random ramblings

I’m a bit spent these days…so hows about another random rambling whilst I collect my thoughts and try to put together some “real” posts?

So snuggle up, grab yer coffee and settle in.  

I avoided it for ten years…but this Christmas it became inevitable:  Summit would need to stay at a kennel while we went home for Christmas.   I think it broke a small piece of my heart to finally break down and do it. 

You see, there aren’t many places I choose to go where I can’t take her with me.  And if for some reason she can’t tag along, there’s usually a willing friend or in-law that is happy to watch her for me.  But during the Holidays I have a hard time asking people to take on one more thing – even if that “thing” is my super cute and fluffy pooch.  I mean, it’s crazy enough during that time of year, right?  So it just didn’t seem right to ask any of my friends to watch over her when they have their own obligations and schedules to keep.  

Which is how we ended up at the kennel on our way out-of-town December 23rd. 

To be fair, this kennel seemed great.  The owner/manager is a dog owner herself and her full-time job is training and boarding dogs at her house.  She is incredibly nice and noticeably a dog-person, which made me feel better about the situation.    But something about putting Summy in that small kennel that was barely twice the size of her dog bed (yes I brought it AND her favorite squeaker)….just broke my heart. 

In all honestly, she was probably fine.  She had a little doggie door to an outside kennel-run and she was let out in a play area four times a day.  Four times!  That’s quite a bit when you look at the kennel-competition.  I also paid extra for some special off-leash walks/hikes everyday so she could get out like she’s used to.   

So I know she was well taken care of. 

I think hope it was harder on me than it was on her.  Because as we pulled away from the kennel I broke down in tears.  I just felt so guilty for leaving her. 

I’m the first to admit that my dog is probably a wee bit spoiled.  She’s used to sleeping at the foot of our bed and when that gets old she has her own bed in every room of the house to snuggle up on. 

Which is maybe why it’s so hard to imagine her trying to sleep in a concrete cage with 30 other dogs barking and caged up beside her.  And what if she can’t figure out the dog door to get back inside?  What if she’s stuck outside all night long in below-freezing temperatures?  

I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about that every night during Christmas as I tried to go to sleep.   I know she’s just a dog…but she’s my dog and spoiled or not she’s been my companion for ten years!   And in ten  years I’ve never put her through anything like that. 

But what’s so terribly wrong with giving a pet the best possible life? 

Anyways, I’m sure you’re all not surprised that she survived.  And I survived.  Although I have a feeling that the kennel was slightly stressful for her because she slept for a good 1-2 days after bringing her home, she stunk to high-heaven, she had a few new cuts/scrapes that weren’t there before, and she’s shedding hair like I’ve never imagined possible. 

Oh, and a few days later I realized she lost her voice.  Yeah, she sounds like one of those dogs that had their vocal chords cut and it’s pretty much the saddest thing ever.

So the first order of business after picking her up was a trip to the dog wash where she was scrubbed, brushed and probably over-treated on my part.  And she’s also sporting a new pink collar these days which is probably a purchase made out of guilt. 

But the good news is:  we did it.  We survived.  And next time (if there must be one) we will both have a better idea about what to expect.  Maybe Summy will know not to bark so much, and I’ll be assured that while she may not get to sleep on anyone’s bed at night…she does know how to use the dog door.

Um…guys?  I’m 37 weeks this week. 

Can you believe it?!  Aye carumba!

In some ways this pregnancy has gone by so incredibly fast…and in others it feels like forever.  I mean, to think that I’ve been pregnant since last May makes me feel like this has been an eternity.   But overall I can’t believe we’re already 3 weeks away from getting to meet our little girl.   I’m so excited. 

We’re down to weekly appointments now and at my last checkup I was 1 cm dilated.  I know I can walk around for weeks like that, so it doesn’t necessarily mean too much..but it does mean that I’m progressing.  So who knows when this crazy little thing will happen. 

The Dr. also did an ultrasound and confirmed that (at the time) the baby was head-down.  Thank you little one!   She also confirmed the gender again (as much as she can I suppose), which was a bit of a relief.   Because I don’t think I could go through this hormonal rollercoaster again. 

I’m still feeling pretty good…just tired.   So far I’m up 25 lbs, but I think the last five pounds has all gone to my face.  Because that’s a good look.   Nothing like an extra chin or two to make a girl feel good about herself. 

Other than that, and not sleeping very well, I really can’t complain.    This girl seems to move around a lot and she gets the hiccups at least once a day; I have to admit it’s comforting to know how active she is in there.

It’s weird…at this stage in pregnancy I’ve found myself entering a “calm” period where I’m not as scared of the laboring part anymore. 

I’m just ready. 

I’m ready for whatever comes and more than anything ready to meet this little girl.

And just cuz I’m nice…here’s what 36 weeks and 4 days look like.  Go ahead.  Count the chins.

Dear Pioneer Woman,

I made your cinnamon rolls for the second time this past weekend and I promise to never, ever, ever question you again.  The maple frosting I was so concerned about the first time around (and substituted for a cream cheese frosting) was so utterly divine that I may have brought in the New Year by eating my weight in cinnamon rolls.   Please forgive me for questioning your frosting, and see the note above about my excessive chins.   If I’m being honest…they’re probably your fault.

Thank you,   Janna

Speaking of New Years….we kept with tradition this year and headed up to The Hubs’ family cabin at Georgetown Lake. 

