a little more Christmas

Last week I shared some some of our Christmas decorations outside of the house…and I finally got around to snapping some pictures of the inside. 

As excited as I am for Christmas this year, I tried to keep my decorating on the DL because I’ll be 9 months pregnant when I need to pack it all up!   I’m just guessing…but I probably won’t be too into packing up a ton of stuff at that point.  Unless it’s my bag to go to the Hospital.  

So, here’s our little festive house this year…can’t go wrong with some sparkle and some twinkle. 

Come on in…








Each year the Hubs and I exchange one ornament.  I found this one (below) at the NFR in Vegas our first year.  How perfect is it for him?  And strangely it’s become one of my favorites as well. 




Aren’t the gift tags awesome?!  I absolutely love them (1) because they are super cute and trendy and (2) because they were totally free.  That’s right, cute, trendy and free

Would you like some? 

If you don’t already have your wrapping done and could use some tags, check out Jones Design Company.   Emily has some amazing free printables and this year she created some fun gift tags for her readers.  You can find them here.    Then go ahead and subscribe to her blog because you’ll love her craft and design ideas.





So there you have it…spreading a little Christmas cheer from our house to yours.

Did anyone else keep their decorations low key this year?   Or do you have a Christmas tradition with your sweetie that you want to share?  I have to admit, I look forward to my ornament every year.  Anyone know how to take better pictures to capture the glow of Christmas lights?!?!

Oh, and don’t forget to go get yourself some darling gift tags!



  1. Did I see a stocking for Summit under the tree? :) Very cute, I hope you fill it (or santa) fills it with lots of yummy treats! Your house looks great, I love the boughs and touch of red. Simple but beautifully decorated. I also love your tradition of exchanging ornaments, I keep meaning to add that to our yearly tradition. We really don’t have too many traditions besides making cookies and making my marshmallows. However, this year I plan to start a tradition for Ella. Each year I plan to buy her Christmas jammies and a Christmas book and give them to her on Christmas Eve so we can read her a Christmas story to her before Santa comes. :)

    1. Hee Hee….yes, yes that is a Summit stocking under the tree. She loves Christmas too.

      I love the tradition you’re starting with Ella…fun PJs and a book?! It’s perfect and I’m sure it’s something she’ll look forward to every year. I just may have to borrow that tradition myself. Maybe it can turn into Christmas Eve story hour for all of our kids when they get old enough. How cute would that be?

      Oh, and since I benefit from the marshmallows every year, I obviously love that one as well!

    1. Awe, thanks Ali! Although I’m not sure you’d know what to do with yourself having neighbors within walking (who am I kidding, within sneezing) distance. :)

  2. Lovely! Your house looks so cozy and warm, great job decorating mama! Thanks for sharing the link to the tags, I think I’ll print some for my gifts next year. :)

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