is the same powder pink as your tulips, I love it. I only wish I had more than one in my yard to admire!
    ps. Yes, go for the tomato cages before they get too big or else it gets difficult to put them on. :)

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