Let it be Christmas

Have you noticed all of the beautifully decorated houses around the blogsphere lately?!  It’s truly amazing what some people can do!  And so inspiring. 

I have to admit, I’m certainly still finding my way when it comes to decorating for the Holidays.  But I love me some Christmas and this year in particular for some reason.  I pulled out our decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving and haven’t looked back since!

One of my favorite ways to decorate is with simple tree boughs.  I’m sure this tradition goes back to my childhood and memories of collecting boughs with my family for decoration.  So be it pine, spruce, fir our juniper I think they are oh-so-festive.  I made sure to grab some when we were cutting our tree down a few weeks ago to utilize around the house. 

First order of business was to try my hand at creating some festivity outside of our house this year and share what I came up with.  I haven’t spent too much time in the past decorating outside but I decided to give it a whirl this year.  I suppose if nothing else this post will be to document what I did so I can repeat (or improve upon) next year. 

I should note that my sister told me it’s much too cold in Montana to put real poinsettias outside (thank goodness for her because I would have done it), so I went against my no-faux flower rule and purchased some fakes at JoAnns.  I have to admit, when mixed with the boughs I’m not quite so anti-faux. 

These first few pictures are shot in the afternoon (sorry, it’s so hard to get sunlight on our little front porch this time of year, so it’s always in the shadow).   






The wreath was purchased from a women’s group my sister belongs to…it came fully decorated!  Which I thought was appropriate because last year I couldn’t muster the energy to decorate the plain ‘ol wreath I bought from Costco.  And it sat on our door undecorated all season.   I know. 

The horror. 

So I’m sure my neighbors were quite happy to see me a bit more festive this year.

Also new this year are the window boxes of course.  (Remember when I built those?).  I thought they were the perfect place for some lights and boughs.   Oh, and of course a little sparkle….because what is Christmas without glitter and sparkle?

What do you think?





Heck, who cares what my neighbors think.  I’m loving it. 

Oh, and can you see our funny little tree saying hello through the doorway?  I love our trees even though some might say they are “charlie brownish.”  

Our living room is so tiny that we need to find the tallest, skinniest tree each year, and these alpine spruce are just perfect for us.   I’ve certainly grown to love their funky style and non-traditional look.  



I know this type of tree isn’t for everyone….but that just means there are more tall, skinny trees for us next year!

I’ve got more decorations to share with you, but not today.  I still need to take pictures of the inside of our house, where you’ll find more boughs, lights and of course sparkle.

Oh, and speaking of sparkle, I’ve got a fun Christmas decoration project coming up too. 

Until then, let’s talk about cinnamon rolls. 

That’s right. 

Awesome segue, right Shannon?

I may or may not have mentioned that I’ve been craving any and all baked goods since I’ve been prego.   So I thought it mighty time I try out one of the Pioneer Woman’s recipes.  Ya’ll have heard of the Pioneer Woman, right? 

Well I made 3 pans of these last Sunday and only 2 remain.   Needless to say, they are deeeeeee-LISH.  


So if you’re looking for a Christmas morning treat, something to enjoy while decorating your house, or just want a freaking baked good in the middle of the day…try these.  You won’t be disappointed!


My two tips regarding this recipe:  you won’t want to, but make sure and use the same amount of butter that she recommends for the filling.  I didn’t and wish I had (mine weren’t quite as ooey gooey as I wanted).    Second, even if you’re not crazy about the maple frosting she uses…I wish I would have tried it instead of the cream cheese frosting I substituted.   I have a feeling that frosting really seals the deal on these rolls.  I will definitely be trying it next time. 

Tell me – do any of you rely on tree boughs for your Holiday decorating?   Are we the only ones who love the charlie brown trees?  Or have you had the pleasure of one of these cinnamon rolls before….with or without the maple frosting?

P.S.  The title of this post is after my most favorite Chistmas song eva eva eva!  Alan Jackson’s, Let it be Christmas.   Have you had the pleasure?   If not, I suggest you wrap your ears around it sometime soon…you might just find a new favorite yourself.



  1. Lovin’ your Christmas flair seesta! Two questions for you:
    1. How did you get the boughs for your front porch pots to look so ‘mounded’? I have a similar idea going on but mine are laying flat and don’t look as nice. Love the window boxes w/ lights and the poinsettias, they definitely work!
    2. I have not heard of the Pioneer Women (gasp!) but I must try these cinnamon rolls. Or beg you to make some while you are home for Christmas. hint…hint…

    ps. I also love how you can peek at your tree through the front door, it’s a great little teaser. And for those that don’t know, the charlie brown tree is the BEST way to show off your ornaments, there are always little nooks and cranies that let them dangle and dance. :)

    1. I totally agree on the ornament thing…I’ll be sharing a few of our favorites in my next post. And yes, we have antlers for some of our ornaments that will make the list.

      Now to your questions!
      1. Being the lazy person that I am, my pots still had dirt in them. And of course the dirt was partially frozen because I keep them outside most of the winter – but this actually worked out to my advantage. I started by plunging my faux poinsettia into the center of the dirt and spread out the flowers so they’d be dispersed throughout the boughs. After that, I simply stuck the boughs directly into the dirt, starting in the center where I needed the most height. I worked my way “down” from there until some of them were just laying on top of the pot/dirt. I did a lot of filling in and adjusting to make sure they would stay upright, but I think the frozen dirt was a blessing in disguise here. Hope this makes sense.

      Oh, one final thought here. I kept wishing I had some ponderosa boughs because they would work perfectly for this look (with the long, full, bushy needles)! Is it too late to find some of those? It’s never too late if your neighbor has a pondy in their yard….hee hee.

      2. The Pioneer Woman is a popular blogger….she writes about all sorts of things (cooking, crafts, life) and is quite funny. I *think* you could call her a professional blogger. I see where you are going with this though, and I will certainly consider it. But that’s a lot of pressure!! hahaha

      1. Thanks for the tips sissy! Next year I will try the pots again and use your pointers to see if I can improve the look. And yes, some ponderosa boughs would work great in there! As a side note, although it did work to your adavantage, I do have to dispute the ‘lazy person’ statement. I would NEVER put you in that catagory! :)

  2. Love the tree and sparkle! We have a Charlie Brown tree too but ours looks much, much sadder. I think it’s mad that we chopped it down from it’s natural habitat. It just looks wierd :( I have boughs in one of my pots but I never thought to put a fake poinsettia in it, I love the look!

    And I agree with Erin, I would like to see your baking skills put to use during Christmas….and I caught onto the title of your blog, it’s one of my favorites!

    1. I used to feel sad about it too….but then I got this book for Christmas: “A wish to be a Christmas tree.” And I feel kinda better. Perhaps you should borrow it!

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