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I’m kind of digging my Friday random ramblings because I often have several random musings running through my head that aren’t necessarily  posts in themselves….but are still worth mentioning.   Plus maybe it will give a few of my readers that don’t know me (I know there are a few of you!) a bit of insight into who I am.   Think of it as us sitting down and chatting over coffee.  Coffee with no foam of course.  

Well, I guess it’s kind of like coffee-talk except I’m doing all of the talking.  I promise that if we were in fact face-t0-face I wouldn’t dominate the conversation.   For reals.

I realize that the last place an 8-month pregnant woman wants to be is on vacation in Las Vegas.  However.  I am insanely jealous of my friends that are currently down there for the National Finals Rodeo.   Any other year the Hubs and I would be down there with them…walking the strip, staying in fancy hotels, shopping at the outlets, eating awesome food, drinking way too much…and of course watching the rodeo.   


I love Vegas. 

For about 3 days max.

But for those three days it’s awesome.    

And going during the NFR is amazing!  It’s so cool/funny to see cowboys walking around everywhere and the big fancy hotels playing country music.  It’s quite entertaining.  AND…of course it’s the Holiday season so the hotels are dressed up to the nines with their decorations.   Gah!  It’s awesome.  And so much fun.   And I’m totally missing it right now. 

Have one for me ladies.   Maybe next year.  

Stop your side-eyes moms.   I.  will.  be.  in.  Vegas.  next.  year.

Everyone said it would happen. 

I didn’t believe them.

But I’m starting to regret not taking more pictures of me during this whole pregnancy journey.   I mean really.  How hard would it have been to just snap a photo once a week to watch the journey progress? 

So far I’ve taken one picture at 28 weeks.   On my phone. 

I’m now 32 weeks and getting bigger by the minute.    I feel like I’m going to wish I had some more pictures during this time, so I’m going to try to be better about it.

In fact, I’ve asked one of our friends to do a little “photo session” with me and the Hubs.  Nothing fancy, just spending an hour or so outdoors taking some pics.  I can be all cute in some boot and tight combination…and the Hubs can be….the Hubs.   And then maybe we’ll have something to look back on down the road.  

I mean, for a sentimental sap like myself, I think it will be a good thing. 

Whoops….guess I haven’t told you about that yet, have I hubs? 


Cousin’s weekend in Spokane was a success!  (Remember when I mentioned that in the last random rambling?)  It was so much fun to hang out together.  I really do love that we all make time for this every year…it’s so important. 

The girls threw a baby shower for me and my sister one night (who had a baby earlier this year) which was so much fun.   Our collection of darling baby clothes is certainly growing and I couldn’t be more excited!   We also did some shopping, stopped by our favorite martini bar (fyi, virgin martinis are not the same), and ate some great meals.  

Oh, and the murder mystery you say?   Well that was a blast.  

And here’s proof (and further proof why some, uh-hem, professional pictures might not be such a bad idea):

I know you're all upset this pic isn't bigger...but it was taken with my phone so it might be as good as it gets. :)

Can’t you just see it now?  My little girl saying “mommy, mommy!  Show me a picture when I was in your belly!”   And all I can do is pull out THIS picture and say, “Why yes Virginia, I looked like a German man when you were in my belly.  Weird, huh?” 

P.S.  We are not naming our daughter Virginia. 

I’m NOT happy about this one.  Not happy at all.

I just found out that my favorite kitchen and cooking item has been recalled.   Ok, it was recalled back in August but I just found out now.   And the only reason I found out was because I went to buy ANOTHER one and couldn’t find them anywhere on Macy’s website. 

Behold my beloved enameled cast iron Martha Stewart cookware:

I own three of these.  The 7 quart, 5.5 quart and 2.75 quart.  And I use them all.  Frequently.  

In fact, I don’t even put the 5.5 quart one “away” anymore because we use it that much.   You can imagine my dismay then when I read the recall announcement this week:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Macy’s Merchandising Group in New York City announced a recall of Martha Stewart Collection Enamel Cast Iron Casseroles cookware. The enamel coating can crack or break during use and possibly cut or burn nearby users.

