It’s all in the bag…

Let’s rewind the calendar back about ten years to my Seattle days.  (Pause.  Holy shit.  It’s been ten years?!)

My how time flies.  Anyways, a decade ago when I lived in Seattle, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people who quickly became my friends.  The job wasn’t much to speak of, but the friendships I made were just what I needed at that time…I had just changed jobs and started commuting across the 520 (gasp), so it was a relief to work 8 hours a day with people I liked.

Unfortunately, since moving back to Montana, I haven’t kept in touch with everyone as much as I would have liked.  I still get Christmas cards from each of them every year and I love to see their families grow.  I always feel slightly guilty that I don’t send my own Christmas card out to keep them updated (I’m horrible, I know.  Someday I’ll cross that bridge).  

Recently heard from my long-lost friend Crystal to tell me she’s started an online business.   Let me tell you a little bit about Crystal – she is amazing.  I remember going to her house for some of the best grown-up dinner parties, showers and birthday parties (you know, not the kind where you show up and are handed a red keg cup).  She is….how do you say it….”the hostess with the mostess.”  Crystal knows a thing or two about cooking, baking, food presentation, guest pampering and throwing a great party.  She’s also a wonderful mother to three kiddos, a fabulous friend and an all-around honest, genuine person.   I just remember her making me feel so welcome into her home and with her family…I even babysat for her a few times.  Her kindness is something I’ll never forget and always remember when I think of my time in Seattle.  Garsh…now I’m getting all sentimental.  Best move on…

So Crystal was looking for reviews/edits to her website before her big launch and I was more than happy to help out.  Who doesn’t love feeling like they’ve got the inside scoop on something?  Especially something fun!?  So we sent a few emails back-and-forth  to catch up and talk about the website…and I have to say I’m totally stoked about her new business.  So much that I asked her if I could share it with all of you since I know many of my readers are moms.

Crystal started – a great new resource for quality goody bags/party favors that you can order online.

She’s got all sorts of themes for the goody bags, ranging from pirates and fairy tales to magicians and trains.  And she doesn’t skimp on the goods either….there’s no candy, no fillers….just fun.  If I had a need to host kid-parties, I would be all over this.

Take for example the artist bag…

Paint, crayons, markers, notebooks, chalk…seriously.  Love it.

And my sisters would call me out if I didn’t confess my love for the Horse-lovers bag:

I may or may not have had a gigantic model horse collection when I was little.

There are boy bags, girl bags, neutral bags….or perhaps little Tommy wants the Girlfriends Bag.  That’s fine too.

I just think this is a cool idea, and I wanted to share.  If any of you moms are in need of goody bags or party favors for your next event, please consider Crystal.  She’s on top of it and will deliver something awesome.   Plus, you can know that you’re supporting a true small-business (and local if you’re in the Seattle-area).

Good luck Crystal!

I was not paid or perked for this post (but if someone wants to pay or perk me for something….let me know).  haha.  I just want to support my friend and spread the word about!



  1. Great website! I’ll have to keep it in mind. And yes, Erin and I would have called you out if you didn’t mention the horse lover’s bag…I wonder where your collection is?! You can’t get rid of it!

  2. Crystal is one smart cookie! I am sure this business will take off. By the way, you are also the “hostess with the mostess”.


    PS – I may or may not of had a horswe model collection as well.

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