A bit of progress…

So I just realized two things:  (1) I never did a post about moving our new couch in and (2) I still owe ya’ll a tutorial on making some fabulous window flower boxes.  I do apologize, especially to those of you who assumed we were still sitting on camp chairs in our living room.  Quite the contrary.   So how about I start there?  At least for today. 

I’ve mentioned a few times that I sold our living room furniture one day (pretty much out of the blue) on Craigslist.  Whoopsie daisy.  Sorry Hubs.  You can read all about it (like WHY) here.   Which meant that for longer than I’d like to admit, we were sitting on camp chairs in our living room while I researched new furniture.    The problem is that our selection here in Missoula leaves a bit to be desired…and shipping costs on items like couches are pretty much insane.   So I began to realize I was going to have to make some sacrifices if we were ever going to be comfortable while watching TV again. 

Then, during my monthly trip to Costco, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was there during their once-a-year furniture event.  Word.  up.   And there just happened to be a sectional there that was just about the perfect dimensions for our odd little small space.  I wasn’t overly crazy about the color, but at least it was neutral.  After living for five years with forest green couches I decided I could be picky about color….but neutral is neutral….whether it be the charcoal grey I really wanted, or perhaps a cream, beige or tan.  Another bonus turned out to be that this couch was much cheaper than all of the sectionals I’d been looking at.  I think I could live with beige if it saved me $500!  So I took a picture with my cell phone and headed home to double-check measurements…and it seemed perfect.

I don’t know if you are like this…but when I get something in my head I pretty much don’t stop thinking about it until I make it happen.  Whether it be ice cream, clothes, decor and apparently furniture.  In my defense though, you all know how it works at Costco, right?  They get a set amount of items for their “events” and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  And they had 3 of these sectionals left when I had gotten there.   So now I just had to convince The Hubs to drive out there with his trailer and pick the thing up. 

Once we got it, I have to admit it sat in our garage (in boxes) for a good two weeks while I cleaned the carpets and looked into new cabling.   I ended up doing the carpets on my own but we’re still waiting on cabling…so at 9:00 one night I’d had enough and called my cousin to come help move the sucker in.  Sorry cous’, you know my hormones are raging. 

When they first moved the couch in I had a minor panic attack because it seemed to big.  I mean, I was trying to gain some space here not lose it.   But after living with it for about a month now I think it’s fine.  The bottom line is that it’s just a small room.  And I do think the layout works a lot better now. 

Ok, so some before and afters.  I have to apologize because I sold all of our furniture in such short order that I never really took decent before pics (at least ones with blogging in mind).  These are the pics I used to sell the couches on Craigslist, but you’ll get the idea.   

P.S. I don’t miss this at all!!!

And now here’s with the new furniture finally moved in:

Yes that’s The Big Bang Theory on TV.  Love that show.

Now, before ya’ll get all up in my bizznizz…yes I know the mirror isn’t centered over the couch and I know I need some color in there.  But I’m taking my time trying to figure it out because….well…because you know me and making decisions on colors.  Any suggestions?   Remember this room is far from finished…there’s so much more I want to do.  Like swap out the mirror for 3 fabric canvases (yes, with some color), swap out the curtains with something more fun and patterned, add some fun throw pillows….you know.  All of that stuff and more.  For now I’m just happy that I’ve got a neutral slate to work with and something other than a camp chair to sit in.  

Oh!  And I almost forgot to mention my favorite part.  See those windows behind the couch?  For the past five years they’ve been blocked by a giant TV (see said TV above).  Meaning, we’ve never reaped the benefit of having lots of sun in this room, and before this I’d never even been able to open the windows.  So this might be my absolute favorite part of the new layout:

I can open the windows, and it just so happens that my window boxes are right outside.  I love it.  I love the sun, the breeze and being able to see a pop of color out there.  I”m thinking next year I might have to plant something super fragrant in them.   Which reminds me…I still owe you that tutorial.  I’ll get to it, I promise.

Before I leave you though, let’s check in on my “to do list” for this room and see where I’m at.  Just to keep it real ya know. 

  • Look into cabling for cat5 and coax   Met with cabler.  Just waiting for scheduling!
  • Research and purchase a couch
  • Move couch inside!
  • Rearrange furniture and see what still works and what doesn’t.  There’s not much room for much else as far as furniture goes.  My Crate & Barrel leaning bookcase might need to get moved because I want to put a console table where it currently resides. 
  • Find or DIY some fun patterned pillows for the new couch
  • See if previously-purchased West Elm curtains will work, if not sell on Craigslist.  These will most definitely not work.
  • Sew curtains (if West Elms don’t work)
  • Sew curtain for front door windows to reduce glare on TV.  Update:  my sister suggested I do another no-sew Roman shade.  Perfect!  Now to find the perfect fabric…
  • Consider painting living room.   Considered it….and not going to happen right now!
  • Be on the lookout for a console table for the entryway.  Still looking….
  • Be on the lookout for cheap frames to put a frame gallery in the entry way
  • Paint mirror
  • Replace boob lamp with a some sort of drum shade light (Eden light at CB2?) and install dimmer
  • Find a fun patterned rug (8×10)
  • Update the leather tray for table (line with fabric?)
  • Decide on wall art (maybe some covered fabric canvases) for the wall with the couch. Something to fill up the big space and bring in some color.

Holy cow.  I’m stoked I did that because I’ve come a lot further than I thought!  Yay for me.   Maybe it won’t take me 17 years to get everything done (like I previously thought).   But notice most of the tasks left have something to do with choosing color….hahaha.  Surprised?  I’m certainly not.   So maybe it will take the full 17….



  1. Ooooh-la-la, I love it! I can’t wait to see the transformation in person and enjoy the view out the window from your new resting spot. And I’m very impressed with all the progress on your list. I think all the work you’ve done far exceeds what the pregnancy books call ‘nesting’! :)

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