It was nice to be around snow (since there is hardly any in Missoula yet) and hang out with some friends.  But I have to admit it was hard for me.  I didn’t get to participate in the skiing, snowmobiling or winter activities like I normally would.   And I tried my darndest to stay up until midnight but ended up falling asleep at 11:30.  So I missed the fireworks and the bonfire. 

It’s times like these that make it hard to be “the pregnant one.” 

And as much as you try to be cool with it and ok with missing out on everything…sometimes it just downright stinks.   Because I like to ski.  I like to snowmobile.  I like to drink around a bonfire.  I want to kiss my husband at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.   And part of me feels like maybe I’ll never get to do any of those again.  

Of course I’m being overly dramatic because I’m feeling sorry for myself.   So how about I share a few photos instead? 

Here’s the Hubs and Summy skating on the makeshift rink on Georgetown Lake.  I guess this was the only time I decided to take out my camera….whoops.

Oh, except for New Years Day when I woke up early to this.  Absolutely stunning.

Bad news:  I think it’s safe to say my “nesting” phase is officially over and I’ve moved into the realm of pure fatigue.  

Our house?  A DISASTER.   Normally this would create so much stress for me that I’d contemplate calling in sick to work to take care of it.   But now?  Instead of picking up, vacuuming or organizing anything after work I sit on the couch and can’t imagine doing anything else.   The best/worst part?  The mess doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

Christmas stuff?  STILL UP.   Yes, I’m “that” person.  And I don’t really care.  In fact I’m starting to wonder if I can just put this on my list of projects for people to help with after baby comes.   You know, just what my family wants to do when they come and stay. 

The excessive dog hair I mentioned above?  EVERYWHERE.   Again, normally this drives me utterly insane.  These days I seem to just look past it. 

Blogging posts?  UM…yeah.   About that.  I have no stockpiled blog posts and no material to blog about because I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING EXCITING.  

Nursery?  SO CLOSE to being done.  Seriously!  I’ve been dying to do a full nursery reveal and the ONLY thing holding me up is hanging a few pictures and then taking a few photos.   But do you think I can find the time and energy to DO that?  

Cooking?  YEAH RIGHT.  If I could think of anything that sounded good besides cinnamon rolls I still wouldn’t have the energy to make it.  Sorry Hubs. 

I’m hoping I get one final burst of energy this weekend.   I need to clean up Christmas, clean our messy messy house and above all finish the dang nursery!  If I can do those three things I’ll consider myself productive and then sit on the couch to my heart’s content.   Oh, and yes I’ll try to take some pictures of the nursery for some blogging content.

I don’t think I’ve shared any Christmas photos with you…so here are some of my favorites!  We were in Helena this year celebrating with my side of the family.

We all started a new tradition this year of making Berlinekranser, my dad’s favorite Christmas cookie. 

And of course there were lots of pictures taken of the kiddos.   I just loved the outfit my little niece wore on Christmas Eve!

This is just part of the family…minus my parents and step-brothers.   Remember how I said I’d be better about taking pictures??  Hmm…yeah….that hasn’t happened yet.

Whew.  That might be it for today…if you hung in there, congrats!  I’ll try to be back next week with nursery updates and pictures from the amazing baby shower my sisters put together.  

Anybody else out there struggle with kenneling their pets?  Are you living amongst chaos at home and strangely ok with it?  Most importantly…who wants to come over and help me finish up the nursery while I sit and supervise??!



  1. #1… Next time, just ship Summy to me. I love that little black fluff-ball almost as much as I love my Bubba. #2 You look BEAUTIFUL!! And yes, its in that pregnancy kind of way, but you’re kinda pretty otherwise, so enjoy the “glow”. :D #3 Yummm. #4 I missed you guys at New Years always a good time. And don’t worry, you’ll get to enjoy every darn bit of it again. #5 Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Hubs did some of the things off this list. Hehehe… #6 Cookies, Cutey girl, and CONNER??!! He’s gigantic!!

    Miss you.. thanks for the great ramblings!!

    1. Auntie Amy just needs to move back to Missoula so Summy can stay with her regularly. Well…not too regularly, I’d miss her.

      Thanks for the comment, I always love hearing from you. Missed you on NYE as well, it’s just not the same w/o you up there.

  2. love your ramblings. :) You look beautiful! 25 pounds is nothing! And good for you for resting and not letting the little things bother you, that’s why you have family. ;) Family can also help with hanging pictures and taking pictures too. looking forward to meeting Baby T! She is going to melt everyone’s heart.

  3. I think the ramblings are my favorite posts…I love that you can skip around to so many different topics! Lot’s o’fun at Christmas, thanks for capturing our cookie adventure, we’ll have to try it again to perfect it. I’m still dying to try a cinnamon roll, although in fact, I came on here to get the Danish Puff recipe. Think I’ll give that one a try. Anywho, my Christmas decor is still up and my motivation to take it down is low, I hear ya and I feel ya. (although I’m guessing you have it down by now???) Remember the year we had our tree at home up until Valentine’s Day? You have nothing to worry about. ha ha
    You look great and sounds like you’ve found your zen…now we just have to wait for the big moment. Can’t wait!!!

    1. Ooooo….the Danish Puff. So jealous!

      And omg…thanks for the reminder about the Valentines Day tree! Ha Ha…totally forgot about that. I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad yet, but I did manage to get it down last weekend. Phew! Good luck to you!

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