32 years old? It ain’t the end, but it sure ain’t where I began.

Yep.  As of today I am thirty-two years old young (ok, that right there….that’s something old people do).   Sigh.

But despite the fact that my age is creeping up on me faster than I would like…it’s my birthday!  And really, who doesn’t love a birthday?  So I thought I’d take a moment and allow myself to introduce…myself.  (Austin Powers anybody?   Or is that further defining exactly how old I am?)

Anyways, I got to thinking that there’s probably a lot that you guys don’t know about me just from reading my blog….or at least a few things I haven’t gotten around to talking about yet.  So in honor of  my birthday I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about me (let’s pretend for a moment that every single other post I write isn’t about me).    I suppose this is somewhat akin to the “25 things” that swept Facebook awhile back, but I’m going to attempt….wait for it…..32 things.  Just go with it ok?

  1. I was born and raised in Helena, MT
  2. I didn’t get into sports when I was little, instead opting for an after-school art class with Mrs. Hultin.  I distinctly remember my mom telling me:  “You need to get involved with something, so you can choose from basketball, soccer, or this art class.”  Since riding ponies wasn’t an option I chose the art class and continued it for 12 years all the way through my senior year of Highschool.
  3. Hence, I was voted “Best Artist” of my senior class (and was a runner-up for “Best Laugh.”  Oh yes, it’s that loud good)
  4. I was a cheerleader (and am a Bruin….not a nasty Bengal thank you)
  5. My mom passed away from cancer when I was 8 years old on May 8, 1987.    She was 37.  Her birthday was on July 28th, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary.
  6. I have two fabulous sisters and gained two fun step-brothers (and an amazing step-mother) when my dad remarried.   Our blended family (as they call it) never had any issues like you see on TV.  We truly all did just get along from the get-go….it’s pretty amazing.
  7. I am and always have been a middle child (ok wise guys….there were two years when I was “the youngest” before my little sister was born).   I have an older and younger sister, and an older and younger step-brother.  I find it to my advantage to pull the “unloved middle child” card when needed.
  8. My dad used to make us scour salvage yards for replacement parts if we broke something on the ’76 VW Dasher we drove.  I think the passenger-side sun visor was replaced 3 times.
  9. My first job was a ticket-taker at the Brewers Baseball games (a Pioneer league team in Helena).  Sometimes if the mascot didn’t show I had got to do that.  Every 15-year-olds dream job:  making a fool of yourself in front of your peers.
  10. I have a tendency to faint when weird or unnatural things happen to my body (or somebody else’s body).  Piercings?  Yep.  Twisted ankles?  Yep.  Needles?  Yep.  Must I go on?  God help me if I ever have a baby.
  11. Speaking of, for a long time, I thought I didn’t want kids.
  12. I really want kids.
  13. My favorite food is cheese.  Yep.  Just “cheese.”  Any and all kinds and preferably with a glass of wine.
  14. I  consider 14 my lucky number.
  15. I have a Masters Degree in Business.  “Sorry I’m late, I was at the school studying….business.”
  16. My girlfriends from Highschool are still my really good girlfriends today.   They’re the kind of friends that no matter how long goes by between talking to each other, you can pick up right where you’ve left off.
  17. I ran my first (and currently only) Marathon in 2007 – two weeks before our wedding.  Yes, I was probably crazy.
  18. After completing my undergraduate degree I moved to Seattle and lived there for a few years.   I occasionally miss the hustle and bustle of the city and all it has to offer.
  19. I’m quasi-ambidextrious.  I’m use my left-hand for writing and drinking wine, but do most everything else with my right hand.
  20. I hate strongly dislike birds.   Ravens and crows especially (did you know a group of them is called a murder?!).  Pigeons, magpies, seagulls and geese are a close second.   All other birds are a close third.
  21. If The Hubs would let me, I’d get a second dog today, like, brb, this minute.   I already know what it’ll be:  a golden retriever (with the reddish coloring) named Growler.  Kidding on the name part, but I always thought that would be a cool name for a dog….as long as you like beer.
  22. It’s in my everyone’s best interest that I “schedule” at least one weekend at home during the month.  Otherwise I kinda go insane (read:  bitchy).
  23. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is ride my cruiser bike downtown, grab a coffee from Break Espresso and peruse the Farmers Market for some fresh finds.  Then ride home with my produce and a bouquet of flowers in the basket.  I’m determined to fit a baguette in there too.
  24. My favorite flowers are peonies.   Tulips are the runner-up.
  25. I have a hard time with lazy people.  Maybe it’s because I’m so go-go-go, but I just want to light a fire under them and say “DO SOMETHING!”
  26. Family and relationships are important to me.  Hence the annual Cousin’s Weekend and Sister’s Weekend.
  27. I’m much more funny and witty in digital formats than in-person.   I’m the type of person that thinks of the perfect thing to say…..twenty minutes later.
  28. I broke my leg when I was four and my collar-bone when I was six.  I won’t go into details, but I like to tell people they were my older sister’s fault.  In reality, one of them was actually my fault for trying to be like her and the second one (sorry sis) really was her fault.  “No bouncies!” on a teeter totter means no bouncies!!
  29. I’m a fan of giving and receiving hand-written thank you notes.
  30. I usually avoid confrontation at all costs and tend to “live with things” just so I don’t have to get into an argument.  So, whether it be too much cream in my super-expensive-coffee or the nice little piles  The Hubs leaves all over the house…sometimes I just have to choose my battles.  Although I’ve found that since turning 30 (is there symbolism there or just mere coincidence?) I’m getting better at overcoming this fear.
  31. Sports are not my thing – refer back to #2.  Especially team sports…I’m terrified of having to catch/throw/kick/hit/tag/volley/bounce/run anything.   I truly do suck!  I’m serious.  Do you have to catch and throw with your same handHmmm?  Try it and tell me how much fun it is.  And I’m just not competitive so it doesn’t do anybody any good to make me play.  Sure, I’ll watch everyone do it….softball, kickball, volleyball, football, baseball.  Sure looks like ya’ll have a lot of fun, but don’t for one minute think I’ll be a sub.  EVER.  Hell no.  You’ll have to forfeit the game and I won’t feel bad.
  32. For my birthday this year…I’ll be working (blah), but enjoying lunch with my parents (who are driving over from Helena!), meeting a friend for a trail run after work, and then checking out a new brew pub in town for a beer and dinner.  Sounds pretty fabulous to me.  Oh, and of course going to Big Dipper (my favorite local ice cream shop) for some Mocha Chip ice cream.  I might even live-it-up and do a double scoop tonight with Coconut as my second choice.  Cuz, ya know, birthdays are calorie-free.

