Lookee what I made!

Turns out wood working is harder than I thought (all of you who already knew that….go ahead and laugh).  Remember my grand idea to make my own patio table?   Yeah….I’m not so sure about that anymore.   Why?  Because I decided to make some window boxes as an intro-to-wood-working-sorta-thing (and I really wanted some).   Let’s just say the process was a love/hate relationship….and it was just a box!  A simple, simple box.  Admittedly I could have made it a tad bit simpler by not adding fancy schmancy trim and everything…but what fun is that?

I debated lying and telling you it was all rainbows and butterflies…but you real wood workers would see right through it.    Plus I try to keep it real with ya’ll.  You should know that by now. 

So here’s a quick before and after:

Overall I’m pretty happy with them.  Since I’m being honest…I can tell you I’m not crazy about my choice of flowers.  But hey, if that’s the worst I can say about them, that’s pretty good right?  Right.  Unfortunately it’s not the worst I can say about them.  Let me just give you a taste of this love/hate relationship through a mock interview with myself. 

Tell us about your window box making experience! 

Was it fun?  I’m pretty sure “fun” isn’t the word to describe it.  

Was it fulfilling?  Yes!

Did you swear a lot during the process?  I’m not sure I said anything but swear words when I was making these. 

Wasn’t it difficult to make them identical?   I hadn’t really thought about this until I was done and realized that “no” they weren’t identical.  Very tough to swallow for a girl like me who likes things even and symmetrical.  I’m the girl who actually uses the 30 second timer on my Sonicare toothbrush so that no part of my mouth gets brushed more than the other.  I like things even.

How long did it take you?  Longer than I thought it would take to make two simple boxes.  Maybe six hours total?

Did you follow any sort of instructions?  This may have been my problem: no.  For pete’s sake…it’s just a box!  Who knew it would be so hard.

You really took these boxes to the next level by adding trim.  How’d you do that?  Well, I finally had an excuse to purchase a much-needed wanted miter box.  This was my first foray into the miter box territory. 

Wow.  I’ve heard trim (like crown moulding) is really confusing to cut!   You heard right.  Please refer back to my second comment above regarding swearing.

What was your favorite part about building these boxes?  Planting the flowers.

Do you have the confidence to build a patio table now?  Perhaps.  Afterall…it’s just a table!!  How hard could it be? 

So there you have it.  My first attempt at making something functional with wood and saws ‘n stuff.  Of course I took detailed pictures of the process so I’ll post a tutorial soon with the budget breakdown.   In the meantime, I’ll be giving mad props to anyone who has to build crap with wood all day long.



  1. love the Q&A, made me laugh! I think it looks great. But I want to see a picture of the whole house, not just the window box. Or perhaps I should just drive down and see it for myself. GOOD LUCK with the table! Koodos to you if you get the motivation to do it!

  2. Well, it should be comforting to know that you are not alone with the tooth brush timer, I also use it. Surprised?! :) AND the window boxes look amazing! I like how you painted them to match the house and tackeld the trim/miter box. Impressive.
    ps. The pink geraniums are perfect.

    1. On another side note…I planted a rectangle window box this year and I have to tell you that I really struggled chosing flowers for it. I am much more comfortable with round pots!

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