Curses! Foiled Again!

How convenient…just in time for April Fools.

For some reason my co-workers find great joy in pranking me.   Remember this little incident?   Apparently it’s soooooo fun to sit around and think of ways to “get” Janna.   Personally I think that maybe they’re just not busy enough…I certainly don’t have time to sit around and think of these things. 

They say it’s because I’m gullible and “just such an easy target.”  Gullible?  Easy target?!  I think I’m just one of those people who trusts other people.  

Anyways…here’s how it went down:

It’s been another crazy week at work.  We’re right in the middle of a big bank conversion which typically means Janna = stressed/tired/cranky/busy, etc.  So Thursday afternoon when these arrived…..


I was pretty stoked.  I think I said something like “Awe!!  Flowers!!  I have the best husband in the world!  Isn’t he the best?  Yay!” 

And then I read the card.

In case you can’t quite read it, it says:  “Dear Janna.  It was wonderful getting to know your more closely this week.  You are the total package.  Beauty and brains.  Yours, A Secret Admirer.”

I read it once.  Then twice.  Then said:  “Holy Shit, what is this?  Is this some kind of joke?”

Meanwhile all of my evil co-workers come rushing in saying “Ooooo flowers!  Who are they from Janna?  Huh?  Huh?  Who are they from?”  (This maybe should have been my cue that they were up to something.  Who the hell else would send me flowers other than The Hubs?!)

Quietly I hand the card over saying, “I have no idea what the heck this is.”

They all read the card.  They were all in on the prank.  How fun this must have been for them to watch me freak out, yet egg me on with questions like:  “well did you work with anyone new this week?”  “have you been communicating with someone else a lot?”  “do you have any ideas who it might be?”

To all of which I answered “UM, NO!” 

Pretty soon they all wandered off, leaving me to “go back to work.”  Yeah right.  The whole time my mind is racing wondering what freakazoid sent these to me.  Did I work with anyone new?  Did I say something inappropriate to someone?  I mean these are long days and people get worn down…maybe I said something inappropriate  during a caffeine buzz that gave someone a wrong impression?!?  I got to the point that I couldn’t even look at the flowers.  The flowers in a pink vase nonetheless.   Of course they would be my favorite color, but how would a stranger know that?!

Creepy.  With a capital C.

Then, what felt like a couple of hours later…the evil coworkers sheepishly walk in to my office and hand me a little card.  “So, um….here’s the real card” they say while slowly backing away…

I.  Was.  Furious!!!!  Do they have any idea what I’ve just mentally put myself through?!

Although….it was hard to stay furious for long because the card really was sweet!

It said all sorts of sweet things like:  You’re awesome!  We suck.  You’re a rock star!  We are scum.   Great job this week!  We were busy too…trying to prank you.

So apparently we were all busy this week.  Some of us were simply busy with work.   Uh hemmmmmm.

Regardless of the initial deception…I thought it was pretty sweet of them to want to cheer me up during what’s been an insanely busy and stressful week.  I guess in some round-about way those co-workers of mine really are the bees knees.   And I suppose it truly comes down to this:  either my co-workers are brilliant, or I am in fact gullible.

Gullible or not…I have my own tricks up my sleeve.  Stay tuned for some updates to this post later today (when real people do pranks…on April Fools Day jerks!)

Update:  If you like The Office (and Jim’s famous pranks) you’ll like my revenge.   It was easy and harmless (uh hem….!) yet effective.   Yes this is all Jello.


I hope you don't have any REAL work to do today Angie! At least anything that involves stapling....


How about some treats Mike? I know you love that candy dish...


Oh no! Are those your precious penguins Paula?! Encased in jello?!?! What shall we do?


Thirsty Jess? I hear peach jello is quite quenching.



  1. Oh my my….can’t wait to hear how the crafy co-workers like it when the jokes on them, good thinking Jim-Janna! too funny :)

  2. Oh gesh. How funny! Your co-workers must have too much time on their hands. I can’t wait to hear how they react to your jello art.

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