Paper lanterns galore

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Some of you may have noticed I’ve been slacking on my blog posts this past week…and yes, yes I have.   I wish I could tell you that it’s due to my crazy work schedule this month (which I did in fact work 19 days straight…leaving zero time for projects and blogging)…and in all honesty that is part of it.  But The Hubs would attest that I also need to fess up about a new addiction I have called Dexter.  Yes, the Showtime TV Series.  I know, I know!  Who am I?!  All I can say is that Netflix is evil.  Why is it a good idea to have episode after episode available at your fingertips?!  If the show you’re watching has any sort of decent storyline you’re going to want to watch the next one and the next and the next.  It’s just evil.  And P.S., Dexter is the last show on earth I thought I would ever like…it’s all about murders, blood and weird things happening to bodies….all of which make me want to faint.  So I can’t really explain it other than blame it for my recent bout of laziness.    I’ll try to pull it together here soon…but not until I see what happens with the Ice Truck Killer!

Now that I’ve got that little confession out-of-the-way, I’ll move on to today’s post! 

I love paper lanterns.  They’re simple and fun and can be used to decorate everything from nurseries to weddings.  They can be as formal or whimsical as you choose.

So when my sister-in-law was planning her 30th birthday party and wanted help decorating a gazebo….I told her to “leave it to me.”    I instantly imagined the top of the gazebo filled with hundreds of paper lanterns in all shades of pink and orange.  With this imagine in mind, I hopped onto the Internet to find the best bulk supply site.

Thanks to this site, I narrowed my search down to the following options:  Luna Bazaar, The Paper Lantern Store and Asian Ideas.

 From there I started to do a quick cost-comparison between the three for my desired quantity of lanterns….and there were a lot (50 total)!   What I found out while doing this comparison however, was that most lanterns aren’t offered in different “shades.”  Unless of course you want to buy the super fancy ones (I didn’t) that are like $6.00 a pop.  So I had to adjust my vision for the gazebo.  Maybe instead of having several shades of the same color I could do different sizes.  I decided that if there was only one color option for pink (and so forth) that I should get at least 3 different colors (instead of two) and possibly a few different sizes for contrast.   Here’s what I ended up with:

(15) Fuchsia Pink 14″
(5) Fuchsia Pink 18″
(10) Grass Green 14″
(3) Grass Green 18″
(10) Mango Orange 14″
(5) Mango Orange 18″

I wasn’t too crazy about the green color choice, but many of my preferred choices were out of stock.  Apparently everyone loves paper lanterns especially at weddings.  So green it was.  Stupid weddings. 

So I loaded up a shopping cart at each site and proceeded through checkout to get shipping costs added in.  Finally, I scoured the Internet for coupon codes and ran across one 10% off code for “brides” in 2011 (go figure).  Score!  They have no idea I’m not a bride so I was all over it.  The code was for Luna Bazaar, and the extra 10% off knocked them well below the other sites.  Luna Bazaar, here I come with my 50 lantern order.  

I’m sure you’re wondering how much 50 lanterns cost me?  $73.20 which puts the per lantern cost at right around $1.46.  Not too shabby considering I’ve seen them for as much as $7.00 a pop.

I know that sounds like a lot for lanterns, but I decided that they were the only decoration I was going to have.  No balloons, no flowers….nada.  So when I step back and look at $73.00 total for ALL of the decorations I was going to have…I’m ok with it.  Plus it was her 30th birthday!  Gotta splurge a little.

Now for what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for.  Lanterns galore:

Just the right amount in my opinion!  And doesn’t it make it look so festive?!  I also ended up really liking the green lanterns because I felt like it tied everything in to the green surroundings.  The event was actually held in a bar facility out in the middle of the woods….so the green tied everything in nicely while the pink and orange added some festive vibes. 

I’m also glad I opted for several different sizes, which adds some contrast.

So there you have it.  Just another fun way to decorate with a wedding party staple.  Does it make you want to hang some paper lanterns from your patio umbrella?  Or perhaps you have a pergola that you could hang some from for an outdoor BBQ or birthday party (and if you do, I’m insanely jealous).   Whatever your setting, if you have a need for pink, green or orange lanterns….give me a call.  I have about 50 to spare.  

More importantly though…does anyone else have an unexplainable addiction to Dexter?

P.S. A huge thank you to Ethel and Lindsey for hanging the lanterns for me!  It turned out just as I had envisioned! 



    1. Ooooo! I have seen those around the blogsphere a bit, and I love them too! I love how soft and cloud-like these feel. Very cool. Now we just need a reason to celebrate so we can make some!

  1. I think the paper lanterns were the perfect touch! Just enough hoopla to say here’s the party but not so much that it’s over the top. ps. Paper Lanterns would be a cute name for your party planning business. ;)

  2. I loved it!!! Love, love!!! It was beautiful. I wish we could have spent more time out there. The colors were fab! (For those others who read comments… I was worried my color choices were going to look eighties prom- Janna interpreted perfectly). Such a statement in a beautiful place. Thanks lady!

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