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Wow!  Thanks for all of the super comments yesterday!   The nursery is definitely ready for little Baby T to make her arrival.   And I imagine these might be the last few days that the room is actually clean and somewhat organized, eh?

Now, on a completely unrelated note:  holy snow storm.  It has been snowing in Missoula for a good 36 hours now and it.  is.  AWESOME.   Seriously, we probably have two feet of snow it town and it just keeps on a’comin.   We can’t even keep our driveway shoveled before more snow keeps piling up (yes, I shoveled a wee bit…hoping maybe it would get things movin’ with Baby T…unfortunately all it did was make my back sore). 

Anyways…I’m loving it.  I love watching the big puffy flakes come down and coat everything in a sea of white.  I actually like shoveling (normally), I love walking through the snow, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, building snowmen.  Yeah, I’m kinda like a 5 year old.   I even like having to start my car and clean it off.  

Is that weird?

The snow is so deep poor Summit is having trouble on our walks.  Imagine her having to jump through it to get anywhere…it’s pretty darn cute in my opinion.   

Anywayyyys….just thought I’d share.   Because even though I can’t ski the pow pow (like The Hubs is doing as we speak) I’m still totally loving it.   I’ll try to get some pictures for a post in the next few days….I hear long walks can help with inducing labor…so there’s a thought. 

Whoa, ok.  What was I talking about? 

Yeah, the nursery.

So I thought I’d put together a source list.  Just in case any of you are dying to know where I got something or have other burning questions.   I will tell you that I tried to do as much as I could on my own, and only really splurged on a few items (like the crib).   I re-used much of what I already had and DIYed several of the pieces.  Of the things I did purchase, I usually found them on sale or waited until they went on sale (like the chair/cover and hardware on the dresser, etc.). 

Hopefully this covers most of it, but if you have more questions feel free to post them in the comments or send me an email.   And please…feel free to steal ideas or projects from me for your own nursery!  I wouldn’t have been able to put this one together without inspiration from around the blogsphere and interwebs.   And if you do, send me a comment or something and share it…I’d love to see!

So here goes:

Crib – Baby Mod ParkLane 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Dark grey jersey crib sheet –  Sheet World 

Bumper –   Breathable Baby Bumper, in white. 

Crib Skirt – DIYed 

Alphabet Print (above crib, inspired by MODG) – Olli and Lime   FYI – I purchased the print on clearance as a discontinued item so it may not be available in these exact colors anymore.  FYI 2 – this thing is a biatch to frame because it’s fancy-pants European sizing.  Unless of course you live next to an IKEA where they just happen to sell a frame that fits it perfectly.  I think you are all aware that I do NOT live by one, so framing this wasn’t my idea of fun.  Purchase at your own risk.

Ribbon Mobile – DIYed

Blanket on back of crib – DIYed by my amazing sister.  You’ll have to track her down if you want one!  ha.

Dresser – purchased at thrift store and DIYed

Chair – Luxe chair with Grey Mink slipcover

Lumbar pillow, white – OFELIA BLAD cushion

Changing pad cover – Carters super soft, in ecru

Frames – all are RIBBA frames in white.  Most items in the frames are pieces of fabric, scrapbook paper, notecards or photos

Saffron-colored hooks – Anthropologie

Letterpress calendar – Paper-Source

Hamper – DIYed

Curtains – fabric purchased at IKEA and DIYed

Comforter cover – BLASIPPA duvet cover

Blanket (on bed) – OFELIA blanket

Throw pillow, blue flower – Jade & Porcelain off-center flower pillow

Throw pillow, white/saffron – DIYed

Side table (by bed) – Xola end table

Blue “basket/catch-all” on changing table and side table – local craft fair

Whew.  I think that should about cover it!  Like I said, be sure to share if you take on one of these projects yourself.  I would love, love, love to see it! 

As time goes on and I actually start using this room, I’m sure things will change.  You know, maybe I’ll learn that things aren’t as functional as I thought they would be, or the furniture arrangement isn’t working.  I’ll be sure to keep ya posted as I figure all of that out.   Oh, and many of you said that keeping the bed was a good idea…so thanks for the vote of confidence!  I’ll be sure to update ya’ll on that as well, but I still think down the road I’d like to turn that into more of a play area. 

Anyhoo, that’s enough from me today.  I hope if you’re getting dumped on with snow like me that you’re enjoying it!   Everyone keeps saying that this is a sign I’ll have a blizzard baby…and to that I say “yes please.”    So really…feel free to join us anytime now Baby T.


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  1. I love the colors! You did a wonderful job. I am still working on my daughters room. We moved when she was 7 months so now I get to do her room all over, which even though it’s a pain I must admit I am excited about decorating again!

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