Weekend in Glacier

As you all know, I’m a bonafide hunting widow come September.  I can pretty much count on The Hubs being gone every weekend, and often during the week, from September – November.   It’s not something I entirely realized when we got married, but it’s something that I’ve come to accept and can actually enjoy.  Fall becomes my time to work on projects, stay at home and take some time for myself. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss him while he’s gone and I do sometimes get frustrated with it.   I mean, usually he’s home just long enough to mess up the house and then leave again! 

But we’ve kind of started a new tradition of stealing one weekend together in October to spend together.  I hesitate to say tradition because depending on how good the season is, I know this tradition is in jeopardy.  But for the past two years we’ve done it.  I wrote about our trip last year to Magruder Corridor here

This year we decided to head to Glacier National Park.   The Park is just a few hours from Missoula, but it’s so busy with tourists during the summer months that we find spring and fall during the off season is much more enjoyable (for us at least).  And after this trip, the fall just might be my favorite.   While it’s a bit chilly this time of year, the colors are views are amazing.   So here’s a taste for those of you who don’t live nearby!

We arrived late Friday night and camped at Apgar, which is just past the entrance to the park near West Glacier.   It rained the entire way there and ALL night long.  It rained so hard in fact, that it was no longer peaceful for me and I had to put in ear plugs to go to sleep.   I know, I know….I was there to celebrate nature.  But nobody is happy if the pregnant lady isn’t happy.  And that requires sleep. 


The next morning we took a walk by Lake MacDonald. 



Not for long though, because we had to drive up the road to Avalanche creek to meet my sister and her family.  We hiked into Avalanche Lake which was a beautiful little 2 mile hike.  Thankfully the rain let up and we didn’t get too soaked. 

How cute is their little bean in that pink snowsuit?! 



Avalanche Lake:




Look how much fun we were having!


Here’s what the trail  looked like most of the way, it was really pretty.


After a quick lunch with their family….


they headed home to Kalispell and we headed out of the park to drive around to the East entrance.  The famous “Going to the Sun Road” is already closed for the season on the West side, so if you want to get to the top of Logan Pass, you need to enter from the East.

I was really glad we did drive around because the East side of the park is just as amazing, if not more so, than the West side.   And sunny!


The East side is really where you can see a lot of the fall colors come to life.  It really was spectacular!

We camped at Two Medicine Lake…which is where I always read about bear encounters so I was genuinely freaked out a little bit.   I mean, aren’t bears fattening up for winter right now??  And technically I’m a two-for-one, so even more appealing.  

Regardless…Two Medicine is bea-u-ti-ful!  I would highly recommend it, even though we DID run into a black bear while walking down the road that night.  

(Told you so, HUBS).


Can’t really complain about this camping spot, can I??



That night we cooked chili and cornbread in our dutch ovens.  Perfect for a frigid evening!


Sunday we left Two Medicine and headed to St. Mary, which is the east entrance to the park for Logan Pass.  We lucked out and got another partially sunny day, so I was excited for the views!




At the top of Logan Pass, we weren’t too surprised to find lots of fog and some fresh snow.  It was quite chilly up here…in the 20’s somewhere.  In fact I had TWO puffy coats on.   That’s how I was measuring the temps that day…”is it a single, or a double puff?”


Here’s my best “Lewis and Clark.”   Clearly demonstrating that the now-famous stance would not be nearly as popular if they had mittens back then.




The fog didn’t give us any views into the West side of the park (which are some of my favorites), but it’s pretty typical for this time of year.   But I certainly can’t complain about the views we did get!


From the east side, our drive home was a good 4.5 – 5 hours.  Which is a looooooong time to sit.  Pregnant or not. 

I was happy to get home, but also so grateful that The Hubs and I got to spend a weekend together just the two of us.  There aren’t many of those left with our little sprout on the way, so I’m learning to cherish the time we do have.  Even if I do get crabby on the way home, ok? 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!



  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks like Saturday was a beautiful day for the two of you. Thanks for including us in part of your weekend, it was great getting together and hiking with you.:) Looking forward to our future adventures!

  2. I never get tired of looking at Glacier pictures, it’s an absolutely amazing place! Looks like you two had a nice weekend together, beautiful views, nice secure camping, and a few adventures. I’m glad you took advantage of one more weekend with just the two of you!

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