Best. wife. ever.

Guys – I don’t know what happened to me.  I did something certifiably crazy this past weekend.  I mean something completely out of character for me. 

I hung one of The Hubs mounts up. 

In a prime, high-traffic location.

Without him asking. 

Without any compromise. 

Just me.  On my own.  Thinking it would look good.

And I think you all know how I feel about animal heads and where they do (and do not) belong.  Remember el Sheepo? And Monsieur Big?  

Yeah.  I certainly remember them too!  And after re-reading those posts I still agree with my statements 100%.   So what drove me to this insanity?  

Tying out a frame gallery in our living room.  

Remember the big living room re-do I started a few months ago?  Well one of the ideas I had was to put up a gallery wall.  I was finally ready to pull the trigger on it because I finally found a console table that I liked. 

And for some reason, when I was playing around with the frame placement I thought:  hmmm.  You know what?  I think one of the mounts could work into this little project. 

It’s crazy talk.  I KNOW.  Just crazy.  I still can’t really understand it myself except to say that I’m totally the best wife EVER for having those thoughts. 

And the weird part?  I’m kinda digging it now that it’s done.  But tell me what you think.

Here’s our “before.”  I had temporarily placed our Sloan Leaning Bookshelf here until I found a console table. 


It worked, but that wall is so loooong that I knew I needed something else to fill the space.  In my head, a console table and frame gallery would do the trick. 

What do you think?



I’m digging this table – it’s solid wood and was only $80.00.  It may seem a bit small, but with all of the other big pieces in the room (the sectional and the ginormous TV), I didn’t want another huge piece of furniture.   Plus, it will be the perfect spot for some seasonal decorating throughout the year.  


But back to the rack. 

Have I really lost it?

I’m worried for myself.  Because I think it actually looks good there.   Aye carumba.

Not that I want racks all over my house.  And el Sheepo is still not welcome on any of the walls.  But I totally surprised myself by throwing the rack in the mix this time. 

As for the rest of the frames, they mostly contain pictures of family.  I love that I finally have a place to put some of my favorite pics. 


My process for hanging the frames was pretty simple.  I just laid everything out on the floor and played with arrangements until I found something I liked.  When I was ready to put them in the wall I simply started in the middle (with our wedding picture shown above) and worked outwards.  It seemed to work pretty good. 

And the best part?  I already owned all of these frames.  So the total cost of this little mini-wall-makeover was $80 – the cost of the table.   Not to shabby.


As with any new change, I’m still getting used to it…trying to decide if it looks “right” yet.  But I suppose with anything else it décor-related this doesn’t have to be the final result.  If it needs some tweaking down the road that’s easy to do.

I’d like to find something to put under the table.  Maybe some baskets or a smaller ottoman for storage.  I’m still undecided.  

For now though I think I’ll just bask in the glory of (1) progress and (2) being the best wife ever.  At least for now.



  1. I think it looks great! As I wife of a hunter I know about mounts, lucky for me most end up in the garage. Your lovely display has me rethinking current placement of our mounts. I think I will be copying this one!
    Thank you!

    1. Glad to inspire a fellow huntress! You’ll have to keep me posted on your progress because I’m always looking for ideas….we’ve got plenty more of these things lying around.

  2. Looks great! I prefer hairless mounts, so we have a European mount and a few cow skulls. That sounds so sick. Might I suggest getting a basket where you can eventually put some toys? I personally hate kid toys in main living areas, but we do have some baskets to stow overflow. They happen to be next to the big plastic kitchen my mom bought Maysa (ugh) but it won’t be there forever. A couple baskets would fit under that table. In the
    meantime you can put hats and gloves (or whatever) in them. Thanks for the blog! It goes great with morning coffee.

    1. Ha Ha…cow skulls. I love it Katie. It does sound kind of sick but I get it.

      Thanks for the suggestions on the baskets…I think I will definitely need some toy storage down the road because like you, I’m not too keen on crap lying around. I mean cute baby toys.

  3. I agree I was suprised when i got home from a hunting trip to see this! But I already knew I had the best wife ever! While you girls don’t like the mounts, it is cool to have it up there as each one reminds me a great day spent int he woods. This one in particular my dad and I had gone on a hunt up Rock Creek, brings back great memories! Sorta like the photos :)

  4. LOVE the photo gallery Janna! And oddly, the mount just seems to fit?! The wall looks full (but not too full) and nicely balanced. I have been thinking about a wall gallery too but the cost of frames is holding me back. Maybe I need to regroup and take a closer look at the ones I have! Also, had a thought that maybe you could find a ‘basket style’ trunk to slide under the table or 2 cube shaped storage ottomans. Extra storage would be nice, especially with kid toys in the near future! I think I’ve seen neat leather cubes at Pier 1. The make-over is looking GREAT!

    1. Oooo…Pier1 is now on my to do list. Thanks for the tip!

      And yes, I highly encourage you to “shop around your house.” I may have created some voids by stealing these from other places, but it’s working for now. Plus it gives you an excuse to freshen up the other space as well.

  5. I think it looks great and I think the mount totally works! Baskets for storage under the table would definitely look great but I also think something taller next to the table would nice too, like a taller plant or stems or a vase. Love the picture wall – did something similar in our bedroom! Looking good!

  6. Wowza! I love it. Who would have thought that you would voluntary hang a mount up? But you made it work and it looks great! I love the family photos and how you have your weddding photo at the center. Baskets or totes would work great to put toys or little coats, blankets and mittens in. Where in the world did you find such a nice looking console table?! ;)

  7. I think it looks great!! I will of course be counting how many pictures there are of me up there to make sure it s a fair representation and all. I also have that EXACT SAME sofa table and love it!! Nice choice! I’m glad to see that you are slowly warming up to the animal decor, in an oh-so-tasteful way!

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