easter tree

Holy bananas…I’m back twice in one week.  Crazy train!

I’m not here for long, but I just had to share a little bit of Easter decorating that is going on around here. 

By some small miracle Abby slept for about an hour one afternoon earlier this week, and instead of cleaning, doing laundry, getting ready for the next “awake” time or getting myself ready for the day….I decided I needed a little break.  And I was oh-so-inspired by the box of Easter goodies my parents sent over. 

So I quickly put together a little Easter décor on our console table.  And by quickly, I mean as fast as I could go…because you never know when the baby is going to wake up and the last thing you want is to be caught mid-project.  Cuz you’ll likely never get back to it.

See all of these things I’m learning?   I have a good Random Ramblings post running around in my head.  Hopefully I’ll get to post that one soon for you!

Anyways, I digress and am wasting too much precious time, so I’ll get straight to it. 

Did anyone else have an Easter Tree growing up?

We did.

A simple collection of budding branches adorned with some cute Easter ornaments (and if you have some cute pastel lights) can be such a festive addition.  I never really thought much about it growing up, but I now that I talk to my friends I realize that maybe not everyone had an Easter tree.   Strange. 

So if you’re still wondering how to bring some Holiday into your house (or what in the heck an Easter tree looks like), break out your clippers and head outside.  It’s way too easy. 







The branches were just a few I had on hand, stuffed in a vase full of split peas.  My parents sent over the ornaments, though you could make your own, or just use plastic ones I suppose.  

See how easy that is? 

The other items just seemed to fit as well.  We always have a bowl of M&Ms at our house for The Hubs although this time I broke out my springy flower bowl and got the Holiday candy. 

For throwing this all together last minute I’m pretty proud of myself.  Now let’s just hope it doesn’t stay up until Memorial Day. 

Oh!  And guess what else?  I got my craft on and made another mini-blind roman shade.  Remember when I made one way back when?

Well this one was for our front door so the pervs can’t look in when I breastfeed on the couch.  Yay! 

I don’t really want to talk about the beige-on-beige action.  You all know I’m terrified of color.   And you try picking something out when you’ve got a baby-on-the-verge of a meltdown while at the fabric store.  It’s worse than having your husband there with you.  haha!

I did a full tutorial on this project last time, so check out the link above if you’re interested. 


Ok, I’m pushin’ it.  Over and out. 

Happy Easter!!



  1. Awe, the Easter tree. :) I haven’t had one since livnig at home. Maybe I should start?! Glad to see some Easter cheer!

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