Random Ramblings

I’ve got nothing major to report today…just some random ramblings that have been going through my head the past week!

As snooty as it will make me sound, I’m going to start ordering my latte’s with “no foam.”  There’s nothing worse than getting handed a $3.00 cup of coffee and immediately upon holding it know “it’s too light!”  I mean, I’ve drunk enough of the good stuff to know exactly how a 12 oz pumpkin spice latte should feel in my hand, so it’s quite obvious when the barista has been a little too generous on the foam.  And it really irks me! 

So instead of being “that person” who asks the barista to “top it off”  (which I’ve honestly never done, I just walk away annoyed), I’m going to be “that person” who has every available check box marked on my Starbucks cup. 

Make that a tall decaf 2 pump pumpkin spice latte, extra hot, no foam please. 

Speaking of Starbucks, I have to admit that the Christmas cup transition is one of my favorite times of year.   


I must say.

November 1st?  Really?  That’s just a titch early for me. 

I’m not asking to wait until Thanksgiving is over but can we at least finish our Halloween candy first?

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that I was “on-the-fence” about a glider or rocker for the nursery.   You wouldn’t believe the amount of advice that started rolling in after that comment!  Basically I’ve been told that I’m an idiot if I don’t have one…in a much nicer way of course.

So…I’ve been looking into them.  I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the typical glider chair…I find myself much more attracted to the upholstered rockers (like those ah-ma-zing Pottery Barn ones). 

What I’m not attracted to is the price ($1,299?!?!) so I’ve been fairly discouraged.  Until yesterday.

I ran across a blog from a lady who bought just a normal upholstered chair (she had one from IKEA of course…lucky lady) and converted it to a rocker.   All she did was re-purpose the rocker/swivel mechanism from an old recliner and remove the legs.

I’m sold.   So now I’m on the hunt for just a normal upholstered chair that I can make my own damn rocker.  And I’m pretty stoked about the idea.   Here’s my leading lady from World Market, for a cool $140:

Now speaking of baby things.   Can someone PLEASE tell me WHY everything that has the word “baby” in front of it is marked up like 20%?     It’s akin to the wedding phenomenon where you can buy one “normal white candle” at a reasonable price, or one “white wedding candle” that’s 3 times as expensive.

I see the same thing happening in the baby/toddler world and I don’t like it.  Hormones may be making me lose my mind, but I’m still not an idiot.   I’ll take the normal white candle please. 

Or is that not safe for a baby room? 

One of my favorite annual traditions is taking place this weekend:  Cousin’s Weekend.   There’s six of us (me and my two sisters, plus our 2 sister cousins and their SIL) that meet in Spokane, WA once a year to have a girls weekend. 

Yeah, yeah…it’s Spokane.  But we make it fun.  We shop, talk, drink wine and eat…and stay at the Davenport. 

Have you had the pleasure?  

I just love this pic! Ha!

It’s pretty amazing.  We valet our cars, let the bellman bring our baggage up, drink in the lobby bar and pretend like it’s the lifestyle we’re accustomed to.     This time we’re also doing a Murder Mystery on Saturday night!   I’m so excited to get out-of-town and have some much-needed girl-time. 

And I’m going to try and ignore the “Winter Storm Warning” that takes effect for western montana starting Friday at 4:00.  It’s Spokane or bust, even if we’re driving 45 mph.

It happens every year, but I’m tired of hunting season.  I miss my husband. 

I know, I always say that “I’m fine” with hunting and him being gone every weekend.  And at the beginning of the season I really don’t mind having time to myself…in fact I quite enjoy it!  But I’ve been entertaining myself since Labor Day weekend (yeah, way back in September).  And I’m kind of done with it. 

Only three more weeks.

I shocked the shit out of myself this week and purchased my first pair of skinny jeans.   And I’m torn, seriously torn about it. 

On one hand, I luuuuurve the look of jeans and boots and MUST.  HAVE.  IT. 

On the other hand, is NOW really the best time to be investing in skinny jeans?  Maternity skinny jeans?   Is that an oxymoron or what?  Nothing is skinny about me right now.

Part of me feels like I’m just going to look like a spin top.

I probably shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping by myself at this stage. 

That’s enough random ramblings from me for today.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Starbucks image found here,  Pottery Barn image found here,  World Market chair image found here,  awesome Davenport image found here, spin top image found here



  1. Don’t worry Janna…you aren’t the only snobby Starbucks order-er! My order has evolved over the years to something I am really, TRULY, embarrassed to say out loud – they have to use every box on the cup. I usually end up automatically saying sorry at the end of my order! Maybe we should just consider ourselves “very educated” Starbucks consumers??

    1. Well…when you’re paying $3.00-$4.00 for a cup of coffee, you really should get exactly what you want, right?! Right.

      But it’s still good to know that I’m not the only one. And I seriously need to know your order!

  2. Re: Skinny Jeans Comment- Did you get maternity skinny jeans at Motherhood? The ones with the weird turned under waistband? I brought those to my friend in Kalispell and she wore them with boots and a cute wrap shirt. Adorable! She even made me try them on before I bought them for her and they were cute on a non prego body too! I love skinny jeans and boots, or jeggings, or leggings. If you want a good recommendation on boots, check out the Born boots. Zappos has the fastest shipping and free returns. I love my Born boots, very comfy.
    Re: Rocker- We have my grandmas old rocker and we still use it and Maysa will be 3. The rocker is the original glider- it has a stationary base and springs to make it rock. So, maybe check out the antique market on railroad if you lose momentum on the conversion option.

    Have fun in SpoCompton! Yeah for good shopping and girlfriends!

    1. Katie – yes I did get the jeans at Motherhood! I’m not sure if they have a weird turned under waistband or not?? I *only* buy maternity jeans with a full panel because I’ve had some bad experiences with anything else. So if that helps?? But you’ve given me hope that maybe, just maybe I can wear this post prego too…if I have the guts.

      Thanks for the tip on Born boots…I took a peek and they are very cute! They all remind me of you. Ha.

      I still have yet to check out the railroad antique market. I may need you to hold my hand the first time! But I do like the idea of a classic rocker.

  3. Oh my my…laughing out loud here!
    *ditto the comment on the Christmas Starbucks cups, I’ve had to blacklist Starbucks since the cups came out so early. Seriously Annoying. If they come out before Halloween I’m going to write them a nasty email.
    * please, please, please tell me you’re bringing the skinny maternity jeans to Spokane! I am shocked to hear of this purchase but I can’t wait to see them on you!
    *Spokane or bust baby. We’ll make it, odds are in our favor…how often is the weatherman wrong?! In case you don’t know, he’s wrong ALOT in our neck of the woods!
    See you soon sissy!

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