Excuse my french (ah-hem, parentals), and allow me to apologize for getting this song in your head (ah-hem, all non-parentals)….but this sh*t is bananas!


Me?  Blogging?  For an entire year? 

Like, totally publishing my 115th post!?


But also pretty cool.  

When I started this whole thing I had no idea where it would take me, if I would like it, or if it would even last.   

And I’m proud to say that it’s taken me places I didn’t expect, I enjoy it more than I thought I would, and it’s the one New Years Resolution that I’m happy to report is still going strong….and will be for the forseeable future. 

I think like most bloggers that I follow, I started mine as a creative outlet.  A place to share my projects or experiences and connect with other people who were into the same thing as me.  And while I still thoroughly enjoy posting tutorials, before-and-afters or details on a project…I think I’ve learned that this space is much more than just a creative outlet for me.   I slowly started letting down my guard and really opening up in my posts.  Letting people read about some of my deeper thoughts and feelings, fears and emotions. 

And I have to say it was kind of scary!  I mean, not only am I opening myself up to people who know me well, like friends and family…but strangers.  People I’ve never met.   In some ways it’s easier to open up to people who don’t know me; I guess because I don’t have to look in their eyes two days later and wonder what they’re thinking about the things I wrote.  Or if they’re judging me.   

That part is still hard:  knowing where to draw the line.

But you know what?  Each time I’ve let myself share something that’s kind of scary, the response I get is overwhelming.  And it helps me get through whatever it is I’m going through.   Family, friend, or stranger…I’ve made new connections here that I would never have made otherwise.   

And for that I will forever be grateful. 

So if someone were to ask me today what my blog was about…I’m not sure what I would say.  

I can’t commit enough time to be a full DIY blog.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete projects, document them and then write about them…well, unless I quit my day job and that unfortunately isn’t happening. 

I love cooking, baking and eating food…and sharing recipes.   But I’m certainly not a food blog. 

The Hubs gets me out on way cool adventures (or at least used to before I started incubating our daughter).  But I’m not really an outdoorsy blog. 

I’m not really a baby blog (yet anyways). 

I guess I talk a little bit about everything around here, which is part of the beauty of it all, right?  I can dictate what I write about and when. 

So I guess I fall into the category of lifestyle blog.  For now.   

It’s not where I thought this would end up, but it’s working for me right now.  I guess we’ll see what another year brings, won’t we? 

But I digress.  Typical, eh? 

Let’s focus on what’s really important here, and what’s really made this past year amazing.


Thank you for reading and following along!  I know I can be wordy.  I know sometimes I don’t make sense.  But I know that if I can connect with one person in a post, or offer some inspiration…then it’s worth it.  So thank you for putting up with me, helping me through tough times, and providing the appropriate “ooohs and ahhhs” when needed.    I certainly wouldn’t have the motivation to keep this up without you.  Your comments and feedback are truly what keep me going!

So…with that in mind…I decided that for my Blogiversary I would give TWSST a little update. 

Someday I’d love to do a full redesign, but that’s just not in the cards right now.  Instead, I decided to tackle a little project that’s been on my mind for a while:  organizing all of my previous posts in one convenient spot for easier searching.  Because searching the archives is easy when there’s only a few posts to weed through, but when you’re talking about weeding through hundreds it can get a little daunting. 

So I’ve created a new page to categorize all of my past posts and hopefully make finding things a bit easier.    The idea of course being that as I add new posts, I’ll simply update this list with a little link-love at the same time.  Sounds easy enough, right?   

It may also be helpful for new readers to peruse some of my old ramblings…if you’re so inclined. 

You can find this page (called “because I like you”) here.  See, just like this:    

Because I DO like you. 

And I hope you stay around for another year to see where things end up.    I myself don’t know where that will be…but you can bet your bananas that if I have time…I’ll be writing about it.

So with that…Happy Blogiversary TWSST!   It’s been a crazy wild ride with lots of ups and downs….but one I’d do all over again.

And that’s what she said…too. 



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