Reaping what we sow

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about some weird karma stuff…it’s literally about reaping what we sowed.  And reap we did!

It’s already time for the first harvest from our garden and we were soooooo excited.  Our lettuce and spinach had grown just enough to provide a couple of tasty salads with dinner.  Plus, if we didn’t get some of those bigger leaves out-of-the-way it would have stifled the growth of new ones.  So we skipped out to the garden with some kitchen shears and a colander in hand (ok, I was the only one who skipped).

Someone was too excited to get a before pic, so here’s an action shot of us harvesting our first leaves of spinach. 

We’re still learning how much to harvest at once, but most of the leaves we left were substantially smaller than the ones we cut.  We probably could have used some of these too….but we had all we needed for that night so we decided to let these continue to grow.

Our bounty:

Next we moved to our lettuce square and topped off the colander with what was ready:

Once inside I washed everything with Biokleen’s Produce Wash:

Have you guys used this stuff?!  It removes pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, waxes and soil from produce (or any food preparation area).  I love using this on produce I bring home from the grocery store, but figured it couldn’t hurt to use it on my own produce.  Who knows what has been crawling on my lettuce?  Probably a fly that has been island-hopping to-and-from every dog turd in the park next to us.   I wasn’t taking any chances, no matter how organic my lettuce may be. 

After that it was a simple matter of concocting our salads.  On the menu for dinner was home-grown salad (with tomato, avocado and sunflower seeds), wild rice and trout (that my father-in-law caught on Georgetown Lake). 

Everything was delicious but the salad seemed especially delectable that night.  Why is it that things just taste better when you’ve grown it yourself?   As if you can taste each an every ounce of effort you put into building, prepping, planting the garden….and then nurturing each seed as it grows.   I mean, that counts for something, right?   I’m positive I wouldn’t be posting and raving about a bag of spinach I bought at the store. 

So for now…we are basking in the glory of our first garden success, and counting down the days for the next harvest. 

P.S.  I need to post a picture of our tater plants soon….they have gone crazy!!



  1. Probably growing like crazy due to all you recent fertilizer! :-) I’ll send you my bill. So speaking of flies on dog turds… uh, yeah… darn it.

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