And now back to…nothing?

I don’t usually get sick.  I try to exercise, eat right and maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle….not for the sole purpose of avoiding sickness…but it ends up being an appreciated side effect. 

However it seems not everyone is immune to sickness 100% of the time.  I’m not sure if I caught a bug or if my body violently responded to my crazy/stressful June schedule (enough is enough missy!  slow down!).  But either way I was abruptly and forcefully stopped in my tracks on July 1st.  For 10 days.  For eight of those ten days I was a zombie.  Unable to think clearly, eat much or walk to the kitchen without getting winded.    I know what you’re thinking…”Well it was probably nice to relax for a few days and catch up on some rest.” 

No.  No it was not nice.  This wasn’t the kind of sick where you can lie on the couch watching soaps all day while sipping Ginger Ale.  This was the kind of sick where you can’t sleep because your nose is producing mucus nonstop.  Where your throat is so sore that it hurts to swallow, so instead of swallowing you spit into an empty bottle each time you need to.  Where you can’t blow your nose without thinking you might accidentally cough up a lung while trying to.  Where the only thing you can eat are popsicles because it feels good on your raw throat (ok that part was fine by me.  I love me a popsicle).  This was the kind of sick that I couldn’t muster the energy to turn my head and look out the window at the thousands of dollars worth of fireworks being shot off  outside my window on the 4th.  I didn’t even see one.  This was the kind of sick that isn’t even conducive to watching your favorite daytime TV or reading a trashy magazine.  It’s all you can do to just lie in your bed and focus on making sure your throat doesn’t get so swollen that you can’t breathe.  So yeah.  It wasn’t so much fun. 

I did decide that a trip to the ER was necessary after day number 3 of this.   I thought perhaps I had strep throat, but no.  To this day I’m not sure what I had.    But 9 days of lying in my bed was enough to make me go insane.  That I know for sure.  So on day number 9 (a Saturday), we got up and headed to the Farmers Market for the morning.  It was awesome to be outside the house.   Heck, a whole new gas station had been built down the road from me while I was out! 

So slowly but surely I’m coming around.  I went back to work on Monday and was completely exhausted afterwards….so I’ve decided that it’s going to be one very long week.

And on top of it all….I’ve been severely neglecting my blog!   Due to crazy ass June, and now being sick…I have no new material.  I haven’t been doing any projects, cooking, baking or even accompanying The Hubs on his adventures.  There are no garden updates except to say I’m thrilled it’s still alive after days of neglect.  I don’t even have any great throught-provoking or intellectual posts to share.  My brain has literally been dead for the past 10 days.   And there’s no real sign as to when I’ll be back on the wagon. 

So bear with me.  I know it’s summer and ya’ll are busy anyways….but I had (and have) some fun and exciting projects coming up.   I’ve got some changes to the house planned, some new recipes to try and some fun adventures scheduled.    Soon enough I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming.  But for now, I need a popsicle then perhaps a nap.


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  1. Aw! Sad face for you, banana! I hear ya on the popsicle action though. I very selfishly hope you are all recuperated by the 18th. As ry guy would say: “get your liver in order!” and of course what I always say… Well, you know.

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