Garlic! nom nom nom

Do you love garlic as much as I do?  

Unless you’re my Dad I’m guessing you said “Yes!”

We go through a lot of garlic in this house….typically adding it to recipes that didn’t call for it, roasting it or making our own garlic bread.   There’s just nothing quite as delicious as garlic if you ask me.

And remember waaaaay back in April when we started our Square Foot Garden?  One of the items we really wanted to plant was garlic…until we found out it’s a winter crop.  Wop wop.  I guess you plant it around Halloween and harvest it around the 4th of July. 

So here we are…still coming down from our Halloween sugar high and dangerously close to the first snowfall in Montana.  Which means it’s garlic planting time!

This is seriously the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  First, I patted myself on the back for saving some of my favorite Farmers Market garlic.  Next, I removed the remaining cloves from the bulb.



With that, I headed out to the garden and laughed at the fact that (1) I haven’t harvested my beets yet and (2) there was indeed some snow on the ground.   Good thing I didn’t wait much longer.


From here it was a piece of cake (ooo, cake). 

Just till up the soil a bit (especially if any of the top soil is frozen) and poke several deep holes in it for your cloves.   I just guessed on how many to plant per square foot.  Four seemed appropriate. 

Make sure you plant the clove with the pointed end up.


Simple, right? 


I planted six cloves total, so hopefully that will yield six bulbs next summer.   In fact, they should start peaking up through the soil about the same time as my peonies and tulips.  I’ll keep you posted!

You could also plant some cloves in a container if you’re dying to try this and don’t have a garden bed. 

Oh, and don’t worry.  While I was out there I finally pulled up my beets too.  The snow didn’t seem to affect them too much, except that the greens were starting to wilt.



I can’t remember what this variety is called, but they are red and white striped instead of just the typical solid red color.  Pretty neato, eh?

I plan on roasting them with some sweet potatoes and squash.  Mmmm.  Can’t wait!

Are any of you planting any fall crops?

More importantly, who’s in for some roasted garlic, crusty bread, cheese and wine (glorious wine!) at our house next summer??


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  1. We must be garlic loving doppelgangers – hubs and I put garlic in every recipe no matter what (well within reason… obvi garlic wouldn’t go in pumpkin pancakes… or would it?) So awesome that you have that little garden! I’m very envious. Yet another thing to add to me “If I ever have time” list!

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