I may have mentioned it before…but I have the most amazing sisters a girl could ask for.   Despite the supposedly “cursed” odd number of us (you would think with three of us, two would constantly be ganging up on the third) we never seem to argue or bicker. 

I think we all just know how lucky we are to have each other and are thankful for that. 

You can learn a little bit more about each of them in a post a I did about their respective nurseries awhile back.  Here’s my older sisters, and here’s my younger sisters – bonus (!):  you get to see how amazing their nurseries are.   You’ll see that I’ve got some tough competition great inspiration to glean off of.     

And if any of you think I’m crafty, you should meet one of them.   They are just as talented (actually more so in certain areas) than I am.  I probably get all of the glory because I choose to blog about it!  But rest assured I get much inspiration, advice and guidance from both of them. 

So when they offered to throw me a baby shower, I knew it would be amazing…and I thought I’d share. 

The party was back in November….ahhhh….the sweet days before constant backaches and narcolepsy.

With that in mind, let’s get started!


Note to other pregnant people out there:  decide on your shower outfit before the day of your shower.  It will save you oodles of stress.

Stress that you will likely sooth with the amazing food at your shower. 



What’s that?  You want a closer look?  You got it.

Baby Shower

From the top left:  mini chocolate surprises (I’m not sure what the surprise was, but these were delectable), mini huckleberry cheesecakes, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and circus animals (a personal favorite…in fact they were part of our wedding favors).

Oh?  And you’re thirsty too?  Head over to the drink station where you can find wine, tea, coffee….and my favorite thing in the whole world…a COFFEE TRAY!



Because why oh why have plain coffee when you can have it with chocolate chips, whipped cream and a sugar stick?

Oh how I love details.  Let’s look at some more.


The pictures were of course baby pictures of The Hubs and me.


And how cute is that appliqued baby onesie?  Be still my beating heart.  I can already see myself squeezing Baby T into this even after it’s too small.


They also arranged all of the flower bouquets themselves the night before.  I’m not kidding, these girls have talent!


And the favors.  My God the favors!  Shortbread cookies from my favorite bakery in town:  The Break Espresso. 

I may have taken two.  Hey, it’s my party, right?



One of my favorite details of the shower was an activity for all of the guests to partake in.  We didn’t do any shower games, and instead, they came up with this awesome idea for guests to write on recipe cards.  The recipe was supposed to be a “recipe for motherhood” and contain advice, words of wisdom, or just sharing a tradition/memory of something special that they used to do with their own mother. 


When they were done filling out the cards, the guest hung it on the tree.



And I walked away with 30 of the most precious memories and pieces of advice from my closest friends and family.

I’m not going to lie, it was a tear-fest as I read through them later that week.  In fact, I decided to dedicate a frame to them in the nursery.  The frame can only hold one card, but I’m hoping that I’ll remember to rotate the cards now-and-then between some of my favorites (makes perfect sense right?  Because I can hardly remember to brush my teeth in the morning these days, so I’m sure I’ll have the clarity to remember this).  Ha Ha!  Well, if not, for now my favorite has been selected and it wouldn’t be the worst thing if it stayed in there forever (thanks Melanie for the amazing advice!  It still brings tears to my eyes to read your note).  

Oh, and side note for those of you waiting….don’t worry, I’m getting suuuuuuper close to finishing and posting a reveal of the whole nursery! 

Of course this was a shower, so there were plenty of presents to open.  I have to admit, I’m in constant awe of how much this little baby is loved already.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling.



This pic just cracks me up!  Oh to be that small again.  Sigh.   And I thought I was huge.  HA!


In the end, the shower was just as I expected:  amazing.  It was so apparent there was incredible amounts of thoughtfulness, love and effort put into it.  But that’s my sisters for you.  Thoughtful, kind and giving.  

So thank you!  Thank you so much for making the day so wonderful.  I promise you that Baby T already feels the love from all of you, especially her aunties. 


Update:  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped with the shower!  I know several people were involved in planning, decorating, preparing goodies and helping these lovely ladies out.  So to all of you who had a hand in it, and to everyone who spent the afternoon with us…thank you!




  1. Awe shucks….thanks for the nice compliments sissy! But you deserved a beautiful baby shower to celebrate the beautiful, wonderful person you are! We had plenty of help pulling it all together from lots of people who love you dearly, so we did not do it alone. And if I was the blogging type, I’d whip up a post on the baby showers that you have hosted and your readers would know that we took a little inspritation from you too my dear.

    So happy you felt loved and showered on that special day, that was our goal. :)
    xo Auntie E

  2. What nice words, you are too kind. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Like Erin said above you deserve to be showered with love and I am happy that I was able to help be a part of it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. You have done so many wonderful and kind things for so many people that it was your turn to feel loved. Can’t wait to watch you become a mom, you will be amazing. :)

    ..the surprise in the chocolate surprise was none other then earl grey….no wonder we loved them so much! :)

  3. Your shower was beautiful as are you and that sweet lil bump ;) I love the little onezies hanging with the T in the middle! Such cute ideas! Oh and I am with you on those addicting circus animal cookies, D-lish!

  4. Janna & Sisters,

    What amazing women you are!! I realize I don’t know you Erin or Amy, but like Janna (not that I’ve ever really shared this with her) I respect you all so much because of your past. What an incredible bond you have! For sure it is no accident you exist in each other’s lives.

    I’m sure you’ve tossed this around, but why don’t you all open up shop with all the talent that spills over in your lives?! You’re all so lovely and full of grace!

    Love to Baby T,
    – Liza

    1. Liza, Thank you for your kind words! I am sincerely touched by your comments and I know that I have 2 sisters in my life for many reasons. The extra love and support are a kind of a rock in my life, I don’t know what I’d do without either of them! And I know we’ve all tossed the crafty/party/fun shop idea around in our heads…who knows what the future will bring. :)
      Thanks again for the thought-filled note. Erin

    2. Liza, you are always so sweet. Thank you for the kind words. I agree…it’s no accident we have each other. But it’s no accident that I have amazing friends like you either! xoxo, janna

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