Sisters Weekend 2011

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sentimental girl, but I my not have mentioned that I love traditions.  So….I guess that makes me sentimental about traditions, er, something like that.

Anyways, one tradition that I look forward to every year is our annual Sisters’ Weekend.  This is typically a weekend that involves no husbands or kids.  Just sisters.  It gives us a chance to reconnect and spend some much-needed (and too infrequent) one-on-one time together. 

In the past we’ve taken turns visiting each other in our respective cities/towns.  This ensured we got a trip to Seattle, Missoula and Polson once every three years.  And let me tell you…we’ve had some fun.  See for yourself:

This year was a little bit different however.   My sister Amy and her family had just recently moved back to Montana from Seattle…with their 7 month old daughter in tow.  Needless to say, life is a little bit crazy for them.  In addition, Cousin’s Weekend (another much-loved tradition with the only cousins on our mom’s side) had been scheduled for Fall this year (typically a spring endeavor).   So….calendars were booking up fast.  But knowing we didn’t want 2011 to pass us by without getting together, we decided to make it a family event this year and get together in Polson at the lake.  I’m not sure what The Husbands thought of being included in sisters weekend, but to be honest they aren’t sure about much when all three of us are together.  Sorry Husbands.   I can’t see how they can complain about being on a boat all day long however!  Plus, they even took a little “brother-in-law” raft trip down the Flathead River one day.  

Here’s a little snippet of this years festivities:

I’m still learning how to put these collages together…so sorry about some duplicate pics!  If you click on the whole collage it will open up a bigger version.

I’m so grateful that we make the effort to do this each year.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your own busy schedule that before you know it too much time has gone by between visits.   Inevitably our lives will change and as our families grow this may be harder to do…but it’s so important to make time for it.  And I suppose if the Husbands and kids have to start coming more often…I’m ok with it.   Thanks for the great weekend everyone.  Already looking forward to next year!



  1. Ah traditions, I am a fan as well. Hence sistas weekend. So happy that we started the tradition and that we make it happen every year. It’s so important! Thanks for a fun filled weekend! :)

  2. Awe…Seestas Weekend, always one of my favorites! I think we get our tradition loving mind set from Dad. :) I am proud of us for making it happen, even when we have to mix it up a little and even if we don’t have our usual O’Connell girl plan in place. Way to be flexible and just roll with it. And ps. it was a GREAT weekend!!!

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