SFG: Step 3

Ya’ll know I’m loving Step 3.  Planning.

This is where I get out my fancy graph paper and actually draw our Square Foot Garden and plan precisely where each different type of vegetable/herb will go.    Originally we had talked about growing awesome things like garlic and asparagus…only to find out that (1) we missed the boat on garlic.  You plant it in October and harvest in July.  Whoops.  Then (2) asparagus is ca-ray-za-eeee.  Mel suggests that you devote one entire 4×4 garden to growing it because it’s insane and can grow up to seven feet tall!  Some people use it as hedges.  Hedges!  Sick.  We quickly ix-nayed the asparagus idea. 

So maybe we don’t know what we’re doing.  Whatever.  I’m sure we’ll learn real quick what works and what doesn’t. 

We did try to simplify a little bit though and each came up with a pretty reasonable wish list of items:


  • Beans
  • Potatoes – doh!  Need to be planted somewhere else.  See this.
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Onions


  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Limes (what?  I live in MT?  Fine!  No limes!)
  • Tomatoes
  • Mint
  • Cucumber
  • Squash
  • Lettuce
  • Chives

From there, we just needed to figure out where it made sense to place the plants in our garden.  We decided that plants with a longer growing cycle should be near the center because we wouldn’t be harvesting as much.  Things like herbs and spinach should go on the outside to facilitate frequent clipage (is that a word?).   I also wanted to incorporate some flowers to (1) attract some much-needed bees/pollination and (2) add some color to the garden.  So I needed some squares for those as well. 

Here’s what we came up with:

Click on image to enlarge

Ok, so if you read that closely you’ll see there’s a few out-dated ideas on there. 

And I’m still concerned that I’m planting too many herbs in the garden, when I could easily just plant those in pots.  Why waste valuable garden space on herbs when I could throw some more vegetables in there?  So I’m still kind of on the fence with that one. 

I’m sure things will change (plans always do, eh?) and I may even throw caution to the wind and plant some things on a whim.  Who knows.  We could get all crazy over here with our gardening.   Ha Ha.    In fact, in the week or so since we made this plan, it’s already on version 2.  Check it out:

I tried to take advantage of some natural lighting coming through the window in that shot…..but it obviously backfired.  So much for that idea.  And I’m too lazy to retake the pic.  Sorry.

So yeah…now all we need is the magical day of May 23rd to arrive and we can get some seeds in the ground!  (May 23rd seems to be the day everyone around here agrees upon as the first “safe date” for planting)

Ok, I can’t lie to you.  We got so excited about the garden that we actually already planted a few things.  Just one square each of lettuce and spinach.   But CHECK.  IT.  OUT.  YA’LL. 

That right there is spinach coming up.   We’re pretty awesome.  Thank you, I know.

Oh, and these went in the other day too:

I can’t help myself!  I’m loving it.  Plus aren’t dahlias so beautiful?  I heart them. 

No love from our taters yet, but I imagine those will take a while.  Right now we’re just trying to be patient and entertaining ourselves by checking on the spinach every few hours (Still alive?  Yep!  Still alive!  Phew.).

Next step is to plant, and I’ll be back with that update soon I hope!



  1. In addition to things you are growing, I also did broccoli, rhubarb and lavender. My neighbor had great luck with her broccoli, but I heard its susceptible to bugs, so we’ll see. Oh, and I do zucchini. If nothing else, my non zucchini growing office mates love me when I bring in my extra, and its a good parting gift for unsuspecting friends who don’t lock their car doors; “Hm, how’d this darn zucchini end up on my front seat? We’ll its rude to give it back, so I’d better take it home.” It grows HUGE, so it might be better in another space. Mine is in my “flower” garden up front. It looks like a bush in the summer. Love the posts Janna! Keep ’em up!

    1. ooooo….lavender. awesome idea! and zucchini? yes please! i’m hoping we can get a perimeter garden in where i can plant more of the big items (like rhubarb and zucchini). until then don’t be surprised if you see your old truck sitting unlocked in your driveway. hahahaha!

  2. YUM! Can’t wait to see more of those green things popping thru in your garden. I’d say you doing great so far! I’d like to invite myself over for a salad in about 2 months, mmmmkay?! As a couple quick side notes, I think you know that mint is a CRAZY spreader so it is good to pot that one up. Also, strawberries are a bit of a spreader too, so keep a watch on them, as I’m sure you will. :) Finally, my chive plant comes back each year as a perennial (in a pot!), so don’t dig that one up this fall, just leave it and you should be golden for next year too.

  3. While I would love to offer some words of wisdome like Erin did, I can’t. I am a novice too. I can grow the basics like basil, tomatoes amd flowers etc. But I’ll be hitching a ride with Erin in a couple months to come have a salad…thank you in advance! I like how you added flowers to the mix, it will look great.

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