simple pillow cover

Tired of your pillows? Give them a quick facelift by sewing a simple pillow cover.

It’s easy. I promise! In fact just last week I whipped up this one in about an hour.


All you need is enough fabric to cover the front and back of an existing pillow.   You can use the same fabric for the front and the back or two coordinating ones.

….OR….spice it up like me and use 1 napkin from Target and 1/2 yard coordinating fabric.   Who says napkins can’t be pillow covers…or anything else for that matter.    Take advantage of inspiration where you find it.  That’s what I always say.

Well, I guess I’ll start saying that. 

Besides, how could I resist using this in the nursery somehow?


I didn’t take pictures for a tutorial, but pillow covers are quite simple.  Basically you just cut the front and back pieces slightly larger than your pillow….sew together (right sides together),  flip inside out, and stuff your pillow.  Easy schmeasy.

Want to make it even easier?

I thought so.

Avoid having to hand-stitch the pillow case closed by sewing an easy access back panel, like so:


So Sew easy, right??

I love how simple it can be to switch things up by reusing what you already have.  I mean, don’t you think this looks just lovely in the nursery?



I do!

Oh, and I know ya’ll are admiring my chair in the first picture.  Remember when I mentioned wanting it here

Turns out there is a World Market in Spokane and I just happened to be in Spokane two weekends ago.  And I just happened to drive my 4runner over which just happened to have some extra space.  Oh, and did I mention that all of the furniture at World Market just happened to be 25% off?  Making this little lovely chair just $140 bones? 

I just happened to purchase it.

Now begins the task of converting it to a swivel rocker.   Time and energy permitting of course; and to be honest I’m running short on both these days.   But that is neither here nor there.   So even if that chair isn’t rockin’ me some swivel, it will be rockin’ me a sweet little saffron pillow.



  1. Janna –

    Hi ya, friend! You are so Martha Stewart! I love everything you share. So, when do your faithful followers get to see a belly picture? Are you getting big? My tummy never got super big with either pregnancy, but the rest of me did – LOL!

    Love you, Mamma to be!

    XO, Liza

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