Keep calm and carry on, right?

Well it finally happened to me.  I typed up a post, clicked “save draft” and Word Press crashed on me. 

I frantically tried to “go back” in my browser and at least copy/paste my post and save it somehow…but there was no “back” to be had.  As with so many things in life I suppose.

The good news is that I’m kinda good at saving as I go (you’d think I would be better after losing countless papers in college), so I still have about half of the post.  The bad news is that this was a long post.  Half of it sits at 1200 words right now. 

Yeah.  It was long. 

I mean, I know I’m wordy anyways, but this was pretty much a record.  And a post I was particularly proud of.

You see, my Grandma passed away last week and once again I turned to writing to work through it.  I’m sure it was a post that doesn’t appeal to anyone other than me and perhaps my close family.  But it was so therapeutic for me to sort out my memories and work through my feelings.   I had wanted to post it tomorrow in honor of her Funeral services.  That won’t be happening now. 

In a way, I feel like I was writing everything down to protect my memories forever.  As if documenting them would make sure that I never forgot anything, no matter how many years passed by.   Ironic isn’t it?  That half of my post is gone now?  Kinda funny how things work out sometimes. 

Strangely I wasn’t irate when it happened.  I cursed under my breath at first, but then just kind of chuckled and thought, “well….that sucks.”   I’ll try again tomorrow.  I think I wasn’t bothered by it because I realized that my memories weren’t deleted with my words; I’ll always have them.   Will I ever be able to write them so eloquently and purposefully again?  Maybe not.  But I am determined to sit back down for another hour or two and finish the post (and click “save” frequently).  Because I feel like it was the one thing I can do as a tribute to my Grandma.  And something that will help me through this grieving process in a positive way.   

So, family, stay tuned…there’s a whole lot of memories coming your way.

To the rest of you, stay tuned as well because I’ve been working on the nursery a bit and have some updates to post. 

For now, and for those of you interested, here’s another great tribute to Grandma Jo.


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