Macy’s has received two reports of the enamel cracking and flying off of the casseroles during use. No injuries, however, have been reported.

The recall involves casserole pans of three sizes: 7 quart, 5.5 quart and 2.75 quart.

Of course it’s ALL THREE sizes that I own.  Meaning my stock would go from 3 to GOOSE EGG.  

Now here’s my dilemma. 

There have been two reports.  TWO.  Two out of over 1 million of these suckers sold.   And no one even got hurt because of it!  There’s just potential to get hurt.  The odds are in my favor that I won’t be hit with any cracked enamel anytime soon.  Right?!

But….I’m about to be a mom.  I mean, how awful would I feel if something actually happened to me or god forbid my kid someday because of this!  And I ignored it?! 



Perhaps it’s time to (1) return all three for a full refund and (2) invest in one 5.5 quart Le Crueset?    I mean, if I use these as much as I claim to, it would be a solid investment. 

Let’s not try to think about the fact that the closest Macys for a return would be 118 miles away.  Ugh.

We got our Christmas tree last weekend!

I’m sooooo excited for Christmas this year for some reason.  Like, it didn’t even bother me that stores were playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving.   That’s progress.  Or is it? 

We always snowshoe to get our tree and this year was no exception.  I was slightly worried about doing this “in my current condition,” because I just get so winded and tired these days.  But as long as I kept the pace slow-and-steady I managed ok. 

There’s so much snow on the pass already that it really surprised me!  But it was a bluebird day and we really lucked out on the weather…I think it was about 25 degrees when we started out.  

In the end, we snagged the perfect tree and I got a few boughs for decorating around the house.  

Summy and I were pooped afterwards, but I was just so grateful that I was able to still trek through the woods and feel somewhat normal for a day.     You would think I could have managed to snap a picture of me all cute and pregnant in the snow, right? 


And I’m totally bummed!  See why I need to get better at this?  Our kid will never believe me that she was out there with us if I don’t document it!

Lastly, I’m sure you’re all just dying to hear an update on the skinny jeans. 


Overall, they still make me feel like a spin top.   I just try to ignore it. 

But I’ve found the right TOP is critical.   It needs to be a bit longer (thank goodness for all of those H&M tops I bought early on….they are the longest things I’ve ever seen!) so my butt is covered. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is I need to wear a tunic-style top with them.  And then all is good. 

All is good my friends.

This weekend we’re signed up for the Birthing Class at the hospital…it should be interesting.  I can’t decide if it’s going to be helpful and reassuring, or scare the crap out of me.    Let’s hope it’s not the latter because I’ll be experiencing all of that in T-minus 8 weeks.  Or less.  Or more.

We’re also slated to head back up into the mountains with a group of friends to get their Christmas trees.  So maybe, just maybe I’ll remember to snap some more pictures for sharing this time.

Happy Friday to all of you and have a great weekend!



  1. I love your ramblings! I had no idea the cast iron pots were recalled! Gaw! :( And I am happy to hear that you are going to get some pictures taken, you must share them with us! You will be so happy that you decided to take some pictures when it is all and done. :) …and baby Virginia will be happy as well.

  2. Ramblings are fun! Kind of like reading a mini newspaper, very informative. And helpful, beause umm, I guess I’ve been living under a rock. Who knew the Martha cast iron pots were RECALLED?! Yikes! I have one of each, La Crueset and Martha. Although I like both I can say that the french version is worth the money, it’s wonderful.
    Can’t wait to see these photos you’ve mentioned and can’t wait to hear more about the birthing class. Those classes pretty much guarantee some good laughs and good stories to share. :)

  3. 1. I was always grossed out by pregnancy pictures and didn’t realize I wanted at least ONE until after my water broke… So now I have one gross emergency picture of me in sweatpants. You will not regret getting cute outdoors ones!
    2. I’m sure the folks whose casseroles blew up were doing something dumb with them like pouring ice water in when they were piping hot. Don’t do that and keep em! That’s what I always say!
    3. I hypothesize that birthing classes will be confidence inspiring. You’re gonna rock childbirth. And I’m pretty sure every birthing story is a horror story, just some worse than others!

    Im catching up on all your bloggies since getting back from china. Loving them!!

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