I love lamp!

 Is this anyone else’s favorite scene from Anchorman?

It gets me every time.  And to answer your question Ron Burgundy….yes I really DO love (these) lamps I’m about to show you.  

For awhile now I’ve been drooling over crystal lamps.  Like this $180 one from JC Penny (it’s the Cindy Crawford collection…ooooo):


And this $150-$190 version at Pottery Barn:

And most recently this version from Pier 1 for $100

Image from House of Smiths

But what I was not drooling over were the price tags of those pretty little lamps.  Why are they so dang expensive?  And let me tell you..if you’re lucky that includes the price of the shade!  Good riddance.  I can not stomach the price of those.  So for the last 6 months I’ve been sitting patiently on the sidelines admiring them from afar. 

Until now.  While swinging through TJ Maxx last weekend (just to see what they had) I came across a lonely little crystal lamp could maybe do the trick…for $40.  Now we’re talking.  But I wanted a two lamps, not just one (for each nightstand in our bedroom).    So I started to pass it by when I noticed what might be another identical one hidden in the back of the shelf.  Could be it?  A match??  Yes sir’ee it was.  I took it as a sign that these lamps were meant for me.   So for $80 ($40 each) I headed home with two new lamps, plus the shades.  I love lamp and TJ Maxx.

So I replaced the existing mismatched lamps in our bedroom….

With something a little more sparkly….sorry Hubs.

The only drawback is that the base isn’t exactly the shape I wanted.  If you look in the pictures above, I was originally drawn to the stacked circle bases.  Instead, the base of this lamp has more of an angular/square shape.  But it turns out I like this style just as much, in fact I think the light reflects off of the angles of the square and gives it even more sparkle interest.   It’s hard to tell in this picture, but there are actually silver spacers in between each crystal, which seem to pull in the gray from our dark charcoal sheets and tie it all together. 

My favorite part of it al is the warm glow these lamps give at night.  I have never been one for overhead lights, instead relying on table lamps for light…and these do not disappoint!

I love heading to bed in a bedroom that is relaxing, inviting and soothing.  And I think this is probably the first room in our house that is a true reflection of my style (at least as it is today). 

I guess it just goes to show you that you don’t have to always spring for the most expensive option or the first one you fall in love with.  With a little time and patience you can get the look you love and hopefully not spend more than you’re comfortable with.   Heck, I’ve had my eye on something like this for dang near 8 months, and while it’s not exactly what I wanted it certainly works!  I mean really, who wouldn’t be happy about a little bit of new bling in their life?!



  1. I also heart crsytal lamps, if you remember the 2 mismatched ones we have. And I think a little sparkle in the bedroom is perfect! Enjoy them and the feeling of victory on your good find.
    ps. Are you available to do personal shopping for those of us without easy access to TJMaxx etc? You could start a new business!

  2. When I saw this post I had to laugh. I had said “I Love Pancake” to my office mate and he knew what I was talking about and replied, “I Love Lamp.” Good timing on the post!

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