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Jumping jellybeans!    Two things.

One.  Abby’s nursery was featured on Apartment Therapy!  How cool is that?  Apartment Therapy is only like the place to go for home style/design inspiration.  In fact I used to peruse the featured nurseries on Apartment Therapy quite often to get inspiration for Abby’s room.   So really I couldn’t be more excited. 

I had to laugh however at one of the comments which basically said:  “I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.”   Ha ha…I guess a with a wider audience some wider criticism.    I’m ok with that. 

Bottom line is that I love the space and so does Miss Abby.   

If you want to check it out over at AT, click here!

Two.  Someone over at Olli and Lime (where I purchased the alphabet print from) spotted Abby’s nursery on AT, then posted about it on their blog.   I hope they weren’t offended that I said their print “was a biatch to frame.”   (well it was).  It’s still one of my favorite things in the nursery and worth the headache. 

If you want to check out their post, click here

So if you’re stopping by from Apartment Therapy or Olli and Lime….welcome!  You can read all about the nursery progress and projects on the “because I like you” tab under the Nursery heading.    Enjoy!  And I hope you stick around.

Happy Monday!



  1. OMG!! HGTV here we come!! If you get to meet David Bromstad I get to be your… uh… assistant! Congrats lady. The place is pretty amazing, I can say first hand. She’s a lucky little girl that Abigail. :D So proud of you.

  2. Hi Janna! I’m Andy, from Olli & Lime, responsible for reposting your amazing nursery on our blog. You didn’t offend us at all. We relocated from the UK (where everyone has easy access to IKEA!) last year and have now changed our wall art sizing…so it won’t be such a “biatch to frame” from now on! Thanks again for including O&L in your nursery :-)

    1. LOL…that’s good news! I love your nursery designs, they are so fresh and modern. It’s amazing how hard that is to find!

      And it seems like a bit of a dream world where “everyone has easy access to IKEA.” Wow. Extremely jealous.

  3. Wowza! I am completely impressed and so proud! This has got to be a huge milestone in the ‘my blog is going to make me rich and famous’ timeline…right?! And can I get second dibs as your background dancer/assistant on the HGTV show? I’ll start practicing my Vanna White moves asap. :)
    Love you and so happy that all your hard work is appreciated by so many others!

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