Whew!  So there you go.  1351 words (too many) spewed all about me.   I hope ya’ll learned something new here, for instance:  If you mess up and take me bird-watching, feel free to apologize with a bouquet of peonies and some cheese!

P.S. The title of this post is a lyric borrowed from one of my favorite Jewel songs:  Stephenville, TX.



  1. I like that I knew most of that ;). Funny, I had a dream about you last night and then woke up to this…I will for sure be thinking about you on your birthday!!! Live and miss you friend!

  2. Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister! I would like to say that I learned something new but I didn’t, I guess I’m that good.;) Thanks for the laugh this morning. I remember drving around town searching for a missing peice of Little Grey so I wouldn’t have to go the salvage yard, it turns out that it was right where I started. I know I contributed to the faulty passenger sun visor, for some reason my friend didn’t listen to me when I told her not to turn it. And I have to say that all of us O’Connell girls share the fear of team sports, what gives? I hope you have a wonderful day with the parents, on your run and with Eric. I’ll call soon. xoxo

  3. Janna – HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend! Although we don’t talk often you’re on my mind more than you know, and certainly have a special place in my heart forever! Thanks for the “fun” memories in helping me pass the class your now father-in-law almost had to fail me in. I knew you were so special (and SUPER DUPER smart) from then on! I wish you a fanastic day, and a blessed year ahead! XOXO!

    1. I miss my Liza!! Thanks for the kind words my friend. And don’t worry….I have full confidence that you could have passed 270 without me. Let’s just chalk it up to fate that we met each other then! Let’s catch up soon momma.

  4. Happy 32nd Birthday to you seesta! Is it weird that even though these lists seem to continually circulate off and on, I still enjoy them?! I have to admit that I do usually learn a thing or two about the person, (ie. runner up for best laugh? wowza!) But mostly I love that I get to spend a few minutes really thinking about the person who sent it, in this case you! And since it’s your birthday, allow me to truly appologize for the bouncies, I mean it does make for a good story, but you did say ‘no bouncies’ so I should have listened. If you ever get on a teeter totter with me again I’ll be much more considerate, and hopefully you’ll hold on a little tighter! :)
    Hope your day is full of all the things that make you happy. green pigs!

    1. Well….let’s just consider it a “win” that you’ll listen to the no bouncies instructions next time. Lesson learned. Do they even make teeter totters anymore??! Green pigs to you too.

  5. You are an amazingly honest and and thoughtful person. It’s admirable that you share your hopes, dreams, and feelings so openly with us all. It’s one of my favorite Janna traits:) Happy birthday!


    PS – Reddish-colored Golden Retrievers are the greatest dogs in the world!

    PSS – Cheese Recommendation Alert! Try Cypress Groves’ Humboldt Fog. It’s a goat with a layer of ash… yep… ash (not ass). It’s superb.

    1. That’s probably one of the best compliments ever Erin. Thank you! I find the blog is a good outlet for me.

      Agreed….btw…how is Huck? :)

      And Holla….thanks for the cheese recommendation! It’s on my list for the GFS stat! I looooove goat cheese…and ash…I can probably get used to. hahaha.

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