Make way for baby

I imagine most of you spent the long weekend getting out-of-town; doing something wonderfully fun on the last big “summer weekend” of the year.

For once, I did not.  In fact, I was insanely giddy about staying home.  Alone.  For 3 glorious days!  Doing what I want, when I want.  No schedules.  No packing.  No unpacking.  No traveling.  No appointments (er, except for my pedicure appointment on Sunday).  It was my first weekend at home in over a month and I desperately needed one.   The Hubs is not someone who understands needing to be at home once in a while.  He is perfectly happy leaving town on Friday after work and not returning until Sunday evening just in time to go to bed.  In fact, he prefers it that way.   Me?  I kind of go crazy after too many weekends of that. 

So this was the first of many weekends to myself as The Hubs embarks on his coveted hunting trips for the next few months.   For now, I am ok with it.  Ask me again in October….

Anyways, on my To Do List for the weekend was to start getting things ready for the nursery.  I know, I know!  I’m all over the place these days.  You think I’d finish the living room mess before moving on.  Ha!  Hormones think differently.

Don’t worry, I’m not buying baby stuff yet, just getting things ready for when I do start.  Allow me to explain.  We have a three bedroom house that somehow the two of us have managed to fill.  Don’t ask me how or why we have so much stuff.  But we do. 

Up until now, we have each had our own “spare bedroom.”  So The Hubs gets to use one of them as the holding grounds for his hunting/outdoor gear (and gazillion backpacks that those activities seem to necessitate), and I got to use the other room for my stuff, like sewing and crafting.   Seems fair, right?  Well, it was fair up until the point that we decided that my room would be the nursery….meaning I would have to be the one to go through every square inch of the room and “do something” with all of the stuff. 

Oh well.  In the end, I figure it’s better me than him who has to do this because (1) I’ll actually do it and (2) I will do it in somewhat of an organized and nonmessy fashion. 

Can I just start by saying I love my room?  Er….wait.  Aside from the white wicker furniture…I love my room.  I allowed myself to decorate it with all sort of colors that I wouldn’t have the guts to do anywhere else in the house.  It always felt light and cheerful in there.   So I am somewhat sad to see it go. 

Here’s what we’re working with:

Here’s where I stored all of my supplies for beading, knitting, gift wrapping, sewing, crafting.  You name it.  I probably had it in there.

Here’s where I would sit and work on things…or put my sewing machine.  I love the magnetic strip above the desk that I could put patterns as I sewed, inspiration, or most recently the birthday drawing from my nephew.

And since it’s kind of hard to see some of my favorite details….I made a fun little collage.  Just because it will be fun to look back on someday!

Ahh yes.  I love(d) that room.

This past weekend I forced myself to stay indoors and painstakingly go through each and every item I hoarded in there.   And you know what?  It felt really good to go through it all.  I can’t believe some of the stuff I kept in there (let’s not forget the closet I didn’t show you…)! 

Of course I quickly realized that this was going to turn into a trickle-effect project.  Big time.  Because all of that stuff had to go SOMEwhere.  Right?   So it progressed into me cleaning out the hall linen closet so I’d have some space in there.  Then I cleaned out our downstairs storage area so I could put some things in there. 

Luckily, a few years ago I had the bright idea of purchasing this IKEA desk (and some matching bins for the cubbies):

The goal was to fit all of my sewing and craft items in this desk.  Yep.  Take the contents of one entire room (that is bigger than our master bedroom) and fit it into one itty bitty desk.   Great idea Janna…and hence the trickle-effect clean-outs I just mentioned above.

But you know what?  It’s done.  I did it.  In two days I got that sucker cleared out and got everything organized in its new home.   Albeit, some of the new “homes” are more appealing than others.  For example:

Welcome to your new home:  in the garbage.

And for things that I don’t want anymore, but are still good?  To donate:

That’s a lot of stuff!  Yikes.   Makes me thankful that we itemize deductions on our taxes!

Here’s what the room looks like now.

I suppose to you these pictures look very similar.  Ha.  But trust me when I say every drawer is empty.  The night stand, the dresser, the desk, the trunk, the closet.  All of it gone.  And it feels oh so good.  My only regret is that I couldn’t sit back with a glass of wine after everything was done!

Oh, I suppose you want to see what the new desk looks like, right?   Well, I wasn’t going to show you because it’s not quite polished yet…but here’s my new craft corner.  Cozy, isn’t it?

Lots left to do...please ignore the piles of stuff on the floor! And the photo ledge will not be hung there anymore...instead I'll probably re-purpose my favorite little magnetic strip!

Who would have thought getting ready for a baby would be so much work?!  And I don’t even know the half of it yet I’m sure.

Next up for the nursery?   Immediate next steps are to work with the “bones” of the room.  Wall color, furniture and arrangement.

– Paint (?)  I’m in love with the idea of painting the walls a light grey. 
– Convince The Hubs that it’s a good idea to sell the white wicker.   He’s pulling the practical card with me on that one though.  How do you argue with practicality?!
– Assuming I get to sell it….find a new dresser for the room
– Determine whether or not to keep the bed in there
– Purchase a crib
– Look into rockers and gliders
– Make a final decision about using a wall decal or mural

Once all of those are done I can move on to the more exciting parts….like colors and accessories.  And speaking of all that…I found my color inspiration from one of the most unusual places.  I’ve got a post coming up soon all about that!  Stay tuned!

P.S.  Did any of you spy the Eden Pendant lamp already installed?  Hee Hee.  Tricky I am.  I even managed to capture the dimmer install so I’ll be doing a tutorial on that soon too!



  1. I am sad to see the spa room go as well but not too sad! Something or should I say someone much more exciting is to come! I loved staying in that room, it was so homey and beautiful. I’m glad I got to stay in it one last time. NICE work on getting so much done! Feels good huh? :) Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see the nursery!

  2. Ahhh the white wicker! So many memories :). Have so much fun decorating the nursery and enjoy those free weekends while you can :)

  3. Janna –

    So fun to see you making way for your new addition. Ours arrived on Tuesday! Hudson Cody Spooner! I’ll send pictures soon. I should be sleeping, so I’m going to keep this short, but sending my love to you and the little blessing growing in you! God is good! ;)

    – L

  4. Very impressive, way to stay focused! Yes, I will miss my visits to the Spa Room but I am already anxiously awaiting my visits to see the bambino! Wish I had a small dose of those hormones…I could use a little bit of your organization and motivation!

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