The waiting is the hardest part

Doesn’t that title just make you wanna sing?  “Oh baby don’t it feel like heaven right now, Don’t it feel like somethin’ from a dream….”

No?  Doesn’t everybody have a secret greasy crush on Tom Petty?  Oh.  Um, me either.   But there IS something about his voice that just makes me happy.   In fact, a few of his songs would be in my all-time-favorite list if anyone ever asked.   Yes, perhaps I do have a greasy crush on Tom Petty.  Let’s keep that on the down low mmmkay?

Don’t worry, this post isn’t entirely about Tom.  But it is about another love in my life.

A very important one. 

Be still my beating heart.

Yes, I’m in love with the peony and just about any kind of tulip.

I don’t know what it is about the peony that has me so infatuated.  The delicate petals?  The beautiful fragrance?  The ruffled edges?  The fact that they come in just about every shade of pink? 

Perhaps it’s all of those. 

The Tulip fascination is easier to pinpoint.  I’m pretty sure I love them because they remind me of my mom.  She had planted tulips at the house I grew up in and loved to watch them peek through the snow in the spring.  They’re the first colors to emerge after the cold winter and are a sign of the passing of the seasons.  I just love them. 

Now, the Hubs would think it’s ridiculous to love flowers.  “They just die” is what he always says.  Well yeah, they die.  But they are so beautiful while they’re here…how can you ignore that?! 

And ignore it I won’t. 

This past spring I got two surprises:

1.  A peony-starter from my aunt for my birthday

2.  A care package from my sister containing a bunch of fun items and a note reading:  “This fall expect a peony rhizome and 10 pink tulip bulbs to arrive!”  I was quite excited because while I’ve always loved both of these flowers I’ve never owned any of my own to grow and enjoy.   Last month they arrived on my doorstep and I went to work finding them a home. 

Now, if you’ve been around here awhile, you know our yard is a work in progress.  It’s pretty bare bones right now with zero landscaping.  Zero landscaping = not a lot of places to plant stuff (at least until our Master Plan is complete!  Right Hubs?) 

The options for planting these were:

  • Dig out a flower bed
  • Plant in pots
  • Plant in the garden
  • Get my arse in gear and dig out some sod in the front of the house.  There’s a small strip of grass between the sidewalk to our front door and our house that I’ve been meaning to dig out for quite some time and plant bushes, flowers, etc.  My sister even drew up a plan for me that I just haven’t gotten around to doing yet!
  • Find someplace in the yard that would be suitable

After a few weeks of trying to decide what the best option was, I came up with this:

  • Dig out a flower bed.  No.  This would mean I’d have to jump ahead in our Master Plan and put in some perimeter beds (by our fence).  I was NOT ready to take this on.  Dude.  I’m six months pregnant.
  • Plant in pots.  Probably not the best idea.  I read online that peonies don’t transplant well after being planted the first time.
  • Plant in the garden.  I think the Hubs would kill me if I used valuable garden space for flowers.  Our garden is small enough as it is!
  • Get my arse in gear and dig out some sod in the front of the house.  There’s a small strip of grass between the sidewalk to our front door and our house that I’ve been meaning to dig out for quite some time and plant bushes, flowers, etc.  My sister even drew up a plan for me that I just haven’t gotten around to doing yet!  Um.  See six-month pregnant comment above.
  • Find someplace in the yard that would be suitable. Sold.

Earlier this spring I had cleared out some sod around our Hop plants to give them room to grow.  I also planted some strawberries at the base of them (which were aweeeeeeesome!).   What I didn’t realize about strawberries is that they are an insane weed that will take over everything.  So I decided to transplant the strawberries and use that space for some flowers.

If all goes well, the flowers will be bloomed and gone by the time the Hops really take off (because those suckers can get pretty crazy on their own).

Again, I forgot to take before pictures.  I know!  Bad blogger.   I think I’m just so focused on trying to get shit done these days that the blog comes second.  Or third.  Or sometimes isn’t even on my radar.  Gasp.

Anyways, so here’s the location after I’ve (1) cut down the Hops for the season and (2) transplanted the strawberries to a container.

Perfect right?  Big enough for the task, and small enough that prego won’t die in the process. 

First things first:  I needed to get some edging around the bed so grass wouldn’t take it over.  Apparently grass is extremely aggressive (kinda like strawberries) and will grow wherever it wants to.  Which is why edging is so important.  Unless of course you LIKE having to deal with that every spring and fall. 

Something tells me I won’t have time to deal with anything next spring.  Probably my next 18 springs.

So edging it was.

I wish I could remember the name of this stuff.  It was so easy to use!  You just clipped the plastic where you wanted it to bend (for a corner) and staked it into the ground.  Sooooo much better than that cheap rolled-up plastic edging. 

Next of course you need some wead guard.  Again, do you have time to be pulling weeds?  I don’t.

It was easy just to lay some weed fabric down under the edging and then stake it down.

Now, before I put my mulch on, I decided I better get those bulbs in the ground.  No pictures of that, sorry.  But all I did was cut the weed fabric with a gardening shear, dig down in the dirt, placed the bulb inside and replaced the dirt (with some compost mixed in). 

Easy schmeasy.

Here’s what she looked like after everything was planted.

And after the mulch was added:

Pretty awesome right?  And just in case you’re wondering where everything ended up:

The numbers represent the tulip bulbs.

I’m pretty impressed that I got this done, but I think it’s part of the whole pregnancy thing.  You literally feel like you’ll have time for NOTHING else once baby arrives.  So if that means planting bulbs, fixing up a messy flower bed, cleaning out every single closet you own, redecorating your living room or whatever.   I’m doing it.  

I’ll keep you posted this spring as the snow melts and the first shades of green start to peek out.  Even though I love winter and can’t wait for snow…I’m pretty darn excited to have these flowers to look forward to in the spring.  

And as my greasy crush would say:     the waaaaaaaaaiting is the hardest part!



  1. Can’t wait to see the garden in bloom, it will be beautiful! Great location too, you will be able to see them from your kitchen while you are cooking up a ten course meal. ;)

  2. HA! I did start singing even before I opened the rest of the post. Gotta love Tom Petty and gotta love flowers in your yard! I love pink peonies as well, I have a powder pink one at my house. Just as a tip, you’ll probably want to get a support system (ie. tomato cage) for your peonies. They tend to be heavy and really hang once the flowers start opening. The cage keeps the flowers from hanging on the ground and turning brown as quickly. I’m also a little surprised that I don’t have any tulips planted in my yard as they are another one of my favorites, possilby for the same reason. I remember rows and rows of yellow and red tulips in the front yard of our parents house. In fact I’m sure we have a photo or two of us standing in front of those flowers. I can’t wait to see a photo of your little girl in front of those pink tulips next spring!

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