It’s what I miss about Montana….

A few years ago there was a song that came out about missing Montana.  I can’t remember the whole gist of it, or the lyrics (great story, eh?)….except for this part of the chorus:

I miss the Balsamroot flower
All covered in dew
It’s what I miss about Montana….
Honey, it ain’t you

Yes it was it was a country song…as if ya’ll couldn’t tell.

Despite the fact I can’t remember all of the words, that song has been running through my head lately, mostly because Balsamroot mark the arrival of spring here in Missoula (and much of the Northwest) and they’ve finally arrived.   So despite (again) the rain…I’ve been heading out on some of my favorite trails to catch a glimpse of the beauty of springtime in Montana.  And I thought I’d share.  Afterall…it’s one of my favorite things! 

The yellowish color on the ground is row after row of flower

Here's a closeup of the Balsamroot

She was probably smelling poo or something...but I like to think she was smelling the flowers

I’m sure every city and state has its own beauty in the spring…but this is Montana’s and I love it.



  1. I love the Arrowleaf Balsamroot! Its one of the only flowers I remember the scientific name for-thank you Range Management (not going to attempt to spell it here). I’m such a dork I even have the book about all the common Montana plants and their descriptions. Jeremiah hates hiking with me because I keep stopping to check out plants (and rocks, and bugs, and the view…) I hope one day Maysa will hike with me an appreciate all the stuff that holds me up on the trail. Its the hike, not the destination! And the Balsamroot is definitely worth the hold up. Next up, Beargrass!

    1. ooooo Beargrass. Yes! Another favorite!

      On another note…did you ever go hiking with The Hubs?! I can see why you are friends…you two would be like a walking encyclopedia in the woods. ha ha ha. I’m SURE Maysa will appreciate all of Mommy’s nature knowledge someday….or at least tease you for it down the road. Either way she’ll love you for it I’m sure.

  2. And yes, the wildflowers are just B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL this year! My favorites are purple shooting stars on a woodland hike and pink bitter roots on a dry sunny slope. (Keep looking, I think they’re still coming!)

  3. oh thank heavens that is Summit, I thought Janna had really lost her mind over all the work she has been doing lately!

  4. That is my favorite song by Liz Carlisle, Montana. I went to school with her! Great song, great photos, and Dummy does look a bit like a bear. :-)

  5. Janna-I was worried that you did not think I was still reading your blog, but you were wrong! Anywho, last weekend we went hiking in Jette Meadows, great looking flowers, however we did not see any bears like you. If we did see a bear, and with a 30 pound bowling ball strapped to my back(the kid), we would have to sacrifice your sister. Have a nice weekend lil hiker! Bobbyt

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