does this count?


My name is Janna and I used to blog here. 

I knew it would be tough in the beginning to keep up with blogging and I honestly didn’t intend to for a bit. 

But now that we’re hitting the one-month-mark (seriously?!) I find myself wanting and needing the outlet back.   So I’m going to do my best to get back into the swing of things and blog a little more regularly.   It probably won’t be about DIY or house projects for awhile…ha.  Rather a much more important project I’ve been working on: staring at raising our little baby girl! 

And what a better way to start my glorious return to blogging than with some of the latest pictures?   Surely that counts for something.  In fact it’s probably all any of you care about anymore….ha.

I promise I have lots to talk about…the birth story, how the first few weeks have been going,  a project I started to capture each week of changes, and of course….the hormones.   I’ll just say it.   “You were right.”   My hormones are insane right now and if I’m not staring lovingly at my child…I’m probably crying. 

It’s really great. 

Ask the Hubs. 

But I’ll get to all of that eventually.  For now, today, I’m plopping up some pictures and calling it a post.  

Here are some of my favorites over the past 3 and-a-half weeks. 










I understand now why people send you ten gazillion pictures of their kids. 

I tried to show some restraint, but it’s hard (cuz she’s just so darn cute)!

So here’s to hoping you hear from me again soon!!  I miss ya’ll.



  1. she is so beautiful, Janna…and so are you! the first one…of her sleeping…i miss those moments. and i love the one with Summie…how is she handling the little “intruder”? :) Digger would try to lay down next to Ben, get all snuggly, it was so cute. however, when i would remove Ben from a blanket on the floor or the papasan seat Digger would jump right in to take his place. i love dogs. :) congrats, darlin!

  2. She is just about the cutest thing….EVER. Keep the pictures coming, they count in my book! And hang in there Mama, things get a little better every day, someday soon your raging hormones will get tired and slow down. :) ps. It’s ok to cry, I think all new mamas do plenty of that too.

  3. I second what Erin said!! Keep the pictures coming and let the tears flow because we all did! Give her a big kiss for me!!

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