Patio Table Plans

Ever since our backyard master plan was developed….I’m having a hard time not fantasizing about the finished product.  Read:  I want it done NOW. 

I know…I know.  The whole idea of this plan was so we could complete it in baby steps.  A phase here, a phase there…so it would be easier on us and less overwhelming on our bank account.  But I still can’t help but imagine myself sitting back there under my pergola with a cup of coffee in hand admiring my perimeter garden flowers.   Unless I win the lottery however (note to self:  start playing the lottery) I’ll be waiting for awhile to live out that scenario.

That doesn’t mean I can’t still fantasize about it.  So lately I’ve been thinking about patio tables.  I figure with our expanded patio, we’ll need a bigger table.  I’ve had my current round table for almost 8 years now and it’s definitely showing its years.  I’ve thought about trying to fix it up a little (perhaps a new coat of paint) but I’ve also been thinking about making one.  On my own.  With saws and drills and stuff.

Maybe I’m crazy.  I’ve never made anything of significance out of wood (well, except for our fence….but that was pretty straightforward).  And the bookends, wall clocks and cutting boards I made in wood shop back in middle school probably don’t count.  So am I crazy to think I can pull this off?!  It just doesn’t seem that hard to me as long as I keep the design simple.

Here’s some of my inspiration.

Mendocino Collection from C&B

Regatta Collection from C&B

Weekender from CB2

Wood-Slat Collection from West Elm

Hmmm.   Maybe I just want to be where those tables are?

These tables all cost at least $500 if not more which I can’t justify – not to mention the shipping I’d have to pay to get them all the way to Montucky!

So….am I crazy to think I can do this?!  Because I truly think I can not only make this sucker…but make it look good too.  I’ve even drawn up my own design – which is based primarily on the Weekender Collection from CB2.

Sorry - the quality isnt the best on my scan! Click on the drawing for a bigger version.

The idea would be to make a table and a bench (that is just a smaller version of the table itself).  You can see this concept in most of the inspiration pictures above.  The table would have a bench on one side, then 4 chairs (two for the other side across from the bench and then one for each head of the table).  Heck, I could even use my existing chairs if I gave them a little pick-me-up (like a new color paint and to re-cover the seats).

In my eyes, here are the steps I’d need to take to accomplish this task:

1.  Drink lots of wine to convince myself I’m really doing this.

2.  Confirm the table will fit in the planned expanded patio area by staking off the patio area and then staking off the new table dimension.  (um…check.  Already did this.  hee hee).

3.  Purchase a kreg jig  so I can join the pieces of wood together in a somewhat professional manner.  I’d prefer not to see the screws on each slat of wood. 

4.  Purchase lumber and have them pre-cut it.  I already know the exact sizes that I’ll need.

5.  Assemble  (this makes it sound so easy!)

6.  Stain

7.  Drink lots of wine with my feet on the new table to celebrate that I really did this!

I did some preliminary calculations…and the cost of making just the table (not the bench) would be under $200.  The final cost of course will primarily depend on the type of wood I go with (some are better for outdoor use than others) and the quality of stain, etc.  But some rough estimates had me coming in under two hundy…which would be fine and dandy with me!

Now here’s the disclaimer and potential buzz kill.  I have no idea if this is even a project that I can start this year.  Trust me, I really want to!  But the new patio is definitely a pre-requisite to building this thing because it would overpower our existing space.   If however the patio gets poured this spring (like I’m hoping it will)…this will be high on my to-do list and you know I’ll keep you posted along the way.

What do you guys think?  Am I being too confident with my non-existant wood working skills?  Or do you think I should go for it?  Because if it all works out….I’ve got big plans for making one of these too:



  1. Um…….not to be a downer, but as talented as you are, I think you are crazy. Check out Ebay or other online outlets and google coupon codes. I think you can do better than $500. BUT more power to you if you actually do it!!

  2. Well, Hmm. I can’t decide if you are crazy or not. Ambitous, YES! I think it’s awesome that you are trying to find a way to make it more affordable though. I’ll think this one over and get back to you.;) Love the table design. I had my eye on the the C&B table too…just not the price.

  3. Well, I admire your ambition and your planning! I can appreciate that you took the time to plan it out and figure your costs…but don’t forget to factor in the cost of your time. If this is something you really want to learn how to do that’s important too. This is a great design and idea and I think it will look fantastic (especially with the professional touches, ie. once I figured out what kreg jig was!) If you can recruit the Hubs to help as back up you might be golden. If you change your mind check out, I hear they have good deals and free shipping right now. :)

    1. Ha Ha….no I’m not! Girls can use hammers ‘n stuff too! Besides, I’m fairly certain this is not something the Hubs wants to spend his Saturday on. :)

  4. I figured E would say something like that. Im sure he’d love to help especially on the cooler bench. And if you’re going to make one, might as well make two. Ill take one please. ;-) im totally with Erin on this on this one. How valuable is your time? My time….very expensive. Hence why I have a yard guy and am broke instead of crafty.

  5. We had the same issue with a coffee table. The big sturdy rustic ones I liked were expensive, so I convinced Jer we could build one. It was fun, rewarding, doesn’t look perfect, and has a ton of sentimental value. We made it out of thick old wood from his parents dairy farm, planed the wood, used these cookie thingys to make a nice wide table top, and then invited friends to brand it. It looks perfect in our western/modern house. I say go for it. It will be like a piece of art, and you will have it for a long time. Who cares how much time it takes.

    1. Wow…thanks Katie! Your coffee table sounds a-MAZING. I would love to see it! You lost me at cookie….but I’m sure it is beautiful, and what a great personalized addition to your home….not to mention conversation piece. I think you need to invite me over to come drool over all your home projects! :)

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