Fabric Wall Panels

Enough is enough!  I’m so tired of my color indecisiveness!

Is there a support group for that?  Because I seriously need some help!

It’s just color. 


If you hate it, you can change it.  It’s really not that hard.   And for this project (fabric wall panels) the cost of changing the color would be about $30 – or 3 yards of fabric. 

So I finally decided that I needed to stop being paralyzed by the choice and just pick something I liked.  If it works, great.  If not?  Oh well.  It’s THIRTY DOLLARS. 

Sheesh.   It was quite freeing actually. 

With that behind me, I set out to create some fabric panels for our living room.  Something I’ve been wanting to do ever since we moved the new couch in. 

These are pretty darn easy to make, the hardest part is (you guessed it) deciding on your fabric.  So just give yourself a kick in the pants and pick something…anything… you like! 

You’ll also need some interlocking wood panels (found at most art supply stores) for the frames themselves.  I picked mine up at the University Bookstore for a couple of bucks a piece.  

Each panel was going to be 24×30.


To get started, connect your frames.


Iron your fabric, then lay underneath your frame.


Start on one edge of the frame and using a staple gun, staple the fabric in place.  Be sure to work your way down one entire length of the frame and then do the opposite side pulling the fabric tight as you go.

When it came to the corners, I simply wrapped the frame like a present.



I wanted three panels so I repeated this process three times. 

Here’s the wall where I wanted to hang the panels.  Cuz that off-center mirror just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.


And here they are in place, adding some much-needed pops of color to our b-o-r-i-n-g living room.




Surprised by the green? 

I am too.

To be honest, I’m fairly certain this won’t be the end of my fabric panel project.  The color seems a bit too trendy and I’m not usually a floral-print person.   

But you know what?  They’re great for right now and at least I got my bum in gear and made a choice.  Plus, with the frames purchased and assembled it’s a piece of cake to swap out the fabric (and by the way, staple guns are fun!).  So when I do find something that I love I can easily swap it out…and even re-use this green fabric for something else.  Seems to me I gained everything and lost nothing. 

In case anyone is interested, the patterned fabric is Waverly Summerscape in Sterling.  I purchased two yards on sale at $9.99/yard.  The textured fabric is by Moda, Etchings Wovens, 3 sisters and I purchased 1 yard at $10.50/yard.

For all three frames the interlocking wood was $25.50 total. 

Total cost of this project was $55.98, or about $18 per panel.  Not to shabby for wall art that covers such a large area and can be completely customized. 

Have any of you ever made fabric wall panels?  Did you use the pre-made wooden frames or make your own?  How did you decide on fabric?  Are you as indecisive as me?    Because I’m seriously already on the hunt for something a bit more Christmassy for the Holidays!



  1. Looks great, I like the lime green and I think your red Christmas decor would be fun with it. If you are still thinking about changing it up, you could put a large scale photo canvas in the center postition. There are tons of websites where you can order them, even from CostCo. Just a thought. :)

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