the best of twsst, 2011 edition

Can you believe that it’s almost been a year since I started this blogging thing?   

It all started as one of my New Year resolutions last year because I think I do cool stuff.   And sometimes I’m funny.  And I can be witty.  And I’m learning to be crafty.  And apparently I’ve got a lot to say. 

So far I’ve written and published 111 posts.  I know, right?  Holy cow.  My site stats say that I average 150 visits per day, which is amazing considering I haven’t really done anything to try to attract readers.  Honestly I’m amazed that anyone (other than those obligatory followers…like husbands and family) take time to read what I write.  Because I know I can be wordy — sorry aboot that.

Site stats, comments and subscribers aside though, I have to say the best thing about blogging is making connections with other people from around the blogsphere.  It really is amazing to me that such strong relationships can be made through writing.  I mean, I feel like I really know some of the bloggers I read about.  Perhaps some of you feel that way about me?? 

Anyhoo…I’ll probably get all sappy on you in an “anniversary” post next month on the actual day of, but with 2011 coming to a close I thought it would be fun to look back through some of my posts and pick a few favorites.  To be honest, when I pull up my list (of 111 posts!!) there are some that I vaguely remember writing at all and others that I thoroughly enjoyed reading through again.  Cuz remember?  I’m funny and witty sometimes (and mostly in digital formats). 

So without further ado…here’s my 2011 wrap-up of favorite posts.  Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition around here. 

And since I’m also a bit Type A, I’ve categorized them for you. 

Other Type A-ers:  you’re welcome.

Ribbon mobile – remember this lovely lady that I made for our Nursery? 

Mini-blind roman shades – one of the easiest fixes for those outdated mini blinds.  

Fabric wall panels – such a high-impact project that literally took me 30 minutes.  Unless you count the 300 days it took me to pick out the fabric.

Painting an old dresser – this one took a lot of time, patience and hand massaging…but I love transforming furniture into something so special.

The sheep head and the elk rack – ah yes.  How could you forget this series of posts?  I get a lot of feedback/comments about these posts…but I think it’s only funny to everyone else because they don’t have to live with el Sheepo and Monsieur Elk. 

Creating a photo wall galleryas part of our living room redo, I created my first wall gallery and I’m still loving it!  And bonus points:  I included one of The Hubs mounts.  I’m officially the best. wife. ever.

Backyard master plan – I know The Hubs thinks I’m on crack for wanting to landscape our backyard, but I think he’s on crack for NOT wanting to.  So I guess we’re even.

Hamper liner – because dirty laundry doesn’t have to be ugly too.

Sassy apron – A full tutorial on how to make one of these for yourself.  Wanna make one for me while you’re at it?

Creating our Square Foot Garden

Building flower window boxes – the project that gave me a new appreciation for anyone who works with wood, but also taught me how many good “that’s what she said” opportunities there are in that profession.

Yurtski – one of our backcountry ski trips last winter.

Glacier National Park – guest post from The Hubs about skiing in Glacier.   (And you thought I was wordy).  At the time he wrote this, it was my longest post to-date.  Don’t worry Hubs, I’ve out-worded you by now. 

Run Down Memory Lane – this whole post was written in my head as I ran an 11-miler through my old stomping grounds in Seattle. 

Meet Summit – This post can still bring tears to my eyes.   What?!  She’s my little girl!

My birthday post – I wrote this for my 32nd birthday to allow myself….to introduce….myself.

What I probably shouldn’t say – I hesitated to add this to my favorite list because it’s quite a bit more serious than my normal posts.  BUT.  It’s been one of the most healing things I’ve ever written and also one of the most read posts on my blog.  So I’d be remiss to not mention it.

A little reflection with a red chair – I wrote this after my first day of Avi 1 (Avalanche 1) certification training.  I think the instructors try to scare the poo out of students that day…and it worked.   Don’t worry, I got over it.

Knowing where your food comes from – wrote this one after watching Food Inc.   Gah….I can’t believe I’m re-posting a picture of raw meat!

The perfect chocolate chip cookie – because there is nothing better in my book, and these really are perfect.

I have to admit, it was harder than I thought to narrow the list down to a few favorites.   I could have probably added 10 more to this list! 

It’s crazy to see how my writing, documenting and photos have changed over the year.  I can definitely tell which pictures were taken with my new camera and can’t wait to keep improving next year. 

Speaking of next year, I want you all to know that I am planning on keeping up the blogging thing. 

Even. after. baby.   …wait for it….


Now pick your jaws up off the floor and quit your side-eyes.  I will try my best to blog when I can.  I can’t promise I’ll have time to work on, document and complete projects like I do now, but to be honest I’m finding more benefit from blogging about other things right now.   I always receive more feedback and comments when I write a “Good Read” type of post and it’s always so fulfilling see those comments pop up.  You know, just to remind me that someone’s actually reading?   By the way, a huge thank you to all of my readers who stop by everyday!  I like to think I would blog regardless of whether or not people stopped by, but I can assure you that each of you are a huge motivator to keep it up.  So thank you!

That being said, I also can’t promise that I’ll blog with any sort of regularity after bambino arrives…but I’ll update you when I can, ok? 


So here’s me tipping my sparkling (sigh) wine glass to 2011 and hoping that 2012 brings just as much fulfillment and joy!



  1. Nice wrap up! I am going to be contacting you soon about coming over and looking at your mini blind conversion. I told a friend (your Vet, well to be fair, your pooches Vet) about the curtains, and after getting a quote on how much new blinds are, she called me and asked if I’d help her to what you did to your mini blinds. I will bring Wipey Wallet fabric with me so you can get pickin’ before this baby arrives.

    Also I pinned you cookie recipe to Pinterest and I saw it has been re-pinned by someone I don’t even know. Is that ok? You might be a celebrity in the chocolate chip cookie world soon. As soon as I recover from all the holiday treats, those cookies are back at the top of my “need to make right now” list.

    Happy 2012!

    1. Ha Ha…I welcome any cookie-fame I can get! But the true credit goes to the lovely ladies over at Blonde Designs Blog. Without them I never would have discovered the gloriousness of those cookies!

      Sure, give me a text or a call when you’d like to come over. I can’t promise a clean house, but I can definitely give you the run down on the minis.

      Happy 2012 to you too!

  2. Love the blog and the insight from YOU! Keep it up when you can and don’t pressure yourself, there may be fewer posts to pick from for highlights next January but you may only need one hightlight from your entire year to sum it up. Green pigs!

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