for the birds! and you know how I feel about those things…

Oy vey!

I certainly didn’t mean to fall off the face of the earth. I mean, I’ve got good material to be sharing with ya’ll, including progress on the nursery, a dresser revamp and a new Indian meal. Plus, I still owe you my dimmer install post and that darn window box tutorial. So my absence is not due to lack of topics, rather lack of time. And as my friend Kaely would say…that’s for the birds.

I don’t mention it much here, so unless you know me personally or have read (and remember) my “about” page, you might not know that I’m an IT Project Manager by day. I like to say I moonlight as a blogger. Because it sounds cool and it gives you the impression that I stay up later than 10:00.

The reason I probably don’t talk about it much is because it’s not all that exciting. Would you rather hear about Citrix implementations, iPad testing, setting up network access controls, architecture revamps and hear a blow-by-blow on how our bank is planning to enter the world of mobile banking…..OR….find the perfect cookie recipe, watch my DIY successes and failures, see the nursery progress and hear a blow-by-blow of my current emotional state?

I thought so. Otherwise you’re obviously reading the wrong blog.

As with most “professional” jobs, there are professional organizations for Project Managers that exist to submerge people with similar jobs together. You know, to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a project manager, or to offer comfort that everyone struggles with scope creep, schedule lapses and uncooperative team members.  All of the important stuff that keeps us PMs up at night.

Another aspect of these professional groups is that they offer certifications that aim to “move you along in your career, bolster your résumé, and improve your skills.”

I thought it was mighty time that I get myself one of these certifications. And why start at the bottom? I’ve got the hours, experience and background to go ahead and get the highest level of certification available to people with my same career. Holla Holla! Of course I’ll just go ahead and do that. Duh. Why start at the bottom when you can start at the top!

So I signed up for a 4 day boot camp in Seattle, submitted my insanely long and complicated application to take the test, got my application approved, paid for the test, found a testing center in Seattle, reserved a spot for the end of my 4 day boot camp….and sat back to wait for the glory to be bestowed upon me. Bonus, the class was being held in the Seattle Hilton downtown. Immediately I imagined myself shopping after class, eating amazing food, visiting the waterfront and Pike’s Place….meeting up with old friends and by-the-way, getting a certification at the end of all of it that would hopefully warrant a decent pay raise. Pretty sweet deal right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Turns out this boot camps main goal is to shove 3 years worth of information into your head in 4 days. The class went from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m everyday, with a 20 minute lunch that had to be eaten onsite with our class. At least you’re done by seven (ha) and can go back to your room and rest your weary brain, right? WRONG. There’s homework and studying that needs to be done by 8:00 a.m. the next day. All of those nice dinners I thought I’d be having? Yeah, they came in the form of room service salads. And I couldn’t even enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day! That may have been the final twist of the knife. Yeah, good idea Janna! Take the highest level of certification offered for your career when you’re 23 weeks pregnant, tired and can’t remember shit. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!

So instead of spending my time here:


I spent most of it here:


With no time to shop. No time to blog. No time to eat. No time to think. No time to do anything really, but think about the 42 knowledge areas of the PMBOK (that would be the Project Managers Book of Knowledge for those of you who don’t know. A.K.A. The Bible).

By the way….that thing is for the birds as well.

The worst part of it all? I still do not know if I passed that darn test. The four hour, 200 question test that I took Saturday morning. And believe you me….I took all 12,000 minutes available for the test.  It was not easy. In fact I have no idea if I passed. And won’t for 5-6 weeks.

The best part of it all?  If I pass, I’ll have my PMP Certification.   Is that, or is that not the same as my PIMP certification?  Because that’s what I’ll be calling it. 

I admit, I was brain-dead for several days after getting home. I kinda walked around like a zombie muttering phrases like “earned value analysis, configuration management, improve competencies, marginal analysis, quality control and risk avoidance.” I still can’t get it all out of my head (which I guess was the goal, right?! ha).

So in 5-6 weeks I’ll be sure to let you know if I passed or failed the darn thing. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Until then, I promise not to bore you with work related mumbo-jumbo.

In the meantime, me thinks I’ll be turning my attention back to the nursery. Because….confession….I did fly in early on Sunday just to make a trip to IKEA (is that admirable or a bit sad?  I can’t decide). And I found some splendid inspiration and even purchased a few items that would fit in the extra empty bag I packed for the occasion my bag.

Here’s just a few of the pictures I snapped while there.


And ONE of the purchased items I’m most excited about…fabric for the nursery curtains!


You try packing 10 yards of fabric on your back through the airport.  It’s not what I would describe as fun, especially when your back already hurts due to your expanding belly.  The things I do for love…

So excited to get started and fill you in on some of these projects!  Stay tuned…


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  1. haha, I can just see you packing an extra 10 yards of fabric! It’s not light either! I figured you brought an extra bag to get all your goodies home. :) And I am sure you passed with flying colors. Your are a smarty pants!…in a good way. :) Can’t wait to see the curtains, love the fabric!

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