merry christmas…to me?

That just sounds bad, doesn’t it? 

Maybe I could spin this by saying it’s a Christmas present….to the blog.  Or…hey…even to YOU!  (Ok that’s really pushing it).

But I couldn’t help myself.   I’ve been crushing on DSLR cameras ever since I started this blog….knowing one would drastically improve my photos.  I’ve been so frustrated lately with getting bright, light photos for posting.    And since it’s looking like I’m going to be around here for awhile…I felt semi-justified splurging. 

The rest of the justification has been walking around with me for the last 9 months.  I realllllllly wanted a nice camera for capturing all of the special moments after baby arrives. 

So I bought this:

It’s not their entry-level camera, but the next level up.  So hopefully it’s one that I can learn on, but don’t have to worry about out-growing it anytime soon.  At least that was my justification for the more expensive option.


I’m so excited!!! 

I took a photography class in highschool so I know bits and pieces about aperture, shutter speed and all that other stuff.   The challenge will be trying to remember it.   But luckily the Hubs is actually pretty knowledgeable about this stuff too, and even has a big ass zoom lens that I can use from his old Canon Rebel.    I’ve also ear-marked camera tips that other bloggers have posted about when I run across them.  So hopefully between all of those resources I can get started and on my way to better pictures. 

Oh, and since we’re being honest.  I may have purchased this too:

The bag.  Not the girl…that would just be weird.

Because why can’t I take good pictures AND be stylish? 

Plus, I obviously needed some sort of camera bag to protect my investment.  So:  Merry Christmas, self!  May this camera be all you ever wished for and more…cuz it’s probably the last nice thing you ever get to buy for yourself.  At least for the next 18 years.   

Now, do tell.  Do any of you have the same camera, or are you crushing on one like I was?  Did anyone else take advantage of the amazing deals to buy a present for themselves this Holiday season?  Has anyone ever regretted puchasing a DSLR?!  I have to admit, I got the camera in the mail last week and I’ve been too intimidated to use it much…so don’t expect fantastic improvements around here immediately.  It may take awhile for me to learn the ins-and-outs of it!   Let’s just say my trusty point-and-shoot is always close by.  For now.

Canon Rebel T2i photo found here, Jo Totes photo found here.



  1. I have same camera. Just now starting to us it beyond point and shoot. Have fun learning how to use your camera, can’t wait to see pics of my niece.:) what a great gift to buy for yourself!

    1. Ooo…well since we have the same camera you can totally give me a tutorial. Right?? Or at least be on speed dial when I’m trying to figure it out!

  2. Matt bought me a nikon D3100 for mother’s day this year. I haven’t figured out all the settings yet but I use it on auto and it works great. I love that I can video with it too. Great Christmas present for yourself especially with baby on the way! I wish I would have had this nice of camera when my kids were born. Happy I have it now though, its great for capturing sports with the continuous shutter. You will not be disappointed!

    1. Oooo…I did like the looks of the Nikon. I don’t think you can go wrong either way to be honest.

      And yes, I’m totally excited to have this around for the kiddo! And have a video option…watch out readers. I may just have to do some video uploads someday. ha.

  3. I have been drooling over the thought of a new digital camera for a while now…just can’t make a decision and pull the trigger. Well, if we’re being honest, I haven’t done the research to figure out which one is the best fit. Anyway, I’d love to hear some feedback on your camera once you get going. And, if you’re interested in joining me, I’ve been considering taking a weekend excursion at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I hear they are intense but a great way to improve your photography skills.

    1. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it goes! And I can totally relate to finding the “right” one. It took me awhile to research and pull the trigger on this one. You know how I am with decisions…

      I’d be interested in a class. Not sure what my availability will be like next spring/summer, but if you decide to take it let me know. But don’t let me hold you up either! Yay for better pictures!

  4. I bought the exact same camera last February and haven’t regretted it for a second! It’s the perfect “just dipping my toes into DSLR photography” camera. My recommendation is to skip the manual all together, and get online. Blogs provided me more insight than anything in the manual.

    Since getting comfortable with the camera, I’ve even booked myself two weddings for the summer. I’m still very satisfied with the body, so I’ll probably just rent some fancy zoom lenses for the weddings.

    Also, if you want a cheap little lens to add in your camera bag, the Canon 50mm is a fantastic steal — fixed lens with incredibly nice results, and under $100.

    Happy snapping!

    1. So funny you should mention the 50mm lens….I saw it on Centsational Girl today and immediately put it on my Christmas list. Seems like a good addition for some of the crafting/project close ups I do.

      And ironically CG also had a bunch of photo tips listed today. And I think they will make much more sense to me than reading my manual…snooze.

      Thanks for your comment and so glad to hear that there are no regrets! I think I’ll feel the same!

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