last-minute Christmas cheer

Today I will show you the right way and the wrong way to make glitter letters. 

Once again I was inspired by Pinterest with a fabulous DIY idea…shiny, sparkly, glitter letters for a Holiday decoration.  

Sounds easy enough, right?  Buy a few letters, a little spray glue, some glitter…..and voila’!   Sparkly goodness. 

Of course it would have been that easy if I’d just followed my gut instinct to begin with and used regular old glue and glitter.  But oh no.  Instead, while wandering the aisles of JoAnns, I came upon spray glitter.   Why of course!  Spray glitter!  That will make this two-step process a one-step process. 


Note:  the following depicts the wrong way to make glitter letters.

Glitter letters

As you can see, the spray glitter does an amazing job at turning brown paper bags into sparkly goodness, but left a lot to be desired on my actual letters. 

Plus, just this one measly coat used up the entire $5.00 can!  What a rip off and F.A.I.L.

Looking back, I have to wonder if it would have worked better if I  would have spray painted the letters a deep red first and then used the spray glitter.  But now you’re talking way too many steps that frankly just don’t seem necessary.

So let’s talk about the right way to make these suckers.

Go buy yerself some regular old school-kid-eating Elmers glue and the shiniest red Martha Stewart Glitter you can find.   Cuz Martha never lets you down.


Next, smear the glue all over one surface of your sad little letter.  Dump a TON of the sparkly goodness on the glue, and shake off. 

Glitter letters1

Ahhh….so much better! 

Now that’s the sparkle I’m talkin’ about!

Repeat this process on all of your letters until you’ve covered every visible surface area. 


I found it helpful to only work on one “area” at a time.  So I’d glitter the tops of all the letters, then the right side, then the left….you get the idea.  I found that it gave the glue just enough time to dry to-the-touch in between handling. 

Once everything dries, you’re ready to hang these wherever you choose!

I thought they would look good on my kitchen mirror this season since it was looking pretty lonely without any decoration.   I simply grabbed some some whiteish-transparent ribbon (that I had on hand) to hang each individual letter.   You could also use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon, but I found that wrapping it around each letter worked fine. 

And to be honest, I’m kind of glad I did it this way.  Something isn’t “quite right” about this display to me.  It almost feels too busy and I’m not sure if it’s my ribbon choice (perhaps a white satin would be better?) or if the reflection of the letters in the mirror is too distracting. 

What do you think?  Any suggestions?

I’d like to suggest the addition of a fireplace and mantel to our house, because that seems like the perfect place for these.    Whadya think about that one Hubs?




I thought the sleigh bell added a nice touch – especially if you’re a Polar Express fan.  It’s one of my favorite books to read this time of year and always gets me in the mood for Christmas…the movie ain’t too shabby either (hot, hot, hot, hot chocolate!)

Can you see the sparkly goodness of these though?!



I’m totally digging them.  Even if I’m not sold on their placement…I can always experiment with them more next year. 

So…there’s still time!  If you need to have some more sparkle in your Holiday, I suggest whipping up some of these.  Especially since I’ve given you the inside scoop on the fast track approach.  

And to make this even faster?  Consider using a shorter word like “Joy” or “Noel.” 

I’m not sure if I’ll be back with another post this week, so if I don’t get the chance later…




  1. I love it! Love the red glitter! Adds the perfect touch of sparkle to your house. I’ll try this next year, I love me some sparkle too. :) I like how you have it on your mirror, I’m not sure where else I would put it. But I see what you mean by being too busy. Maybe you could set them on top of your boughs that are on top of Grandma’s hutch? …I wonder if modge podge would work too?

  2. Fist, the hot chocolate scene from Polar Express is my favorite scene in the whole movie…that song is so catchy! :)

    Second, I love the extra sparkly letters! I have a feeling they will be one of those things that you put in a different special spot each year to add some extra sparkle. You might consider putting some 3M sticky pads on the back of the letters and sticking them directly to the mirror. That might cut down on the reflection a little. But they look lovely hanging there anyway.

    Bring some of that sparkle with you this weekend, see you soon! xoxo

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