Nursery Inspiration

Like my blonde hair, when it comes to decorating, I wouldn’t say I’m a natural.   I struggle with making decisions and am pretty much terrified of making color choices.   No matter how many times I read that “paint can be changed” or “bold accessories can be moved,” I’m still paralyzed by the choice.  I think it’s mostly the fear of making a decision that I won’t like.   Yes, paint can be changed….but it’s not necessarily EASY.   Not all of us have endless amounts of time on our hands to repaint our mistakes. 

Anyways…so I’m afraid of color.  You get the point.

But you’ll probably understand now why I’m so flabbergasted about having colors already picked out for the nursery.  At first, it was the same ‘ol, same ‘ol shakin’ in my boots routine.  I knew I wanted grey and white as a base (nice neutral color choices right??).  But how boring is that for a little bambino (and me)?  I knew I needed to interject some color in there somewhere to bring some life into the room. 

Imagine my surprise when I had that “aha” moment in the kitchen towel aisle of Target.    Yes.  Target.   Yes.  The kitchen towels.  Won’t the little one be so impressed that his/her room was modeled after the color scheme of some cheap towels.  Ha.  My thoughts on the matter?  I don’t care where the hell my inspiration comes from, as long as it comes!   Enough talking…how about I introduce you to the towels of the hour:

I’m not really a yellow-person, so I never really considered it an option until I saw it mingling so wonderfully with grey.   It’s so clean, fresh and cheery.  Just how I want a nursery to be!   And the best part is that it’s still gender-neutral.  Even though we’re finding out what sex the baby is, I wanted to have a neutral nursery.  Hopefully we’ll have more kids eventually and I’d hate to have to buy new things because I went crazy with the pink first time around.   I still love you pink!

But I knew it needed something else…another little happy pop of color.   And then, in another bout of good luck, I came across this note card as I was clearing out my room (in preparation for the nursery).

I love the message of this card and thought to myself  “this would be so cute hanging in a frame on the wall of a nursery.”  And then I thought to myself  “hey wait a minute!  this color would be so cute with grey and yellow!  Inspiration towel, inspiration towel, wherever you may be…get your ass over here and let me see!”   Please Kelly…somebody…tell me you picked up on the Labrynth reference here…

And what do you know?  Instant love.  

There’s only one minor problem I can foresee.  And that’s telling people that I’m doing my nursery in yellow and blue and people think of this: 

Clearly this is NOT my vision.  

And don’t even say it Pops.  My nursery is not, I repeat NOT “Bobcat colors.” 

So instead of saying yellow and blue, I’m saying saffron and peacock-blue.  Just because it sounds super fancy.  And that’s how I roll.  And I don’t care about the eye-rolling that will probably occur after I mutter those words because I can assure you that even the eye-roller herself won’t be picturing the wrong colors. 

Anyhoo….needless to say I am super excited to have this decision made!  In fact, I’ve already started collecting a few things that seem to fit my vision.  Take for example this fabric I ran across at Selvedge this past weekend. 

It’s a little on the feminine side, so if we end up having a boy I’ll definitely keep the usage to a minimum.  Some ideas floating around my head are pillow, blanket, burp cloths, nursing cover, crib skirt or just framed as some simple wall art.  The possibilities are endless.

In fact, I picked up a few other inspirational pieces of fabric while I was out, and found some already-owned items that I think will work just great.

Yes I realize that none of these items really “make” anything yet.  But they’ve got my wheels a-turnin’.  I’m thinking all about curtains and pillows and seat cushions and wall art and rugs and bedding.  Just trying to get  a plan in place so when I do finally make my move there’s some logic behind it.   Plus, now that I have some ideas in mind I can keep my eye out for deals or pieces that I love. 

So, I think the lesson learned here today is that inspiration comes in all places, sizes and colors.  Learn to go with your instinct and forget about the little voice in your head that says, “yeah, but those are towels!  At Target!” 

Today’s post brought to you by the letter T, the number 20 (because I’m halfway done today!) and of course, the color saffron.



  1. The towels you picked out are the same color and pattern as my Target Dwell Studio bedspread!!! The one side is the design with the gray, the backside is the yellow and white round flowers. I looked all over for a new bedspread; Pottery Barn, West Elm, Anthropology, Dwell (the non Target one) and the only things I liked were $500 bedspreads. Cue Found bedspread, loved it, out of stock, cried. Went to Target a few days later, found ONE of the beloved bedspreads! One! And it was the size I needed!! Love your color choices Janna!! Can’t wait to see the finished product…and remember, keep your eye open for some Wipey Wallet fabric.

  2. You seriously crack me up. I still laugh that when Osa was born, she had a pack and play setup in my office and that was all. This second baby is much more spoiled… curtains, matching dresser, changing table, their own room. We won’t tell Osa about her “lack of a room or coordinating colors” when she gets older.

    1. Tina,

      With you and Jens as Osa’s parents, I’m sure she will turn out fine. By the way, Kerry M. told me you look absolutely fab;)

      Just wanted to say “hi”.

      Erin Bills

  3. Janna,

    Love, love the color combo and I’m not a “yellow” either.


    PS – I resisted the “go bobcats” urge after hearing your fancy color names.

  4. Erin…I’ll do it: “go bobcats”! Tee hee. The nursey will be beautiful Janna!!! Anna Marie just did her guest room in grey and yellow and it looks great!! And yes I got the Labrynth reference :)). You remind me of the babe…

  5. Beautiful! I can see it coming together already! I love it. Who cares where the inspiration comes from, you found it and go with it.I am also happy to see that there are many more Labrynth fans out there. :)

  6. Have to confess that I was shocked when I saw the blue and yellow colors when I first saw your post on facebook. Then I just had to read the rest of the story and have to saw that I am inspired by your creative talents. I used yellow and green for our first nursery. You are a real kick!!Congratulations on your half way–I will keep you in my prayers.

  7. I love this post! Your colors are great, and I like the fancy names. I got a lot of weird looks about painting the nursery walls gray…I think people envisioned a jail cell or something. I love your little pile of inspiration and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    – e

  8. Did you know that our nursery, when we were babies, was yellow? Maybe you’re just going back to your roots with this inspiration! Love the color choices and I’m confident that you will pull it all together in an amazing way. If you have a girl, let’s sprinkle glitter everywhere so that the Labrynth refereces come to life. :)

    ps. I am also paralized by color choices and lots of other decision making…maybe we could take a color class!

  9. Love these colors!! And I totally get the fun color names. I’m planning a wedding and when I try to explain what I’m looking for, it always turns into me rambling on about the shades of purple and blue I’m going for (Dark Eggplant/Slate Blue.) That nursery is going to be beautiful!

  10. Janna,
    I keep thinking about this post. I have a friend that just did the grey and yellow for her daughter and it looks great!
    Since I am now beginning the quest for crib bedding, etc…..I ran across some fabrics that would be great. Michael Miller Citron and Grey collection. Great patterns, and a good variety. He has some good ones in the family of the peacock blue that you could tie in as well. Just thought I’d throw that out there if you haven’t yet discovered the perfect fabrics!

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